20 dazzling form themes to target your audience

20 dazzling form themes to target your audience

Let’s face it: Form fatigue is real. We’re bombarded with surveys, order forms, RSVPs, information requests, and much more on a constant basis. After a while, things can get repetitive.

If your organization’s form is too long or it looks…well, blah, your audience is going to bounce midway through because it’s taking too much energy for little reward. But what if there was a way you could keep people engaged in your forms without overcomplicating them? We’re here to tell you that there is — and it’s by using form themes.

Form themes keep people on the page by adding personal flair to your forms. They signal to users that you took time and effort to make your forms appealing for them, and they also help to establish your brand. In just a few clicks, a good theme can transform a flat, boring form into one that cuts through the noise.

The Jotform Themes Store offers hundreds of creative, eye-catching themes that you can deploy in seconds for any of your form needs. We help you make a good impression so you can keep your audience engaged. Plus, you can save your favorite themes to your account or even create your own (and make them public or private).

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our 20 snazziest themes for you to try out.

Clever Colorful

clever colorful theme

This cheerful theme adds extra sparkle to any form. With a confetti background and bright colors for different form fields, you’re sure to put your users in a good mood. You can use the theme as is, or customize it to your liking by switching around fonts, colors, and more.

Green Lake

Green Lake theme

Have you ever seen anything so serene (except in real life)? Our Green Lake theme is perfect for camping reservations, summer activity signups, environmental newsletters, and more. Outdoorsy folks will love filling out a form that includes this image of a crystal clear mountain lake.

Purple Galaxy

Purple Galaxy Theme

Transport your users to the stars with the Purple Galaxy form theme. A vivid and playful design of the night sky will take your form out of this world and outshine a sea of dull competitors.

Sunset Hair

Sunset Hair Theme

One of our most popular themes, Sunset Hair brings serene golden hour vibes to surveys, registrations, signups, and more. The glint of evening sun will add a good dose of nostalgia to your form — keeping users on the page effortlessly.

Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes Theme

The Christmas Wishes theme is equal parts holly and jolly. With a cute Santa Claus design over a bright red background with snowfall, your users will feel all the Christmas spirit as they fill out your form.

Blue Ocean

blue ocean form theme

Catch a wave with our Blue Ocean form theme! Perfect for any beach vacation registration, fishing trip signup sheet, or contact form for water aficionados, this theme can meet any and all of your form needs.

Ghosts on the Move

Ghosts on the Move Theme

Use this animated, mobile-friendly Halloween theme to get your audience ready to celebrate. If you’re organizing a Halloween party or a spooky movie night, this form theme — with dark, creepy woods and ghosts floating around the screen — will definitely set you apart.

Bright and Cheerful

Bright and Cheerful Theme

Perfect for afterschool programs or summer camps, the Bright and Cheerful theme delivers on its title. With children playing outside against a backdrop showcasing bright blue sky and sunshine, this theme will attract parents and teachers alike.

Rising Green

Rising Green Theme

Rising Green draws attention immediately with a burst of color. This theme centers your form amid beautiful green rays and is sure to get customers excited about buying your product or choosing your services.

Breakup Face

Breakup Face Theme

Everything good must come to an end. Even if your relationship doesn’t last, you can count on this form theme to make light of the situation. Maybe you’re throwing a breakup party or you’re just feeling extra petty — either way, the Breakup Face theme is here for you.

Wedding Quote

Wedding Quote Theme

… but then, sometimes good things do last! Whether you’re a wedding planner or you work for a venue, this Wedding Quote form theme is perfect for you. Nothing says “I do” like a couple dressed to the nines for their nuptials, right?

Cool and Minimal

Cool and Minimal Theme

Sometimes, you just need a sturdy form to get the job done, and our Cool and Minimal theme was designed for just that. Complete with a soothing, steely seafoam background color and simple white font, this theme elevates the basic form and works great for registrations, payments, surveys, and more.


Supernova Theme

If you’re looking to give your form an abstract flair, Supernova may be just what you need. A wave cutout on the left hand side of the form reveals stunning natural scenery to keep your audience engaged. This theme is ideal for retreat signups, travel forms, and more.

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday Theme

This theme gives your audience something to “taco bout.” If you’re taking food orders or throwing a celebratory shindig for National Taco Day, use our Taco Tuesday form to get people’s mouths watering ahead of time.

Christmas Tree Lights

christmas tree lights

Get your audience ready to lean into the Christmas spirit. Featuring a classic Christmas tree with white lights as a background, our Christmas Tree theme is perfect for any forms you’re sending out around the holidays.

Green Nature

Green Nature Theme

Who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air when they’re stuck inside at the computer? Green Nature lets your users climb to the treetops while they’re filling out your form. It works great for camping trip RSVPs, sustainability initiative surveys, or any other form that could use a touch of Mother Earth.

Vintage Paper

Vintage Paper Theme

This dreamy vintage paper background — complete with faded blues and distressed red roses — has a gorgeous and complementary style. The Vintage Paper theme will give your form a lovely old-school feel, whether you’re selling handmade products or collecting RSVPs for an estate sale.


Quinceañera Theme

A girl only turns 15 once! The Quinceañera theme is meant to get your guests excited before the big day. Use this theme for RSVPs, order forms, gift registrations, and all other forms related to the special celebration.

Coffee Mate

Coffee Mate Theme

What’s one of the great unifying goods in this world? Coffee. Our Coffee Mate theme showcases brown coffee beans and a fresh cup of joe that users can practically smell through the screen. If you roast your own beans or own a local cafe, this is an ideal theme for you.

Gradient Glass

Gradient Glass Theme

Gradient Glass is a splendid all-purpose theme that exudes a calming aura. Great for payment forms, surveys, donations, and more, you can count on this theme to give your form a unique feel.

A collection of spectacular form themes right at your fingertips

Boosting your form response rate comes down to more than just asking the right questions. In an increasingly visual digital atmosphere, your form’s design will directly affect how long people stick around — and if they bother submitting a response at all.

The right form themes can help you build your brand and engage your audience at the same time. Jotform’s Form Themes Store gives you hundreds of unique themes to choose from, as well as the ability to customize your own aesthetic. Don’t wait — get started with form themes today!

Tryn Brown is a copywriter at Jotform. A California native, she has worked as a writer and editor in multiple industries in the Bay Area — including nonprofits, publishing, and tech. In her free time, she enjoys writing creatively for literary publications, running, and eating spicy Thai food. You can reach Tryn through her contact form.

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