3 of the top feedback tools for teachers

As a teacher, you know how important collecting feedback from your students is to your success in the classroom. Student feedback can help you confirm that students are retaining the lessons you teach, and it provides you with ideas for how to improve your lessons. Fortunately, there are several feedback tools that allow you to easily and frequently gather student feedback.

Feedback tools are digital platforms and apps that simplify the process of gathering feedback for both you and your students. These tools can help you create custom polls or quick pulse surveys, giving students a way to react to a daily lesson or to provide feedback at the end of the school year.

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Benefits of feedback tools for teachers

Feedback tools offer several benefits. Since they’re usually easy to use, they can save you time in gathering and reviewing feedback. Digital tools can also help you connect with students, including remote students who aren’t physically present in your classroom.

These tools can make it easy and quick for students to provide feedback, increasing the likelihood they’ll respond to your feedback requests. Plus, the tools let you collect feedback without having to take time out of in-person lessons to request and then gather written responses from students.

Top feedback tools for teachers

Many feedback tools are available to support educators today. Here are some of the top options to consider.

1. Jotform

Jotform is a versatile, easy-to-use software. It offers thousands of customizable templates, including a math department student feedback form, a graduate student questionnaire, and a student daily feedback form. You can edit these templates to get started quickly, or you can create your own form or survey from scratch using the drag-and-drop Jotform Form Builder. You can also include many different question types, from multiple-choice and ranking to open-ended response questions.

Once you’ve created your form, you can share it with students through email, embed it on your classroom website, or share it via a link or QR code. As students submit their responses, Jotform Tables automatically collects and organizes the feedback in a convenient spreadsheet, giving you the ability to save and review the results as needed.

Jotform’s free Starter plan includes up to five forms. For higher form limits and more features, it offers a Bronze plan at $34 per month, a Silver plan at $39 per month, and a Gold plan at $99 per month. Jotform also offers a 50 percent discount for educators.

2. Poll Everywhere

user interface of poll everywhere

Poll Everywhere is another tool that lets you create polls to collect student feedback. You can choose from six question types and present a question online or embed it in your teaching slides. 

Students respond in real time using a phone or other mobile device, so you can receive feedback from your entire class at once. The feedback is populated in your question slide, allowing you to use that information for further classroom discussion.

Poll Everywhere helps to facilitate anonymous discussions, since students can respond without revealing their identity. It can also be a helpful way to gauge the class’s comprehension of a lesson without putting individual students on the spot.

The K–12 intro plan supports an audience size of up to 25 students and is free. The Engage plan is $49 per month when billed annually, while the Teams plan is priced at $84 per month when billed annually.

3. Ziplet

landing page of ziplet

Ziplet helps you connect with your students through your presentations. This platform is designed specifically for the purpose of gathering student feedback and engaging with students. You can use it to create exit tickets to measure how well students have understood a lesson, provide bellringer activities and learning prompts to get students engaged before a lesson, and take in-class polls in less than 30 seconds. You can also use the platform to create longer quizzes.

The platform comes equipped with more than 250 research-backed questions to help save you time designing your feedback resources. The dashboard helps you monitor student trends over time, and the platform also features an anonymous mode where students can provide anonymous feedback. You can even reply to students in the anonymous mode.

The Ziplet Essentials plan supports up to three classes and 50 students, and it’s free. The Ziplet Plus plan costs $4.58 per month and includes unlimited classes and students. A custom K–12 school plan is also available.

The ideal feedback-gathering solution for your needs

Gathering feedback is important if you want to continuously improve your teaching and make sure your students are progressing. Jotform is an ideal feedback-gathering solution for teachers. It’s highly versatile, and you can create forms and surveys specifically for your class, a lesson, or your other needs. With the ability to easily collect and review student responses, Jotform simplifies the process of reviewing data and using it to foster an effective learning environment for your students.

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