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How to Export Form Data to Excel

How to Export Form Data to Excel

You can now export your form submissions into an Excel format. Please follow steps below:

1. Login to JotForm and go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Click the form name you want to export submissions to Excel from then click the SUBMISSIONS button.

3. On the Submissions Page, scroll down the page until you see the grid table. Right above the Submission Date title you will see the Download as: EXCEL button.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or issues with this guide, please let us know by writing it below!

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  • Aryan K Sarma

    I was searching a lot to ascertain if a Form on click submit button saves it,but did not get result. you only confirmed it.Thanks,but where all saved Form are stored? can I have access to it? your tips are helpful. Is there any other method necessary to add to save the Form separately?

  • tdubbeld

    Just received a form from a person to fill out. So stupid! NO idea how to save so half way through filling it out I hit some random key and LOST all of my entered responses. You should have a better way to save or something that is more user friendly. I will use this form for her because I HAVE to but I will not use these myself. Not user friendly.

  • creaturedd

    I downloaded the excel sheet but cant see the documents uploaded as attachments in excel
    How do I do that?

  • Lucy

    I will tray

  • luce31911472

    Thank you, I will start doing it
    then I let you know how is going
    Thank again for the information

  • memphisjrtennis

    I completed all three steps and says download complete ... but where did it go & how do I access it??

  • susantjipto

    My form has multiple products and multiple sub options. All product details came over to Excel in one column, I need a way to parse them out into its own column. What's the best way to do that?

  • zuvaa

    I don't see the export excel option. Is it still functioning?

  • ToriChavez

    I made my own form. Is it possible to export directly into excel and use one of the workbooks we have as a default to grab the information?

  • thestudyplace

    i have a lot of submissions but got a very small (50kb) xlsx file after pushing "export to excel"


  • chsmc

    The data is being transferred to the Excel spreadsheet, but is encoded. Is there a way for me to export it without the encoding?

  • aritsm

    my form has the Encrypt Form Data on, how can I export the form submissions so I can see the submissions and not jumbled letters?

  • cris74

    Je connais cette procédure, mais ce n'est pas ce que je souhaite.
    A chaque nouvelle soumission je souhaite récupérer la totalité des soumissions par l'intermédiaire d'un flux de données (data flow) automatique sans intervention manuelle. je veux accéder à un fichier actualisé "up to date" à partir d'un Excel en VBA (par langage de programmation)

  • rpautassi

    How can I export several forms in one excel?

  • pardeep

    sir, I am facing a problem when submit a form and not showing redirectly submission.

  • success200

    Hi can anyone show how will it look like?

  • Nikita Varman

    Is it possible to generate multiple submissions onto a single excel spreadsheet?

  • JuzSchieder


    when I download the excel data, the sheet are empty...Please help! Thank you

  • RuudvdO

    Data is not exported to Excel.
    Please help.

  • aymi

    how can i get the submission ID into my excel export?

  • white_cap

    i have a form with over 500 submissions and the Submissions will not pull up so i can export.... what do i do?

  • osardeleon

    mi pregunta si puedo seleccionar todos los formularios que he creado y exportar los a un solo archivo de excel

  • kewian

    Once new submissions are received, is there a way to update the info on an existing excel sheet? do I need to create new spreadsheets each time new submissions are received?

  • jpyles

    Is there a way to have the exported file name NOT include the current date/time stamp? I would like to have it replace the file to the same name.

    Or is there a way to truncate the new information into an existing file?

  • uofsc_cmcis

    One of my forms exports as a corrupt file that crashes Excel. I've downloaded it multiple times, on multiple computers, on multiple browsers, but each file that is exported crashes Excel. I've never had this issue with any other form before. I tested this across similar forms with no issue. Could you please advise?

  • 2maxgroup

    it out of order at 29-30, please help to fix it, i have many data need to export from excel T-T

  • gymvic

    Hi ... my submissions are not showing up and I can not export to excel - is there something I am not doing quite right?

  • sastclub

    not working!!!!

  • hepvd_insertion

    I have managed to export my data in xls but I don't have all the information because my matrix is larger than what is supported by the xls format.

    Is there a way to export in "xlsx" format?

  • atomiko1

    Its not working, i can't get the excel file HELP!!!!!

  • noli414

    I understand how to export and when I do, the data is formatted in headers and not at all like the grid I see. Is there a way to see the grid instead of it converting the store locations into headers? The form is in grid view, the pdf is in grid view, even the submissions are in grid view, but then I export and it doesn't keep the same format. Please tell me I can keep the same format.

  • Scott Carter

    Hi. A blog that I read have simplified the process of exporting Form Data to Excel

  • sanjeeb kr paral

    pls give suggestion for the exported business

  • guest_22791436252050

    Hi, I already have a form that exports the data into a PDF format.

    What I would like to do is to export the main Excel spreadshit with all informations in Dropbox.

    How can I do that??

  • TUUCAuction

    OK, I Clicked on My Forms, went to the page, but I don't see anything that says "Download as Excel" or really anything else.

    Just my form selected at top and list on left.

  • formmm

    The function of Export does not work now.
    The situation has been lasting for half an hour.

  • DailyMirror

    My form will not download in Excel or CSV format. Cannot integrate with Google Docs. Too many submissions?Help!

  • celebratelife

    this does not work@
    There used to be a way to access the spreadsheet directly from an external link with automatically updated information (so other people could access the spreadsheet whenever they needed to without accessing the account). Is this still available? I can't find that option and want to delegate access to the information without providing access to the underlying forms.

  • celebratelife

    The excel document will not automatically update with new form submissions...why?

  • lgoldish

    I have 48 submissions of which 29 are new. Before the new ones I changed a radio button to a check box. I would like to download all. I can do that. All the rows download, but only about 4 of the download rows show the data. The rest are blank in the data columns, although in the submissions view I can see the data. How do I get the data to download?

  • achint

    Hi i have created a form and linked it to my facebook account but now i am not able to edit the form. My forms account does not show any entry of the account.

    This is the form and i want to edit this form. Can you help?

  • julio_auscube

    Is there a way i can display the completed form on my website. so people can see what the other person has answered? like a review on something for example.

  • altpress

    REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT: Any updates on this?

    "Can we get Jotform to break out the components of the payment widget into multiple columns in the Excel export option? All information from the payment widget is lumped into one column."

  • spoonfulofdelight

    Is there a way to display the information submitted using the form on a webpage, right away after hitting the submit button?

  • show

    I have a only dispalying today in my submission forms. I cant find a way to change that so that I can see all submissions

  • Linda Anderson

    REALLY IMPORTANT: Has this problem been fixed yet? Thanks!

    "Can we get Jotform to break out the components of the payment widget into multiple columns in the Excel export option? All information from the payment widget is lumped into one column."

  • austin

    how can i get php code to upload this form to my database? someone help:(

  • GetPreparedStuff

    Can we get Jotform to break out the components of the payment widget into multiple columns in the Excel export option? All information from the payment widget is lumped into one column. It is hard to manage in this format. It would be so much easier to have it broken out into columns for the description, quantity and price/total. Having the quantity and totals in their own columns is essential to even use those numbers in a spreadsheet. As it currently stands those values are useless until they are manually added to their own columns.

  • JotFormSupport

    Create an excel report.

    Open my forms,
    Click on the form
    Click on reports on the top toolbar
    Create an excel report

    IMPORTANT: Please ask your questions to the forum.

  • ASRA

    CGA's question is a good one. Is there an answer?