What is Special Pricing

October 1, 2021

SPECIAL PRICING can be defined as offering different prices to customers for a particular product according to several criteria, such as quality, quantity, the time frame of purchase and type of customer.

This is a feature that will allow you to set a SPECIAL PRICING based on the additional options you applied on your payment field. To learn more about setting up additional options, you can check this guide on How to Add Options to Payment Forms. If you are not yet familiar with the payment fields, you can check this guide as a starting point: Order Form Basics.

Here’s a quick step by step information to explain it better.

1. In your payment wizard, you should see two options when you setup a PRODUCT:


2. You have ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR and ADD A PRODUCT OPTION. You can only use SPECIAL PRICING on one of these but not both.

3. Below is an example when you use the ADD A PRODUCT OPTION feature. Here, we want to set different prices of T-shirts based on the color options. You can see that each color has a different pricing in the table, you can fill out that table and add more rows.

4. Below is an example when you use the ADD A QUANTITY SELECTOR option. Here, you can set discounts or special pricing based on the number of items being purchased.

**Note that the Dropdown should be selected for the Special Pricing to appear. The Textbox type is not supported.

Demo: https://form.jotform.com/212208289676060

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