Input Table’s Multi Type Columns

March 24, 2022

The input table field has a new input type called Multi Type Columns. You will now be able to set different types for each column, such as Single Choice, Checkbox, Textbox, and Dropdown. Here’s a quick look at that new Input Type:

Like the other input types, you can do the following with the Multi Type Columns.

Change the Row and Column Labels

You can change the row and column labels inline. Instead of going through the field’s settings, you can type the labels directly in the input table field itself.

Add New Row and Column

You can add a new row by clicking the +add row at the bottom of the input table and add a new column by clicking the +add column on the right side.

Delete Row and Column

You can delete a row by clicking the X icon next to its label, and you can delete a column by clicking the down arrow icon next to the column label and clicking the Delete Column option.

Edit Dropdown Options

You can set options for dropdown type by clicking on the down arrow icon next to its label. Enter your dropdown options and click on the Save Changes link.

Change Column Type

Change the types of each column to Single Choice, Checkbox, Textbox, and Dropdown by clicking on the down arrow icon that exists for each column.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback? Please post it in the comment box below. You can also reach us for any of these by creating a support ticket.

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