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Contractor Invoice Form

Managing the labor, materials, and equipment are part of the duties of being a contractor. Use this Contractor Invoice Form Template to generate invoices in a PDF format. This will definitely enhance your workflow because you don't have to create a form from scratch. This Contractor Invoice Form Template contains fields that are asking for the client information, invoice details, and payment information. It also uses conditions that calculates the quantity or number of hours to the unit price or rate per hour of each service or materials in the matrix table. This form template is using the Unique ID widget to automatically generate the invoice number. Using the Form Calculation widget, the value of the Subtotal and Tax field is added automatically to get the Total Amount.

Payment Forms

Independent Contractor Request Form

Collect work requests from clients online. Great for construction workers, plumbers, landscapers, and more. Easy to customize and embed in your website.

Request Forms

Contractor Lien Waiver Form

A contractor lien waiver form is used by contractors, construction companies, and property managers to be released from lien rights from a property owner.

Consent Forms

Subcontractor Work Order Form

Receive work orders from contractors online. Easy-to-customize online form. Fill out and manage responses on any device. Embed in your website in seconds.

Work Request Forms

Sales Agreement

A sales agreement is a written contract between a seller and buyer that lists all promises between them. Whether you’re buying a car, making a large purchase, or hiring a new employee, use our Sales Agreement Template.

Legal Forms

Contractor Application Form

A contractor application form is a document used by a homeowner to request a quote from a potential contractor to work on a home project.

Employment Forms

Handyman Release Form

A handyman release form is a legal document that exempts a handyman from liability for injuries that occur while performing a task, even if it is not related to the original request. Build your handyman business today!

Consent Forms

Subcontractor Warranty Form

A Subcontractor Warranty Form is an insurance form that is filled out by a subcontractor and provides a warranty on the work that is being done by the contractor.

Report Forms

Contractor Work And Time Record Form

A contractor work and time record form is filled out by construction and city workers and given to their employer in order to record the progress and time they have spent on a project.

Tracking Forms

Contractor Expense Claim Form

A contractor expense claim form is used by construction companies to report information about contractor expenses that have been incurred.

Information Request Forms

Operational Readiness Assessment Template

An operational readiness assessment is a measure of an organization’s effectiveness and preparedness to carry out specific activities.

Checklist Forms

Unconditional Waiver & Release On Progress Payment

An unconditional waiver and release on progress payment form is used in construction work to protect a contractor’s interest in advance payment. Protect you and your employees or agents if someone is injured on the job site!

Consent Forms

About Contractor Forms

Whether you’re an independent contractor or are contracted to work for an agency, gather information for your contractor business with easy-to-customize Contractor Forms. Generate invoices for your clients, gather applications, receive work orders or requests, and get e-signatures instantly. Once you’ve gathered responses through your forms, you can manage it efficiently in a spreadsheet, calendar, or easy-to-read cards with Jotform Tables. No messy paperwork needed — gather data in the field with ease using powerful online Contractor Forms that work great on any device.