How to Set Up a One-Time Payment Subscription

March 7, 2024

Jotform supports a handful of payment processors allowing you to collect payments through your forms. You can sell products, get a user-defined amount, collect donations, or sell subscriptions.

When handling subscriptions, you may need to charge your customers a single payment instead of a recurring one. This guide focuses on setting up a one-time payment subscription. For information on how to sell subscriptions, see How to Set Up a Recurring Payment Option.

The Sell Subscriptions payment type in Jotform

Below are a few examples of some of the most popular payment processors and how to set up a subscription with a one-time payment.

Limiting the Number of Payments

For PayPal, Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, and BluePay, set your subscription’s Number of Payments to “1.” This means your users will only be charged once.

Steps to set a subscription's number of payments in Jotform Form Builder

Setting Up a One-Time Payment Subscription in Stripe

Stripe doesn’t offer a Number of Payments option. Instead, you can set your Payment Type to “Sell Products” and include the one-time payment as a product item. See Setting Up Your First Order Form for more information.

Setting Up a One-Time Payment Subscription in Braintree

Braintree users need to set up the number of billing cycles within Braintree. For more information, visit Recurring Billing | Billing Cycles – Braintree Support Articles (

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