Announcing 300+ Jotform Table Templates

Announcing 300+ Jotform Table Templates

Based on extensive Jotform user research, Jotform Tables was built to help you collect, organize, and manage your form data; collaborate with peers on tasks; and perform the calculations of a traditional spreadsheet. 

Since its launch, we’ve developed free table templates that can be a starting point for the many marketing, budgeting, planning, and project management jobs you do everyday.  

We’re proud of the fact that our designers and some of our most talented Jotform users come together to create our template libraries. 

That’s why we’re marking a new milestone of reaching more than 300 Jotform table templates. These templates range from marketing plans to IT tracking sheets to employee timesheets to volunteer coordination, and more. 

Using a template for your table will save you time and effort in your document creation process. 

You may not want to keep everything in a template. For that reason, they are easy to clone directly from the template gallery. You can revise any template to include the elements and design features you need, such as updated fields, logos, new tabs, tags, and more. And to maximize your productivity, you can see all of your data in table, card, report, or calendar view.

Did you know?

Jotform Tables is packed with helpful features designed to increase collaboration, automate tasks, and make work just a little easier. Check out our feature story to read about some of the popular Jotform Tables features that will streamline your workflow.

Whether you’ve always wanted to try Jotform Tables, or if you’re simply looking for better ways to streamline your workflow, we’re happy to share some in-demand table templates. 

Additionally, we’ll offer some ideas to help you and your team be as productive as possible.  

Tracker templates

Tracker templates help you organize your project management tasks, attendance, volunteer details, applications, IT issues, and more. Through a one-click Share button, you can easily collaborate with your team on the same table without having to worry about coordinating multiple apps or products. 

If you don’t have an existing tracker form, no worries. You can easily upload your CSV or Excel file to Jotform Tables. 

Let’s say you need a bug or issue tracker. Our free template comes with tabs for issues and team members. You can assign unique tags for each issue by applying labels like Unassigned, In Progress, and Completed. Feel free to customize even further by adding tabs for department or columns for Action Buttons

Some related tracker templates you can find within our library are project tracker, employee task list, and sprint planning.  

Education templates

Education templates can help you keep track of attendance, organize and facilitate class quizzes and tests, monitor student progress, and more. Our education tables make the administrative part of your job easy so you have more time to focus on teaching and running a classroom.  

A really cool feature you can use in conjunction with your education template is the Send PDF Action Button. It’s an easy way to send badges or certificates directly from your table to individual students who do well on a test or project.  

Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, you can use the parent-teacher conference template for your sign-in sheet. Doing so will endear you to busy parents and make the process of setting up and managing your appointments painless and efficient. Use individual tabs for each student or teacher for more accurate and contextual information.

Additional education templates that may be of interest are the class attendance sheet, assignment checklist, and grade sheet.  

Human Resources templates

If you work in human resources, you usually have more tasks to complete than you have time to do them, so a time-saving solution is a plus. You’ll find pre-made templates that help you manage your employee information securely, all from your Jotform Tables app. 

With contact detail updates, time-off, backfill, and requisition requests, the last thing you need is more paperwork. By customizing and moving your processes online, you’ll create a more efficient workflow for yourself and your employees.

In the wake of the “Great Resignation,” you may need to streamline your recruitment process. You can easily coordinate prospect details, interviews, applications, and more with our Recruitment Tracker template.    

Some similar HR templates you may find useful are employee timesheet, vacation and sick time tracking, and employee onboarding


With more than 300 customizable options in the Jotform Tables template gallery, there’s a good chance you’ll find a table you can easily use to elevate your team’s workflow. 

Jotform’s templates offer you the height of flexibility. You can use them as is or tweak them by adding tabs, columns, tags, Action Buttons, or design elements and connecting additional forms and tables. With more than 20 categories of pre-made templates, it’s easier than ever to get started with Jotform Tables.   

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