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How to Find the IP Addresses of Form Respondents

How to Find the IP Addresses of Form Respondents

There are various options on how to obtain the user's IP Address from your submission data. If you need this information, you can have it by following the steps below:

A. See the IP Address from Your Form Submissions Page

1. Login to your account and go to the MY FORMS page. Click the form then click the SUBMISSIONS button.

2. On the Submissions Page, click the GEAR icon then tick the IP checkbox to display the user's IP address on the submission data.

You'll be able to see the IP Address section from the window. You can also see the same information from the grid listing below.

B. See the IP Address into the Notification Email Message You Receive

1. When setting up Email Notifications, add the IP ADDRESS tag in the email content.

2. You will receive the information as shown below:

C. See the IP Address into the Reports (Grid, HTML Table, CSV or Excel)

1. Let's say you will create an HTML Table Listing Report - On the Add New Report wizard, make sure to check the IP Address checkbox.

2. You will see the IP Address column from the generated report as shown below:

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    Can this be fixed please? Thank you.

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