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Adding a Form to a Web Page

Adding a Form to a Web Page

You've created your first form and set up email alerts. Now it's time to add the form to your web page.

You need to go to the PUBLISH tab on your Form Builder, select the EMBED option, then click the COPY CODE button.

Paste the codes into your web page where you would like to display it. Usually somewhere in the body section of your webpage.

Not sure which Embed code to use? Check out this other guide:


Let us know any question you might have in the comments section below.

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  • girlsquadfitness

    I have been trying to copy and past the copy code onto my Squarespace website, but when I copy, the only thing that pops up on my webpage is the actualy copy code. I need some help please!

  • habitatbergen

    My web page uses Squarespace. When I try and imbed the code on my page only the top third of the form loads. I can't seem to get the whole form to appear on the page. Please advise. Thank you!

  • MCFBManager

    I want to embed this form into a website so viewers can fill it out. How do I do that? Copy and paste URL doesn't work

  • Renhir4

    I am copy pasting url link to my website page and I am getting an error that says "Invalid"

  • ituhbright.

    Please how do I know which hosting package allows for a form ?

  • Kasra Daroon

    Hi Jotform. I have already built two forms on the Webflow designer. I want to export the code and host the site away from Webflow. Can I use your services to handle my form submissions. If yes, how can I integrate Jotforms into my Webflow forms.

  • tomy

    Yes sure which Embed code to use? Check out this other guide:

  • tarana101

    I need my form to be fillable online for registrants. How do I do that. And how do I get the filled forms back?

  • rhettgunter

    OK I GOT THE FORM ONTO MY WEBSITE .now how do i make it where people can type on it and send it to my email.. its not interactive .. please help

  • Brian Danielsson

    My form is just loading and loading when i try to submit my answers.



    What is meant by "Paste the codes into your web page where you would like to display it. Usually somewhere in the body section of your webpage."


  • kadriye3478

    sitemin neresine gömeceğimi bilmiyorum malesf

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  • argenisherrera

    No aparece la opcion Embed for. Pego el codigo a mi pagina web y no funciona.

  • polarisproductions

    When I embed the form on my Wordpress page, it centers itself. How can I move it to the left to line up the rest of the page, which is left-justified?

  • jct29

    help me pls where do i paste the code asap

  • jdmlt

    The form was added according instructions for wordpress, it loads well, etc, but once you've fill and try to sent it "siųsti" button, it keeps "please wait" for ever. What could be the reason?
    We've tried different wordpress pages, but the form doesn't work.
    It works well if you fill via direct link

  • Annieca edwards

    I have embedded my form on a frontpage website, however there are several pages each with a next and back button. Once I have completed the first page and click next the only other option on the second page is back so I am unable to complete the form.

  • AquaticRealm

    I have added the script into the body of my web page and published it to the web site.

    The form displays in all browsers except Chrome. How can I correct?

  • DHolcomb

    I"m trying to add my form as a page on my WordPress site. I don't know where to embed it on the page.

  • NygForms

    Cuando coloco el formulario en mi web, guardo el archivo, lo subo a internet y entro, EL FORMULARIO NO APARECE. YA intente todo ayudenme rapido porfavor, adios.

  • Cristmusic

    How to paste in my web page where ther is no obtion for paste

  • adnan86291

    I added the form to my website just fine, but the calculations don't seem to work. They work just fine on jotform website but not on mine - Please help!

  • Sunflowerwindy

    But the form loads so slowly and it didn't show the images.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Sallybrook712

    When I click on Embed from the nav bar, it saves my form but does nothing else. The Wizard does not come up. HELP!

  • jessicapiekos

    I've embedded a form in my WordPress (4.2.2) page. (I'm using the Bridge theme template.) The form seems to embed properly when I add the code, save, then view the page. However, when I click on the page from the top navigation, the form does not load on the page. If I refresh the page, I can see it. I've had another user recreate this error also. We're viewing the page using Chrome and Safari. Tips on getting the form to load when the page does?

  • tmatacale

    Adding a form to a responsive Wordpress page. Form is aligning centered to the overall page. How can I make it align left?

  • Beshara

    I have added a form to the web-page, really easy and looks great EXCEPT that the form appears to be wider than the website is set up to be so some of the words in the text areas are lost. See

    Any ideas what I should do? Website is made using 'cms made simple'

  • scarleterin

    I embedded my form using various options. But, when I click submit (to submit a payment), it just sits there and does not process. It works fine when I go direct to the job form page.

  • Claujad

    I followed the steps and the file still will not open on my webpage.

  • MTIRachel

    I have used many different methods to embed my form into my webpage. I can see it in IE and on my iPhone, but I cannot see it in my Chrome browser. I am currently using iFrame to post the form. Any ideas?

  • CarolSouzaPhotography

    I managed to put it in my website but the signed forms are not going to my email address, what am I doing wrong?

  • ngaahowhakaari

    I'm trying to add to a wordpress page. Have no idea how to do this. Novice :)

  • denecooke

    the codes are not showing up on the embed wizard.... Please help... what I do embed doesn't have all the conditions I added and therefore makes the form look bad.

    Thank you

  • seammgt313

    When requesting customers info for subscribing to our newsletter can we embed code inside the text for customers to click vs making a page for the for to reside.. saw the pop-up form, also the form clicked from an email link I sent myself it loaded like a webpage

  • ShelliOG

    I did exactly as it says and I only see this

    on my webpage not the form. I have done it many times and I can not get it to work. Please help!

  • johntemu

    i don't get it.

  • Nathanleigh

    Hi I am trying to ad the code to my website which is made through havealook here in Australia. When previewing the link on the site it transfers to not found 404, the link is also very messy with text and numbers then the actual blue highlighted link. I would also like to rename it. This is my code


  • hippiechixer

    I have tried everything and I cannot embed the code for my contact form to my WebStudio 5 website. The contact form has its own page.

    my code is:

    If I could see/use the form, it would be located at

  • JMAE

    where do i get the FORM ID????

  • g4b000

    I cannot paste the form eather in the sorce or embed code....can someone help?

  • jurullc

    Am I able to style the form, for some odd reason, the form centers in the page. I have embedded the form here,

  • Leonnabra

    I cannot figure it out. Paste to my website. How do I get to the website to paste it. It is too complicated and I have more to add to the site, if I ever can figure out where to copy and paste. I keep getting submissions sent to my e-mail and nothing is in the submission link.

  • ice4

    I'm having problems getting my form to post on my website. it's

  • Marcopaz

    Tengo pegado el codigo HTML todo OK, se despliega el formulario todo OK, Hago la prueba pero NO ENVIA el mail a mi correo. Que pasa?

  • startsnew

    i have try doing what it said about 40 times n all i am getting is the script n not the actual form. this is getting really fustatate

  • Lilli Allen

    I have added the form to my website at however a test form that I completed has yet to be emailed to me. what is the typical timeline for a form to be emailed.

  • internetfiliale

    Embedding works fine, but when I make more than 2 changes on an existing form these changes are not adopted on the published form on my website. Please help!

  • bracebeagles

    I try to send my form to my web page but when i embed it tells me to copy or paste but i have no idea what to do at that point how do you do it I try right click left click how do I copy or paste

  • alwayslly

    rightly always to me