9 Google Forms templates for business

9 Google Forms templates for business

Whether you’re making online forms to gather information externally from customers and potential leads or internally from (and for) departments within your organization, you probably appreciate how important these seemingly mundane tools are in running your business. Google certainly does; the company offers its form-building app free of charge as an integral part of its suite of products that every Google user can access.

Google Forms is a simple tool that’s easy to use. Although it doesn’t offer many templates, the ones it does provide can be useful for a variety of needs.

Below, we’ll talk about how to create a Google Form and how you can use Google Form templates for business. We’ll also provide an overview of a more feature-rich alternative to Google Forms.

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Looking for the best alternative to Google Forms?

Looking for the best alternative to Google Forms?

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Start From Scratch

How to customize Google Forms templates for business

Follow these basic steps to create a Google Form and customize it to your needs.

1. Choose a form template

Google template gallery

From any Google product, click on the grid icon in the upper right and then select the Google Forms icon in the apps library. Select Template gallery in Google Forms. Browse through the list of Work, Education, and Personal forms to click on a template you like.

2. Edit your form header image

Order Form

Once you select a template, you can customize the header image first. Select the paint palette icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and scroll to the section called Header to change the image. (You may even choose a custom image if you wish.)

Once you’re in the form template, Google might also prompt you to take a tour of the platform — you can choose to do this if you want a Google-led overview of your options.

3. Edit your form text

Order Request Form

Click into the main title and supporting text for your form to edit these elements. Likewise, click into the box of each question to change the type of question or the answer options offered or to edit the text displayed in the question.

4. Preview your form

Order Form Preview
Midtown Robotics Form

Click the eye icon (in the top toolbar) to preview how your form will look to respondents.

5. Deploy your form

Click the purple Send button to send the form via email, to copy and paste a link to it elsewhere, or to embed it on your website.

Ways to use Google Form templates 

Though Google provides a limited number of templates for your use — slightly more than a dozen at the time of writing — its templates work well for a variety of different business contexts. Below are some examples and ideas to get you thinking.

  • Event feedback form (in the Work category): Use this form to acquire internal feedback on work functions or HR training events.
  • Order form (in the Work category): This template is a staple of e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar retail.
  • Job application form (in the Work category): Include this form in the careers section of your website, on the employee advancement opportunities page of your intranet site, or as a link in a help wanted ad.
  • Time off request form (in the Work category): This template is helpful for planning and coordinating schedules for employees and managers. For example, you can request that C-suite executives submit this periodically to simplify scheduling and planning for chain-of-command coverage.
  • Work request form (in the Work category): You can customize this form to help expedite and manage inter- and intra-departmental requests within your organization.
  • Customer feedback form (in the Work category): This template is helpful for getting feedback on products, services, processes, feature requests, and more. Adapt and customize it as necessary.
  • Blank quiz (in the Education category): This template can help you get started with personal and confidential inquiries that require detailed, long-form responses that go beyond multiple-choice questions — such as an employee satisfaction survey or a skills audit.
  • Worksheet form (in the Education category): Use this adaptable, multipurpose format for classroom training exercises for any department in your organization.
  • Find a time form (in the Personal category): For schedulers and attendees alike, this template can help streamline the scheduling and coordination of meetings in a more convenient way than via emails.

If the Google Form templates for business above aren’t relevant or flexible enough for you, try an online form solution like Jotform. With over 10,000 form templates to choose from, you’ll likely find one that meets your needs — whether it’s for HR department documentation, an IT help desk request, a marketing campaign, or countless other functions.

Jotform’s templates can help you streamline common business processes and make sales orders, purchase orders, and customer service tasks more efficient. Its wide selection offers not only forms to fit almost every type of business, but also a number of different products, integrations, and widgets for automating any business workflow.

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