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How to Export Form Data to Excel

How to Export Form Data to Excel

It’s easy to download an Excel file of your form submissions with JotForm. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your My Forms page.
  2. Select the form with the submissions you want to export.
  3. Click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.
    Submissions button
    Submissions button
  4. Click the Download All button.
  5. Choose the Download as Excel option.
    Download as Excel
    Download as Excel

Alternatively, you can also click the three vertical dots icon on the main submissions tab, hover your mouse over the Download option, and click the Download as Excel option.

Download as Excel 2

Download as Excel 2

How to Export Form Data to Excel Through the Old Submissions Page

If you’re viewing submissions in the old submissions viewer, the Excel option is located just above the submissions grid.

Old Submissions Page

Old Submissions Page

The Excel file should download immediately. If you’re having trouble downloading it, please contact us through one of the support channels below.

Did you know that you can also create an Excel report through a link? With this method, you don’t need to view the submissions page to download the file. The link is updated when new submissions come in. To learn more about this method, please visit the following link: How to Create an Excel Report.

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  • Seniorscholarsnc

    Can you tell me the name of the export directory?

  • Siffrin3688

    When using JotForm Tables, I would like to be able to copy and past only one of the columns or download it to excel. I don't want all of the data, just one column. Is that possible?

  • Ashit Patel

    I want to know sumation of each product by total submission as I got in chart . I want that xls format instead of chart that I sent you earlier.

  • papgpk

    Can I combine all submissions to a single excel file before download?

  • punjultyoso

    when downloading the submission as excel, the signature did not display only its link
    please giving any suggestion to display the signature

  • lauriewhite10

    Your excel format is set to 255 column width in some columns, and messes up other columns when edited.

    Not sure how to make your excel work like usual...

  • JohnstoneSupply

    Why are the columns on my submission results in XLS in random order? I need to match up stores with quantity ordered, but the columns don't match up

  • liannevoelm

    could the fields have names or 'alias' other than the full question on the form.?

  • AsthmaNEAT

    Hi there, whem I am downloading data to the excel spreadsheet, the only information that is being downloaded is the date of submission. What's the reason? I would like to see all the details introduced to the form embodied into the excel format. Could you please help with that?
    Kind regards, Aggie

  • scotborders

    why do i not see any data when i export to excel?

  • Ronpalmgren

    The cells in the jot form are exported to a single cell in the excel spreadsheet i.e.
    a1,25, b1,52,b2,27 instead of having each cell as separate column in the exported sheet

    Thus you can't use the data in the exported sheet for further analysis

  • pdulle

    When I download the excel worksheet, I can't get the pictures that go with the submission to load. I always get an error. What am I doing wrong?


    I don't have a submissions tab or page. My Jotform does not look like this?

  • myspringcreek

    When I download my Excel file with the data, the columns are not labeled. They are labeled as
    No Label, No Label One, No Label Two, etc.

  • Matthias Meier

    Downloading submissions as Excel Document ist not possible. theres always an error.

    thank you for youre help !

  • Tristan72

    Manage my account

  • shaareyzedek

    I have done this several times, each time it tells me that the file is corrupt. Please advise. I've tried both excel and PDF and the same thing keeps happening. I can see the preview, but when I actually try to open it I get the error message.

  • iveta.orbanova

    I tried to download all submissions in xls form, for some reasons I always get the empty file.
    I checked the steps cannot see anything I did wrong. Can u help me pls

  • Cecilia Staunton
    We will need to track payments for each campaign in reporting. The examples here do not have payment amounts. Do all fields on the JotForm get their own field in an excel sheet when you run a report?


  • LynWalker

    I'm new to this and have been trying to export data to excel, but it only gives me the headings on the excel sheet, plus the submission date. None of the information on the form(s) comes through.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thankyou. Lyn

  • britishsuzuki

    the download only shows the date column and all the other data is blank! Help!

  • Xaviercharter

    Jotform exported all my data except the first and last name field

  • greencouncil

    How to export ==Payment Info== into the excel? Thanks

  • rcostaOOB

    When i download the submissions the columns are not in the same order as the questions - why?
    It used to download in the same order before

  • Mina

    Love the app. I have multiple products in my form. They all get smushed into one field. Is there any way to have them appear in separate cells so that I can easily count the # of each item ordered? Could not figure this out using Excel reports. Example - one person may order 4 t-shirts and 2 camping nights. Since all of this is one cell in Excel, I can't easily break it out.

  • EHSDogs

    How do you have it export the excel to your google docs excel?

  • Climate_Change

    Is there a way I can create an excel form template with the column widths predetermined?

  • Hewtee

    Hi there,
    Is there a way to separate item ordered into different rows?
    Thank you

  • Ryan Shreve

    Hello I'm using an encrypted form and I have uploaded by key. It did in fact decrypt for me to view within submission interface but as soon as I download to Excel or CSV, the downloaded file is showing the encrypted values again. How can I download the file with the values decrypted?


  • B12willinkle

    I need to export a spreadsheet of all form submissions to Excel. How do I do multiple submissions?

  • rotaryallstar

    l want them to transfer the information automatically to an Excel spreadsheet

  • formpinky

    how to export the form records back to 1 year ago?

  • AU_KW

    Is there anyway to have the information that is entered on forms automatically downloaded into a spreadsheet? With Google forms, that process happens automatically so I know that the information on the spreadsheet is up to date. The form and the spreadsheet are linked in Google forms and that ensure that I'm looking at the most current information.

  • AU_KW

    Is there anyway to have the information that is entered on forms automatically downloaded into a spreadsheet? With Google forms, that process happens automatically so I know that the information on the spreadsheet is up to date. The form and the spreadsheet are linked in Google forms and that ensure that I'm looking at the most current information.

  • ankasetiawan

    is free version able to excell ? pls advise

  • AgilityAssoc.Canada

    It would be great to have a schedule option to allow this to run automatically and something like the last 50 or 25 or 100 etc.

  • RocioCorrea

    De que forma puedo descargar todos los formularios al mismo tiempo?
    y generar un respaldo.e

  • rubenh

    If the data is being downloaded encrypted ... how can I view the data

  • mhowe479

    I have added the E-signature widget to a form, but when I download into Excel it on shows a url for the signature. Is there any way to download it as a picture. I will be exporting the excel information into a customised PDF form we use and want the signature to show in the correct place.

  • ritesh91

    how to send data from jotform to Google Spreadsheet


    Can we, by typing in the form data, have our Excel sheet filled with information after it is downloaded in our computer?

  • Martin Atamian

    How export results of a spreadsheet in form to google sheet?

  • Faithholidays

    We have booking coming for several tours, so will there be only one excel sheet right through. How can be manage into different excel file or sheets?

  • Nourhan Ashraf

    I want help when I export my submission in to excel sheet the excel sheet appear all the information even information that I delete it when I build my form so how can I export it only with the information I want it
    Thank you

  • Shawtair

    When I opened the excel document after download, it was blank, even though I have 13 submissions. Why is that?

  • krystianakm

    i've pressed the excel download, and all i get is the coded version of the submitter's answers.

  • Aryan K Sarma

    I was searching a lot to ascertain if a Form on click submit button saves it,but did not get result. you only confirmed it.Thanks,but where all saved Form are stored? can I have access to it? your tips are helpful. Is there any other method necessary to add to save the Form separately?

  • tdubbeld

    Just received a form from a person to fill out. So stupid! NO idea how to save so half way through filling it out I hit some random key and LOST all of my entered responses. You should have a better way to save or something that is more user friendly. I will use this form for her because I HAVE to but I will not use these myself. Not user friendly.

  • creaturedd

    I downloaded the excel sheet but cant see the documents uploaded as attachments in excel
    How do I do that?

  • Lucy

    I will tray