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How to Add Coupon Code to Payment Forms

How to Add Coupon Code to Payment Forms

JotForm Payment forms are now capable of using COUPON CODES as another payment option. This guide will show you how to add the Coupon Code in addition to the other options that are already available in the Payment Form described on this guide on How to Add Options to Payment Forms.

Start by adding your selected payment gateway from the Payment Fields.

1. Assuming that your products were already configured, click the PAYMENT FIELD to highlight it then click the WAND icon.

2. Go to the COUPONS tab and click the CREATE COUPON button.

3. In the coupon wizard, add the coupon details such as the COUPON CODE, COUPON LIMIT, DISCOUNT TYPE, DISCOUNT RATE, and so on.

Below is a short description of each:

A. COUPON CODE: The code or name of the coupon.

B. COUPON LIMIT: Set to none by default. You can set the limit BY EXPIRATION DATE or BY NUMBER OF USES. If you will set an expiration date, the coupon will be automatically expired after the selected date. For the number of uses, the coupon will be automatically void as soon as the limit is reached.

C. DISCOUNT TYPE: There are two discount types available:

🔘 PERCENTAGE - Discount based on a percentage of the amount.

🔘 FIXED AMOUNT  - Discount is based on a fixed amount.

D. DISCOUNT RATE: The percent or amount of discount to apply. This is either in percent value or amount value, depending on the DISCOUNT TYPE selected.

E. APPLY DISCOUNT TO: Decide where you want to apply the discount.

🔘 PRODUCT - Apply the discount to all or selected products only.

🔘 SHIPPING - Apply the discount to the shipping rate instead of the total.

🔘 TOTAL - Apply the discount to the total amount for payment.

F.1. DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS: If APPLY DISCOUNT TO is set to PRODUCT then you will be presented with options to select which products will be discounted.

F.2. MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT FOR DISCOUNT: If APPLY DISCOUNT TO is set to SHIPPING or TOTAL then you will be presented with an option to enter the minimum order amount for a discount.

G. EDIT GLOBAL COUPON TEXT: This is optional if you wanted to change the texts used for warnings and description.

4. Scroll down, and don't forget to click the SAVE button.

5. Close the wizard once you're done. If you need to add more coupons, simply click the CREATE COUPON button again.

Do you want to see an example? Here's a demo form

In addition, to delete or duplicate a coupon code, re-open the payment wizard and go back to the COUPONS tab again.

🔘 Hover your mouse over an existing coupon.

🔘 Click the GEAR icon.

🔘 Then choose DELETE or DUPLICATE accordingly.

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  • guttermanservices

    Is there a way to show the actual discount as a line item before the final price is shown?

  • lovingnaturecoffee

    After applying coupon, there's decimal places even though I turn off decimal in the setting. Is it possible to round off the total amount with no decimal places? Thanks!

  • The_Landing

    Can you use conditional logic (enable/require/show fields etc.) based on if certain coupon codes are used?

  • Bic_Hauser

    I don't see Coupon option utilizing Stripe ... How can I add?

  • Katharine_Dudley

    I've added a coupon code to get my product completely free. Is there anyway that my customers don't have to then put their contact details in?

  • Valerie Whitney

    I have a product form with 153 plant listings. I am using PayPal for payment. I want to enable two different discounts which are 10% off total products selected or 15% off total products selected. I read online how to use conditions to set this up. Because of using PayPal I understand I can’t simply use the coupon button set up process. My calculations for discount show as accurate in the calculation and my products boxes when the code value I created is entered into the short text box I created, however when I click outside of the short text box into which I have entered my numeric coupon value (1941), the amounts under the calculation and my products boxes change again to an incorrect amount. Please advise.

  • altaguardia

    Can we use coupons with the card form design?
    And plus of this, can we use coupons with calculated pricings?
    Our use case is a pricing calc from checkin and checkout dates

  • altaguardia

    Can we use coupons with the card form design?

  • blackapplica

    After creating a coupon code for a subscription fee, how am I able to make that the adjusted price for the future months (for the same person who signed up at the discounted rate)?


    how to show the total discounted price after using the coupon? because after applying the coupon the amount shown is only the discount price not the total discounted price

  • oaservicework

    When I enter a valid coupon code, and click "submit", the icon turns into a spinning circle, and does not validate the code.

  • USTANorthern

    I need to have the coupon set to only be good on 1 product item. I have the coupon for a ticket item but if they want to purchase more then one ticket, the rest needs to be paid for. Example: Each staff gets one free ticket but if they want to buy more, they have to pay.

    How do I set that up?

  • cadtrucking

    How can add coupons code to square payment method??

  • Talia

    Hello friends, I too had confusion before how to add a coupon code to payment forms. But my colleague suggested me the Dealhack coupon site, which drives us to discount page of the official e-commerce website. Thanks to Dealhack for such a lovely user-friendly website.

  • marina volod

    How can I connect coupon to Pay pall?

  • olamarie

    I already have an order form connected with PayPal through Go Centeral on my website with GoDaddy. Can I add this coupon to that?

  • Ogunsola Sunday

    Please how to get coupo code for the online payment

  • mickallyn

    It keeps saying my coupon codes are invalid. WHY? I'm in the free version, would this be why?

  • cheerstars

    Is there a way to add a coupon using the widget?? It doesn't have the coupon tab when I open the wizard.

  • ubus

    As many others before me, I'd like a way to set up coupons codes that is not manual, one-by-one. Ideally these would be imported from a CSV file containing the code, number of uses, expiry date, applicable product and discount. In a reply from 2013 you suggested that this could be accomplished using "Conditions". However, it appears that "Conditions" no longer exist as a form element. Can you please provide a way to do this?

  • Luca

    I'd like to set up a referral campaign with Viral Loops.

    This referral campaign will create coupon codes automatically. I can grab the coupon codes, but then need to insert them into JotForm. Is there a way to do this via an API?

  • krishaus

    Is there a way to enter a range of coupon codes without entering each one separately? Our customers will be purchasing a voucher from groupon and then coming to our site to register with their unique voucher code. I was going to set up the code as a coupon but trying to figure out how to not list 1200 codes. Any help would be appreciated.

  • austincurtis

    I wish I could create coupons on a form that is not selling products. I have a "name your own price" type form that calculates the price based on answers to the form. I wish I could create a coupon for this form...

    I am currently trying to create a coupon type effect using the conditions function. If "coupon code" = "specialdeal19", then subtract $50 from the total... that sort of thing.

    It's not working. any help would be appreciated!

  • angelicvic

    how can I be paid
    at coupon people

  • MeloBakesNZ

    I offer a range of baked goods in $3 bags. I want to offer 2 bags for $5, but if I discount 16.67%, it also discounts any extra bags as well. So if someone buys 3, it shows the price as $7.50, whereas I dont want to offer that extra 50c off the 3rd bag. Is there a way to do this?

  • ThermomixBenelux

    Is there a way to edit several coupon codes at once? I need to change the type and the amount. Is this possible?

  • beyondfortunetelling

    the number of uses is per user or in general? Like, i don't want a user to use the same coupon 50 times so should I choose 1 use? Or is it like, 50 coupons to be used once per user? Thanks!

  • ichef

    I would like to remove the 'enter coupon/apply' field from the Stripe payment form, whilst using Plans from my stripe account. Is this possible?

  • johannawise

    I would like my coupons to NOT be case specific, that is, I don't care if the user enters the coupon all caps, all lowercase, or first letter cap. How do I ensure that case doesn't matter?

  • Kennnetta Wells

    I to work and get paid

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    How do I add a coupon for a payment setting of User Defined amount?

    Also, how do I integrate a automatic late fee after a certain date?

  • drazek

    echo that .. no coupon tab in new forms

    is there a workaround, ETA or resolution?

  • EricMac

    My payment wizard looks completely different and there is no coupon tab. Is this something different in 4.0? Were the coupons moved elsewhere?

  • UFHealthOOD

    I would like to add a minimum purchase amount a customer has to make before they are able to use the coupon code. I would like the total before tax to have to be $30 before they can use the coupon.

  • Abhilash12

    I am not able to see these tabs products, coupons, shippings, Tax etc.

  • Grahammilton1985

    How do I add coupons for products using Stripe payment?

  • Dany

    Great post about how to add coupon code in the payment form. Indeed, it's helps me out. I have learned how to add coupon code in the payment form. Thanks for your great sharing.

  • calvin_c7

    How can I see easily how many purchased have used each coupon code?

  • focustrain

    Can not add, delete or create coupons under my subscription form plus one of my coupons is missing not working. What happen to the coupon window on subscription option. It was not added to new dialogs and I can not get back to the old dialogs to fix problem.

  • sunnyneor

    I am also looking for answer for this question. please inform me if any one should know about how to add coupon code in the payment form.

  • roliveri

    I'm unable to apply my coupon to the "Order Total". The only options I get are "Products" and "Shipping".

    Please HELP!

  • blueforms

    btw.. I have entered multiple coupons, I need the user to enter at least one for the form to be submitted.

  • blueforms

    Is there anyway to make the coupon itself required? It shouldn't let you submit the form unless the coupon field has been filed out and validated as valid. Please let me know.

  • Bronzegemini

    I am offering a $5.00 off shipping coupon, which reflects on the form but once we go to PayPal, PayPal doesn't honor the shipping discount.

  • crazy

    Wow it is great coupon code plugin. and you explain the process how to use this one thanks. you can find more coupons :online coupon codes.

  • WagtheDog

    I have a coupon code that allows for clients to get a free product, but it still asks for credit card info even when the payment balance is $0. What can I do to adjust this? I could make the field not required, but then that would allow those without the coupon to purchase/register without paying which is not what I want.

  • adventuresineng

    We very much need to build logic into the coupon/discounting portion of the paypal payment widget. We would like to offer an option where if total exceeds x.xx or number of items selected exceeds x then a discount is applied. Can you help us?

  • andy_h

    I have a paypal subscription that I need to offer a coupon code for.

    Adding a coupon code does not appear to be an option for a subscription product please help!!!

  • zifboxbiz

    Is there a way to make the quantity option a simple 'fillout' field (like the sample of the drop-down menu?

  • jackgtm

    how can I add coupon code to the form with single product, multiple option and users have to select one option i.e. the paypal payment form with radio buttons on it?