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Create a quiz for your classroom or build a fun quiz for your audience with our selection of free, online quiz templates! Simply choose a quiz template below, customize it to suit your needs, and embed it in your website or share it with a link to start collecting responses. It’s a great way to save time and energy on manual tasks in the classroom, or to boost audience engagement with a fun quiz that can quickly be shared on social media. All responses are stored securely in your Jotform account and easily accessible on any device with Jotform Mobile Forms.

Whether you’re creating a pop quiz for your classroom or trying to find out which Disney character you are, our Quiz Maker makes it easy to customize the design of your chosen quiz template. Just drag and drop to add new quiz questions, change fonts and colors, upload images, build unique conditional logic to hide and reveal questions based on a user’s answers or gather all your quizzes in one place using Jotform's quiz app maker. Drab, boring quiz designs are simply out of the question — with our easy-to-use customization tools and stunning free quiz templates, you’ll have a form that looks great and functions well too.

Teachers and educators can even integrate our quiz templates with 130+ powerful apps, to boost functionality and streamline your teaching workflow. Send form responses to cloud storage apps like Box or Dropbox to keep track of student progress or sync with spreadsheet apps like Airtable or Google Sheets to more easily grade your quizzes. No matter how you use our customizable quiz templates, you’ll enjoy a simple way to reduce manual work, save time, and improve your workflow!

Mental Health Quiz

A Mental Health Quiz is a tool designed to assess and screen for potential mental health concerns, providing individuals with a preliminary self-evaluation of their mental well-being.

Healthcare Forms

Planned Giving Quiz

A Planned Giving Quiz is a form template designed to engage individuals who are interested in or may consider making planned gifts to a nonprofit organization.


Black Friday Quiz

A Black Friday Quiz is a form template designed to entertain, engage, and incentivize customers while promoting Black Friday deals and products.

Black Friday Forms

Information Security Quiz

The Information Security Quiz form template is designed to assess the understanding of fundamental security concepts and identify areas for further learning and improvement.


Wallets Recommendation Quiz

Looking to find the perfect wallet? Look no further than the Wallets Recommendation Quiz form template from Jotform. This user-friendly form allows individuals in search of a new wallet to answer a series of questions, narrowing down the options and providing personalized recommendations.


Loungewear Recommendation Quiz

Looking for comfortable and stylish loungewear options? Look no further than the Loungewear Recommendation Quiz form template from Jotform. This user-friendly form allows you to discover the perfect loungewear for your leisure and relaxation needs.


Product Recommendation Quiz

The Product Recommendation Quiz form template is a powerful tool for businesses in the beauty and skincare, fashion and apparel industries.


E Commerce Lead Generation Quiz

The E-commerce Lead Generation Quiz form template is designed to test the capabilities of lead generation specialists and sales people when it comes to generating leads and capturing new leads for an e-commerce business.


Sofa Recommendation Quiz Template

Looking for the perfect sofa for your living space? Look no further than the Sofa Recommendation Quiz Template from Jotform. This user-friendly form template is designed to help renters and interior design enthusiasts find their ideal sofa.


T Shirt Recommendation Quiz

The T-Shirt Recommendation Quiz is a dynamic and engaging form template designed to assist fashion enthusiasts, casual dressers, customization and personalization seekers, and gift shoppers in finding their perfect T-shirt.


Surfboard Recommendation Quiz

The Surfboard Recommendation Quiz is a powerful tool designed to assist surfing enthusiasts, surf travelers, instructors, and competitors in finding the perfect surfboard for their specific needs.


Rain Coat Recommendation Quiz

The Rain Coat Recommendation Quiz is a form template designed to engage outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, travelers to rainy climates, and gift shoppers who are looking for the perfect raincoat or rain jacket.


Dress Recommendation Quiz

The Dress Recommendation Quiz form template is the perfect tool for fashion enthusiasts, fashion-conscious individuals, and gift shoppers.


Watch Recommendation Quiz

The Watch Recommendation Quiz is the perfect tool for watch enthusiasts and collectors, fashion-conscious individuals, gift shoppers, and collectors of vintage or limited-edition watches.


Sunglasses Recommendation Quiz

The Sunglasses Recommendation Quiz is a user-friendly form template designed to engage individuals who are interested in finding the perfect pair of sunglasses.


Digital Marketing Quiz Template

The Digital Marketing Quiz Template is a powerful tool designed to engage individuals who are interested in or involved with digital marketing.


Advertising Quiz Template

The Advertising Quiz Template is a powerful tool designed to engage individuals who have an interest in or a need for information related to advertising.


Vehicle Recommendation Quiz

The Vehicle Recommendation Quiz form template is designed to provide personalized recommendations, conduct market research, or improve the user experience on an automotive website or dealership app.


Entrepreneur Quiz

The Entrepreneur Quiz form template offered by Jotform is a valuable tool for entrepreneurship courses or businesses looking to assess the knowledge and skills of potential entrepreneur candidates.


Ladder Safety Quiz

A ladder safety quiz is a short quiz designed to test the safety knowledge of a person or group regarding the use of ladders.


Energy Saving Quiz

An energy-saving quiz is a questionnaire that helps homeowners identify areas of improvement in their energy consumption.


Search Engine Optimization Quiz

A Search Engine Optimization Quiz is a type of online questionnaire that is used by online businesses to determine how they can improve their Search Engine Optimization.


Simple Quiz Template

A scoring template is used to track scores and keep tabs of participants in an online quiz.


Listening Quiz

A listening quiz is used to train students to pay attention to lectures and take down notes quickly.