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Time Off Request Forms

Eliminate messy paperwork and streamline your workflow with one of JotForm’s Time Off Request Forms. Employees can request paid time off or sick days at the touch of a button, letting you view all time off requests on any device. Use our Form Builder to customize our free templates — you can even add your logo for a personal touch. Why not integrate with Google Sheets to see all submissions in a spreadsheet? By knowing when your employees are off, you can better plan for their absences — so save time and get organized with JotForm’s Time Off Request Form Templates.

Paid Time Off PTO Request Form

Business Forms

This form is a perfect example of how to quickly manage your employees time off especially if they have vacation time where you can gather information to monitor this better.

Paid Time Off (PTO) Request Form

Request Forms

Simple paid time off request form where an employee provides their information including reason of leave.

Time Off Request Form

Human Resources Forms

A simple form to request for paid or personal time off.

Time Off Request Form

Time Off Request Forms

Eyefluence Time Off Request Form

Vacation Request Form

Business Forms

Use this sample vacation request form template, start to collect the necessary information from your employees and track the vacation schedules in order to distribute the duties easily.

Kusursuz İletişim Formu

Contact Forms

iletişim bilgilerini içeren form

Müşteri Satış Kontrol Listesi


Tüm satışlarda kullanılacak Alıcı Satış Kontrol Listesi

Kiralama Başvurusu Ve Geçmiş Bilgiler

Application Forms

İşte ayrıca bir Kiralama'nın onaylanması için gerekli Arka Plan Bilgilerini toplamak için kullanılan bir Kiralama Başvuru Formu