What is a clause in a contract?

Enforceable contracts are detailed documents. Skilled attorneys will advise laying out the terms and conditions explicitly in a formal written document, with the main sections of the contract being laid out in one or more paragraphs known as “clauses”.


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Examples of such clauses can be the goods or services to be provided; details about what, when, how, and under circumstances the party providing those things will be paid; who owns the rights to the goods or services; what happens if there is a breach of the contract or a dispute; the term or length of the contract; what law governs (e.g., what country’s law applies, or if in the US, what state’s law applies, and other clauses.

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Because it can be difficult to write contract clauses from scratch, companies like Jotform include boilerplate language in their contract templates that you can adjust to meet your needs. If you’re unsure of what your contract should contain for a particular use it’s best to consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction.

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This article is originally published on Dec 30, 2019, and updated on Dec 07, 2021.

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