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How to Create a PDF Form

How to Create a PDF Form

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we have just released the new version of JotForm PDF Editor.

JotForm PDF Editor - Fillable PDF Form Creator

PDF Form is extremely useful for sharing and compiling form documents. JotForm provides the quickest way to convert your online forms to a PDF format. Please follow the steps below to start:

1. Go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Click the form you wish to convert to highlight it.

3. Click Edit Form to open the form builder.

4. Then go to PUBLISH > PDF and click on DOWNLOAD PDF

5. You will be taken to the JotForm PDF Editor. It is like the current form builder but focused on the PDF layout of the form. Here, you can add new fields by dragging items from the left sidebar. We have the  Basic Elements and Fields (regular fields):

6. Once you are done building the PDF form, you can click the Download button in the upper-right corner of the window to quickly get the PDF form or go to the Publish section to enable/disable the additional options such as including a page break and submit button in the PDF.

Download button:

Publish Section:

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
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  • Christie Keller

    This doesn’t answer my question. I have already edited my pdf. But I want to be able to have my form as a pdf with only the questions and not filled out with submissions.
    Is it possible to do that and how?

  • anniethnguyen

    Hello there,

    I click on "download PDF" to download my form but nothing happens. Is there something else I need to do?


  • 107940100366

    My work become white, all design I do was gone.

  • CR1970

    I'm done building the form but don't see any green download button. I have a screenshot but don't see how to enclose it for you.

  • BonitaMersiades

    I am having trouble making the 'submit' button work on a PDF form. It just gets an error when people hit submit.

  • PennYorkDBMD

    I want to take the online form that I created and convert to a pdf of the entire form (Step 2). I'm good with that. I don't want to add any new fields (Step 5). But when it creates the pdf form, questions 1-16 are missing. Am I missing a step? Thank you.

  • bapcadmin

    Is there a way to merge separate PDF forms we have created into one document? I have some forms that all of our patients must complete and creating the forms and ensuring the fields are all mapping correctly is incredibly time consuming to repeat for all patient types. Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • jayo2515

    Hi, I have pdf form that I created in adobe and would like to use jot form for staff to complete, but I would like for it to stay in the pdf format. Instead when I upload the form, it creates a sort of webpage to staff to complete. Is that possible?

  • Serei

    Good day,

    Is it possible to use a calculation in a jotform? For example, in a situation where the use enter 2x numbers in different field, and the 3rd field gives me the sum of the 2 numbers

  • martrinpetrillo

    Hi. ¿Is it possible to duplicate the information from one form element into two different pdf fields?

  • sonya

    My form is not fillable when I open with Acrobat, help please

    Here is the link -

  • Peggy Holt

    I do not want to collect form data, I want to create fillable pdf forms to place on our website that will be filled out and emailed back to a designated department.
    is that possible?

  • arjunapam

    Hi, this is a great software. I want to create 20 x MCQ (Fillable PDF) or older students who are not computer savy.

    Each MCQ 2 marks but instead of "submit to email" I intent to "submit to finish" and auto grade the answer for review appreciate if you can assist

  • ybkpalooza

    There is no DOWNLOAD button in the beta version. And, it will not switch me back to the classic version?

  • KevinReisenauer

    I have followed all of the steps listed above and I am unable to download the application I created. I can fill it out and I can submit it and it comes to my email and data is listed on jotform. However, I cannot figure out how to save a PDF of it. When I do that, PDF is not an option for me. Do I have to pay or upgrade to a different level to save as a PDF?

  • KhalidOdeh

    if I create a PDF file , this will consider as form? and my free forms (5) will decrease?

  • tmeldrum

    The pdf that is produced by using this methods has extremely poor quality. The headings and images are very pixelated. Is there a step I'm missing, or is this the final product?

  • Juan Antonio Martínez

    Cuando creo un formulario Pdf, me da error cuando pulso botón de envío. Por tanto no puedo recibir datos de formularios pdf

  • marysmiler

    When you use a PDF form the data inserted are not shown in the excel spreadshit

  • jamie

    Are we able to upload a form and have a submit button in it?

  • JCWelton

    My question is
    If my employees are filling out a jotform and hitting submit, sometimes they have bad internet connections and it does not always go through. Is there a way for them to save them on their phones to resubmit later or look at them later without all of them being able to sign in to my 1 main account?
    Thank you

  • kthaas

    Thank you for this - but when I create a pdf there are parts that are unreadable and scrambled. Still can't print the entire survey. Please help

  • RossAd

    Hi Guys,
    The PDF that was produced has not been generated correctly. It is a survey type form and all the Question + Radio Buttons for responses just come out as blank text boxes on the PDF.
    The form id is 80798188227875

  • pnchana

    Yes or No button.
    If client to choose Yes, then it will show the next page.
    If the client choose No, then it will say thank you.
    How do I create it?
    Please advise

  • chaboyaptsa

    When I try to create a pdf of the form the wording is all distorted and oversized. I tried with all the options checked and with only one option checked and no options checked. Any suggestions?

  • NCAC

    I had the same issue as wadlinger until I unchecked the option to create a submit button. That seemed to help.

  • wadlinger

    In October, 27, 2016, Ardent wrote "Everytime I try to create a pdf form it takes a long time and then it doesn't create the pdf form."

    The same day, Beril (JotForm UI developer) answered "The issue should be fixed now. Could you also test it on your side? If the issue still persists, please let us know."

    I just began using JotForm a few days ago, and I have the same issue as Ardent. (Unrelated, but who knows, Ardent's problem on 10/27/16 was the same day as my open heart surgery! LOL!)

  • laurenberryhill

    Why is my PDF form not printing the page breaks in the correct spots?

  • AJ

    PDF form is coming out blank. What I'm I doing wrong?

  • Shanleigh17

    I created a 5-page form that needs to be sent to departments at a University. When I convert to a PDF, all of the subtexts and some of the headings disappear. I need the text underneath each response box so that the departments know what to fill in. How can this be fixed, so that the pdf form is identical to the jotform?

  • carsterz

    nvm... found my answer

  • carsterz

    can i upload my already existing pdf form into jotform?

  • priyankakarki

    I created multiple page pdf form using jotform, I was pretty excited about this. When I try to print it out, it prints out weirdly shrinking all pages into 1 page, hence nothing is visible. What can I do to print them individually?

  • AleahLeonard

    Is there any way to condense the information on the PDF form? As in once my form is finished and I create the PDF, the information is on a one page face sheet?

  • sknisely

    I created a PDF and it is fillable, but when I try to submit it, I get the message about required fields. I have filled them in.

  • adent

    Everytime I try to create a pdf form it takes a long time and then it doesn't create the pdf form.

  • NWF_website

    When I create a PDF form, my text and headers do not show up and there are other errors. Help please?

  • mplalibertealvino

    I can create a PDF form and it works great. But when I click on submit, it tells me that I have required field to fill (wich I already filled). Then, I try to send it one more time, but nothing. My pdf is not sent :(

  • floridalenders

    Everytime I try to create a pdf form it takes a long time and then gives me an error message and doesn't create the pdf form.

  • RamasamyVenugopal

    My pdf form is missing questions that used widgets. Is there a fix?

  • tcahn

    i created a pdf from an existing form and none of the conditions work, why is that?

  • nbaker0809

    I'm following the steps correctly but I noticed that the pdf symbol under "more" isn't bold and when pressed it acts as if it's downloading but it never stops loading and nothing is downloaded... Help!

  • gourav10

    It is taking too much time. just loading nothing happened

  • infinidat

    same here. stuck on "working"

  • roman1308

    i still unable to download the pdf form, working animation still appear for mor than 30 minutes

  • iakofcstatewarden

    Ignore previous question. I just missed the URL in the document it was fine.

    BUT, not all of the page breaks work. This is a 10 page form and probably 3 of the breaks worked. That's the survey page break that we are supposed to be using, right?

  • iakofcstatewarden

    PDF generation is really nice. Not fast, but NICE. The one thing that it didn't do is assign an action to the submit button. If you can tell me what the action URL should be, I can drop it in using Adobe DC. It would be nice if this was fixed in the generation on your end though.

    Here is what I have for the submit button on the html version do we use the same URL or something different?

  • iakofcstatewarden

    I've tried this in Safari and Chrome on my Mac and no matter how long I wait, it is always "working" Is this a Mac issue with the download part of the process?

  • AutoDamageExperts

    I follow the steps above and it gives me a PDF but the PDF is simply one blank page. Why is it doing this, and more importantly, how can I fix it?

  • xanderfh

    Is it possible to (When forms are submitted) to email them in PDF Format?