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How to Show or Hide Fields on Edit URL

How to Show or Hide Fields on Edit URL

Edit URL is basically used for updating specific submissions data without logging into JotForm account.

There are some cases that you'd want to show or hide fields on edit URL mostly for administrative purposes like the following.

- Add a status on the user's submissions

- Add additional details

- Update admin only fields

- Hide fields that you do not wish to be updated by the users

Here's how to do that:

1. Add the Get Form Page URL Widget to your form.

2. Create a SHOW / HIDE FIELD Condition.

If the Get Form Page URL Widget contains the word "edit", show or hide the fields that you want.


Form URL: (Status field is hidden)

Edit URL: (Status field is shown)

If you have questions, feel free to post comments below.

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  • Wuppee

    I have done all the above and am able to edit the hidden fields when i hit the edit link in the email..

    However, if the user wants to edit their submission at a later time they will then see all the hidden questions..

    So, this isnt really "admin only" solution is it??

    Am i going wrong somewhere?

  • QSESolutions

    Can you add multiple hidden fields on "show" or maybe a section?

  • dellquaysc

    I have 4 hidden fields on a form that I use for some calculations. These are hidden on first use, but if I return to the form using the Edit link they are no longer hidden.
    I see here how I could make them hidden but my question is if there default condiftion is hidden why do they not remain hidden when I edit the form?

  • mikvineyard

    Basically, I'm creating an app. There are 2 fields in the app I am using jotform for. My Medications and My Cards. I want them to be able to click on those links, add their information and refer back to it at a later time...FROM THE SAME LINK, not a different one since the original link is what is in the app. Maybe I need a sign in on page one, and remember me or something. I didn't see it, but do you have that?? Any suggestions are welcome also.

  • Karen A Timothy

    hello, I need to edit and can't get into the build section. Can you help? Thank you

  • vchepurny

    THere is a bug. When in the first filling process certain fields already have a SHOW condition applied to them, they are all shown in the 'edit' mode. However, if the those fields are set to be HIDDEN in the 'edit' mode, they are automatically shown in the normal mode and are overriding the previous SHOW conditions.

  • russellatwork

    This doesn't seem to work - When editing the form the URL is no different.
    In Edit mode the form is in a frame with URL something like
    The URL of the Form is same for edit as for filling it in

  • Hills_test

    stupid question: but where do i get the edit url from?
    thanks for your patience!

  • mirkolambertimigastone

    I tested this procedure but when I update a record with fields hidden, the same are updated in blank.

    I've updated a record and some fields are hidden with this condition. The result was the visible fields updated correctly, the hidden fields blank!!!

    How I can correct it?
    Many Thanks