The 8 best electronic logbook software tools for 2024

The 8 best electronic logbook software tools for 2024

Much of our knowledge of human history comes from written records: diaries, maps, newspapers, hieroglyphs, and logbooks.

Though you probably type more than you write, you may still keep personal and professional logbooks in the form of a daily planner, a to-do list, saved tax returns, or a car maintenance booklet. Logbooks are commonplace in technically complex industries, from aviation and engineering to manufacturing, logistics, the maritime industry, and even space tourism.

While hefty, leather-bound, paper logbooks were adequate for yesterday’s workers, the moving parts of today’s modern organizations require robust solutions like electronic logbook software.

If you think of the piles of papers you’ve seen on an overwhelmed worker’s desk, it becomes obvious how paper logbooks not only lead to unnecessary clutter but also increase errors and disorganization. Whether you’re tracking food shipments in a local restaurant or overseeing hundreds of engineers, you need electronic logbook software.

How electronic logbook software can make data management easier

Electronic logbook software allows workers to input essential data without the use of pencil and paper. Some professions, like long-distance drivers and pilots, require workers to submit electronic logs of their hours. While every industry — and every organization, for that matter — will have different tracking needs, electronic logbooks are customizable, so businesses can include all of the necessary data collection fields.

How to choose powerful logbook programs

While exploring different electronic logbook software, consider whether your options offer functions that align with your organization’s specific needs by asking

  • Do you need to automatically make calculations based on your data?
  • Do you need more than one person to be able to edit at a time?
  • Are there any laws or regulations you need to remain compliant with?

Here are eight of the best electronic logbook programs for your operation in 2024 and beyond.

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Log your important details faster and more efficiently than ever before with Jotform.

1. Jotform

No matter what you’re tracking, you need to make sure logs are tailored to your needs and those of your business. For maximum customization, Jotform’s wide variety of log sheet templates are the solution.

You can also use the wide variety of form templates from Jotform to collect information from employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Jotform Mobile Forms allows for remote data input as well, either with or without an internet connection. Whether your employees need to log miles or your truckers need to track their hours, Jotform offers all the easy-to-fill templates you need to be more efficient.

Pros: Offline functionality, the ability to automatically import data to sheets from Mobile Forms, quick calculation tool, simultaneous collaboration, encryption, and options that help with HIPAA compliance.
Not a dedicated electronic logbook
Capterra rating:
Customer review:
“Our experience with Jotform has been amazing and has changed the way that we are able to operate as a company. We no longer need to rely on pen and paper to help manage our team out in the field… We mostly don’t use paper timesheets anymore, and we now have a hard paper trail not subject to the potential loss of any physical sheets of paper.” Verified Capterra user

“A user-friendly and appealing resolution that offers digital form and signature capabilities as well as efficient data collection features. The software also boasts seamless integration with third-party tools, multi-level approval workflows, and integrated payment options, all of which contribute to a more streamlined paperless environment.”Anil P.

2. eLogger

Used by refineries, manufacturers, laboratories, paper mills, and other facilities throughout the world, this electronic logbook software program boasts a varied list of clients like Marathon Petroleum Corporation, the University of Virginia, and the city of Montreal. Users can customize eLogger for a variety of tasks, such as arranging data to view trends, creating specific reports, and following safety regulations. Other useful features include spell-checking, announcements, and employee reminders.

Electronic Logbook Software: eLogger

Pros: More than 90 percent of features from customer feedback, ability to generate reports, automation functions, employee reminders
Requirement to purchase a dedicated login for each user
Capterra rating: 4.9
Customer review:
“It is very reliable and easy to customize for your business. The customer service is superior and very fast when we have had questions. This is our main mill communication tool for the operations and surpasses email to [share] info essential to operators and managers.”Keith H.

3. Everlance

Those who travel long distances for work usually maintain logs to track miles, stops, fuel, and more. That’s where Everlance comes in for both businesses and self-employed individuals. Dynamic enough for companies such as Anheuser-Busch and Panera Bread and simple enough for rideshare drivers, the log and mileage tracker helps drivers track expenses and report miles.

It’s especially useful during tax season for creating reports that will be accepted by the IRS, detecting possible tax deductions, digitizing expense receipts, and tracking revenue — all while syncing to a bank or credit card. Plus, you can set up the app for both iOS and Android devices in under 10 minutes. A free basic plan logs 30 trips a month.

User Interface of Everlance

Pros: Automatic trip-tracking, the ability to tag trips as personal or business, payment syncing, tax deduction suggestions
Potential for draining device battery due to background usage
Capterra rating:
Customer review:
“It is a crucial part of keeping up with my miles for my business…. I like that it automatically tracks your miles and at the end of the trip you can put it in either personal use or business use. And if you don’t do it right away, it reminds you later. It is great if you travel a lot for business and always have trouble keeping up your miles for when tax season comes along.”Xavier S.


This cloud-based electronic logbook goes beyond the limitations of paper by allowing users to attach videos and photos to entries. Workers can also create multiple logbooks and add custom labels to entries so they can quickly search for what they need. Because users can access the logbook using a mobile app, plant managers can effortlessly oversee shift logs and keep track of who has made entry changes. The program is available on a monthly or annual subscription and is especially helpful for supervisory control and data acquisition administrators.

Landing Page of eRIS-LOG

Pros: Multimedia attachments, multiple logbooks for differentiation, iOS and Android mobile app
No monthly plan, additional fee for software training
Capterra rating:
Not available
Customer reviews:
“eRIS-LOG allows us to monitor our operations closely from a distance, while enhancing the compliance lines of communications between all staff.”Allyson

5. LogBook

Operations managers in logistics, manufacturing, and electric power plants can’t afford to make mistakes. That’s why LogBook emphasizes simplicity (as its name suggests) in its features, such as the ability to standardize shift turnovers, chart data and trends, set reminders, customize indexing tags, and more.

landing page of logbook

The software also integrates with existing systems and records, and relays machine data — while remaining easy to use on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Shift handover notes, integration with other software, ability to pin important notifications
Additional fee for features like single sign-on and remote check-in
Capterra rating:
Not available
Customer reviews:
“We have a fast paced manufacturing operation. LogBook keeps everyone on the same page and makes communicating critical details at shift turnover a breeze.”Auto manufacturing supervisor

6. ValGenesis eLog

Proving the versatility of electronic logbook software, ValGenesis maintains offices around the world to assist life sciences and manufacturing companies. Reducing the risk of human error that can plague paper logs, ValGenesis eLogbook works by scanning QR codes on equipment to keep track of when someone cleans, maintains, or handles it.

landing page of valgenesis elogbook

The application works with or without an internet connection, allowing users to follow compliance requirements wherever they are. ValGenesis eLogbook is especially helpful for organizations that follow the Food and Drug Administration’s legal standard operating procedures for equipment.

Pros: Offline functionality, compliance with ALCOA+ standards, electronic signatures
Cons: Focus limited to the life sciences industry
Capterra rating: Not available
Customer reviews: Not available

7. Zip-ShiftBook

Managers of restaurants, hotels, or other facilities oversee multiple shift workers who juggle many different tasks. Plus, they have to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of their efforts. Zip-ShiftBook from Hubworks is a central destination for managers to oversee employee performance, examine shift notes, and detail customer experiences.

User Interface of Zip ShiftBook

Zip-ShiftBook also integrates with ADP, Bank of America, and delivery platforms like Grubhub. And for those times when you do need paper, the software can create PDF reports. It’s part of a suite of management programs by Hubworks that restaurants and chains like Famous Dave’s and Jamba Juice use.

Integrations with other software, employee tracking, ability to generate daily and monthly reports
Cons: No offline functionality
Capterra rating:
Not available
Customer review:
“With this log management system, It is easier to get a hold of your staff accountable to our standard operating procedures if we quickly address issues and avoid miscommunication and eventually increase Customer loyalty.”David Markwell

8. IntelliShift

IntelliShift allows long-distance drivers and fleet managers to stay on top of every aspect of their organization’s needs. IntelliShift automatically turns data logged from daily inspections into maintenance tickets, getting vehicles back on the road faster.

landing page of intellishift

Managers can establish rules for individual drivers or the entire fleet to ensure compliance with regulations around drive times and breaks, and IntelliShift will send notifications to workers whenever they’re at risk of violating rules.

Pros: Automated workflows, analytics reports, integrations with other software
Cons: Requires Bluetooth
Capterra rating:
Customer review:
“This product has evolved quite a bit since we began using it around 2007, but it has always been very easy to use. The mobile app is very user-friendly, allowing the user to view a vehicle’s location, determine ETA to a destination and then set a text or email alert to let the user know the vehicle has arrived…. The reports are very thorough and functional, letting us see the exact route someone took or how long they were at a particular location.”Jack H.

Track essential data the easy way

In the past, people recorded their memories and notes with pen and paper. Today, electronic logbook software tools give you more ways to measure — and, by extension, manage — all aspects of your business. Following the old adage that knowledge is power, these tools teach you more about your business, empowering you to make it even better.

The logbook programs we’ve recommended can remove the hassle from your record-keeping, improve communication within your organization, and keep you compliant with your region or industry’s laws and regulations. For the most control over how you log your information, Jotform’s Mobile Forms and log sheets offer advanced customization features and multiple ways to view inputted data. Find out how you can use Jotform to optimize your logbooks today.

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