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How to Add a Logo to the Welcome or Thank You Page

How to Add a Logo to the Welcome or Thank You Page

Logos bring out the identity of a company, service or product. That’s why you may want to add the logo of yours to the Welcome or Thank You page on JotForm Cards. 

Adding a logo is easy, you can add it to both pages or choose only one of them.
1. Please note that they have different sections into the builder:
🔘 Welcome page section:

🔘 Thank You page section:

2. If there is an existing logo you can remove it, simply click on the "Remove Logo" button and add a new one.

🔘 Otherwise simply select the "Click to add logo" button:


You can either upload the logo or use existing icons using the wizard.
🔘To upload a file from your local storage, select "UPLOAD". (red section)
🔘 To use a file that you have previously used, click on"MY IMAGES". (blue section)
🔘 Or simply enter the URL of the file from "ENTER URL". (yellow section)

Another option is to quickly select from our predefined icons at the SELECT ICON tab.

Note: Logos are considered as copyrighted items. So please be sure that you have permission to use them before you add a logo to your form.

Sample Form:

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  • browsbyjennynyc

    HEy I'm having trouble uploading my own logo. It uploads very very small. Is there certain dimensions it should be so it fills out this space perfectly? I've tried raising the width and height and it still doesnt fill the shape correctly if that makes any sense and still is small. thanks so much

  • CVIFitness

    I have a pdf file and an AI file for my logo. I get the message that the file type is unsupported when I try to drag and drop either of them in the upload box. I have not run into this problem with a logo before. Please advise what file types are supported.