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How to Set Up the Configurable List Widget

How to Set Up the Configurable List Widget


The Configurable List widget requires a little more to set up, but it's not hard at all. There are a few things we need to consider in order to understand how it works and get the widget up and running:

  • The Widget dynamically adds a set of fields on your form as a list
  • You can add as many rows as possible
  • You can define the type of data or information that can be collected for each dynamically added row on the list
  • To restrict the type of information that can be collected, you need to define field types
  • The following field types are allowed in the configuration for each row on the dynamic list:

How to Configure the Widget

The Configuration Dialog opens when you add the widget to your form. You can always access it by clicking the widget's wizard wand from the form builder:

Widget Settings

We have prepared a table that will guide you in setting up your dynamic list through this widget.

Let's begin with the list of field configurations:

Field Types

  • text

    Accepts plain text.​


    Example: Name : text : Enter your name

  • number

    Accepts numbers only.


    Example: Age : number : Enter your age

  • textarea

    Accepts more text in paragraphs or narrations.


    Example: Comments : textarea : Enter your comment

  • A list of options in a drop-down list.


    To have one of the options selected by default, just replace the {placeholder} with one of the options on your list.

    Example: Fruits : dropdown : Apple, Banana, Mango, Orange : Banana

  • radio

    Single Choice (radio button) - select one of the available options.


    Example: Accept Terms? : radio: Yes, No

  • checkbox


    Multiple Choice - check off available options.

    Example: Payment : checkbox : Full, Partial

  • date

    A date selector with a pop-out calendar.


    If the date {format} is undefined or invalid, it defaults to y/m/d. You can interchange the letters as you wish.
    The year {range} is formatted as start-end, e.g. 2005-2015. If undefined or invalid, defaults to a range of ten years ago from now to next year from now.

    Example: Date of Arrival : date : m/d/y : 2014-2020

  • time

    A time selector.


    The allowed {format} values are 12 (with AM/PM selector) and 24. If undefined or invalid, it defaults to 12.
    To set the current time as default time, append ", now" to the config.

    Example: Arrival Time: time : 12, now

  • static

    Display a message or text.


    Example: Important Message : static : Click on the '+' button to add a new row.

The list above looks a little scary, however, it's quite easy. Here is a sample configuration:

Configurable List - Fields configuration

This is what the configuration will show on your form:

Configurable List - Sample Output

After completing each field configuration, hit the return (enter) key to add a new field configuration on a different line so that the widget can treat it as a new field setting.

Other Configurations

Enter the number in the Maximal rows number input box to limit the number of rows that will be added to your form.

To automatically load a number of rows, enter the number in the Minimal rows number field.

Min/max Rows

To change the buttons' text (add and delete row), set them in the following input boxes:

Label for Add/Remove

Set a Field or Input as "Required"

In most forms, some fields should not be skipped, like names and email fields. To prevent the form user from skipping these mandatory fields, you need to set the field as required by adding an asterisk (*) before the field configuration as shown below:

Configurable List - Set field as required

Your form users will only be allowed to submit the form if those fields are completed:

Configurable List - Required fields

Change How the List Looks

Its often necessary to style your form to look exactly how you would like - perhaps to match your product image or corporate identity among other reasons.

With this widget, you can further customize how the list looks by adding custom CSS.

Custom CSS

And here is an example form. You are welcome to clone or copy the form; take a closer look or modify the form as your own.

The Custom CSS part can look a little too technical - but not to worry - we would love to help - just let us know.

That's all it takes to configure the widget.

If you want to make the Configurable List widget mobile responsive, check this guide: How to Make the Configurable List Widget Mobile Responsive.

We would love to hear what you think, or share your experience so that we can continually improve the tools that make your form awesome!

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    For example - an entrant who adds 3 rows - should be charged 3x the registration price?

    Thank you!

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    I am looking to create a section of in a form where we collect past employment history of our employees. Typical employment history will look like:
    Employer Name
    Employer Address
    Start Date
    End Date
    Job Description

    I would like to create an option for the employee to enter as many jobs as they have had. I thought the Customizable-list widget may be appropriate where an employee could add multiple sets of rows as appropriate but I havent been able to get it to work. It wants to add all the info in one row. Is there a way to select several rows of data and make it one object and then have that object be replicated by the user hitting a More button?

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  • jasonrgrammes

    Is there a way to add "Range" to the "Configurable List" widget, just like in the "Time" Element so that it can calculate time. I love this widget because it allows me to specify on a line who/what the time relates to. I am a CDL Instructor, and when taking students out on the road we have to keep track of driving times, and students will rotate out, taking turns. With the ability to add more rows as needed, it works flawlessly, however, the time duration is not calculated, and one of the things I have to keep track of is how much time each student is driving.

    So, in my widget, I have a drop down with a list of all the students. Then a beginning time and the end time. It would be great if I could get a time calculation of each segment, from each row, and total under each prospective student.

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