How to Create an RSS Listing Report?

Last Update: May 12, 2015

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and is a way for people who surf the web to get notified of updates from their favorites sites to which they have subscribed.

JotForm can also generate an RSS feed which you can use to get notified (aside from email) of the latest submissions to your forms. Since RSS uses standard XML format, it can also be used to fetch submission data and utilize them in many different ways.


To create an RSS Feed for your form:


1.  Go to your account's My Forms page

2.  Select from the list the form of which you want to create an RSS feed 

3.  Click the Reports button found at the top of the list then click Add New Report from the dropdown


4.  Choose RSS Listing then click Next button



5.  Check the form fields that you want to display in your RSS report then click Next


Note: You may also set password protection to your RSS report to maintain privacy


6.  Copy the RSS link generated


Quick note: You may need to use a special application to view the report in an organized format.  Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer presents this data beautifully, by default.

You will have to add the feed URL to your online Feed reader such as was Google Reader (that is now discontinued) to display this properly on Google Chrome. Some such alternatives would be Feedly or Inoreader or many such others.



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EBOSSgroup (May 10, 2015 at 09:52 PM)

The RSS feed report works well, but is there anyway to EDIT what is shown? For example, the report I tested this on shows the Name of the submission and date/time in HUGE font yet the actual content is smaller. I could care less about the submission date and would either prefer it to NOT show up or be under the actual relevant information. Thanks, Chris

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Brian (May 12, 2015 at 10:53 AM)

Google Reader, linked on this page, has been discontinued. You might want to reword that bit of direction.

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