How to create personalized learning plans for students with undiagnosed disabilities

Every child deserves an educational experience that fits their learning abilities. That’s why it is so crucial that parents, teachers, and administrators recognize and diagnose any roadblocks students may have to learning.

But sometimes students slip through the cracks, and their disabilities aren’t properly diagnosed. Without an official diagnosis, those children are not eligible for individualized education plans. Lacking IEPs, these students are at a disadvantage in regular learning classrooms because their needs aren’t being met.

This is where teachers can help. Once they get to know their students, teachers can create personalized learning plans (PLPs) to help those with undiagnosed disabilities succeed in a regular learning environment.

The problem is that most teachers don’t have a lot of extra time in the day to dedicate to creating and managing multiple PLPs. Educational consultant Matthew Lynch, Ed.D., says finding the time to develop unique instructional approaches can seem like an insurmountable challenge to teachers. But it doesn’t have to be.

Creating and managing personalized learning plans can be done without too much added stress when you follow a process and utilize the right tools.

Using digital tools to manage personalized learning plans

Creating and managing PLPs can seem daunting. However, digital tools can help you to personalize learning for your students who may have undiagnosed disabilities.

In fact, a number of personalized learning platforms are designed specifically to help teachers and students create personalized learning plans. With these, you can create PLPs and track progress all in one place. Some of the most commonly used include

What’s more, digital lesson plans are a great way to create multiple versions of lesson plans that can be easily manipulated to accommodate individual student learning needs. They are also easy to share with other teachers who could benefit from knowing about a student’s challenges and capabilities.

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This article is originally published on Apr 26, 2019, and updated on Sep 10, 2019.
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