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How to Use Form Templates

How to Use Form Templates

Form Templates are the usual go-to solution of first time JotForm users. Whether you're looking for a template to get started with, a form that closely matches your requirement, or even just using it for the design and layout, templates are the simplest way to achieve all these.

With just a few steps, you'll be able to get started with a readily-made form. You can also browse our Templates Gallery and use a template from there.

1. Go to the MY FORMS page and click the Create Form button.

2. Choose Use Template from the options.

3. Search your form template from the list. Once you found the form, click the Use Template button.

If you wish to preview a form before using it, you have to click the template or hover on the template and click the Preview button/icon.

On the preview window, click the Use Template if you wish to use it.

Note that the default view of our template gallery is the classic layout. If you wish to use a card form template, scroll down a bit and choose Card from the Filter and Sort options.

This entire process will create a new form on your account, and you'll be redirected to the Form Builder where you can start modifying the template.

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  • tginnarac

    I want to use one of jotforms pdf templates - I choose the one I want but I can not get the header to let me update my business infor and pictures - I am able to Type in one atrea only but it changes the layout on the form.

  • mccurdy444

    Thanks, I can make the form but how do I convert it into a downloadable PDF for the customer?

  • James Crook

    Thanks for sharing the information. The details are really given in a very good manner,

  • aaaa6aa1234

    Thanks for sharing, but one thing, I didn't understand that is, how to change our background template color anyone tells me, please

  • test_hh

    Thank you!

  • oliviaagyeiwaa4

    very lovely form but please help by providing addition space at the template for marital status and others

  • saahinfo

    Do these templates allow for signatures?

  • WhisperingPinesFarmMiniatureDac

    How do I change the template file name to my file name? When I try to post the link to my puppy application, it shows Oklahoma Poodles instead of my business name.

  • Emma

    Hi there,

    I'm currently working with a spa to create a welcome email sequence for them. Part of it requires them to send through a suggestions checklist that will have to be customized by the spa owner for each client: as someone who hasn't used Jotforms in awhile, would a form template be the best option for this or is there a better option that I'm overlooking?

    Thank you!

  • shelliew

    How do I change the background color on a template I used?

  • suzistennis

    I copied over a registration form, then added three new fields. Everything looks great, but when testing the form, I can't enter text into those three new fields. The other fields work just fine. What am I doing wrong?

  • CauseBroadcasting

    I cannot find any way to edit a form I created...Nor can I find anything online

  • nabstates

    Hello- I built a form based on a template and the browser tab identifier says "Crowne Plaza Englewood, NJ." How do I change this?

  • Eyedbaby

    I really like the templates but the only thing that I'm unable to do is editing my name I'm photographer and I'm unable to change prices and my name in some of the booking forms I must say is frustrating that not even a video is showing in how edit this wonderful templates, very disappointed with it

  • HermanoAmador

    Olá, é assim que já fiz uso dos Modelos.
    Mas, há meses que não consigo mais e sempre que tento fazer, abre uma caixa de mensagem dizendo que não posso clonar. Qualquer forma que tento, acontece isso.
    Já tratei disso ha uns meses atras, mas o problema persiste.
    Agradeço qualquer apoio.

  • DTB

    How do I embed the form on my Facebook e-commerce site.

  • Ojeka_Johnson

    Please I did not understand how to use this.please Help me.

  • Gladstone

    Nowhere do I find a single word of explanation about what "page conditions" are or how to set them.

  • flot

    I am trying to modify the the text in a template so that it doesn't show generic labels (New Product 1, etc) and modify the payment amounts. However, the form is not letting me modify these fields. Help, please.

  • dani675

    It will not let me modify a template I saved! Why???

  • alramlawi

    Templates are very beautiful
    We wish more of this beauty :)

  • Jo

    Do I have to sign up if I were to create the form?

  • nancytorrison

    How to paste copied info into isn't giving me a paste option and won't accept CV

  • Ishophgg

    Can you edit form templates? If so how?

  • safacater

    Excellent..I can't say any other word excellent...excellent.

  • pinkbabyfashion

    Xin hỏi cách đưa link về linkđơn đặt hàng

  • hamozaki

    thank you

  • aramm


  • LDCompany

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