How to Set Different Input Types in an Input Table

March 26, 2024

Jotform’s Input Table element has an input type called Multi-type Columns. This allows you to set different input types for each column, such as Single Choice, Checkbox, Textbox, and Dropdown.

Input Table with various input types.

To set up Multi-type columns:

  1. Click your Input Table’s gear icon to open its properties panel.
  2. Go to the Fields tab.
  3. Select Multi-type Columns from the Input Type options.

Like the other input types, you can add, edit, and delete rows and columns — and much more with Multi-type columns.

Changing Row and Column Labels

Instead of going through the properties panel, you can directly change the Input Table’s row and column labels.

Adding New Rows and Columns

To add a new row or column to the Input Table, click +add row at the bottom or +add column on the right side.

How to Set Different Input Types in an Input Table Image-1

Deleting Rows and Columns

Clicking the X icon next to a row label deletes that row. To delete a column, click the angle-down icon next to the column label then select Delete Column from the menu.


You can set options for a dropdown type column by clicking the angle-down icon next to its label. Enter your desired options in the text field and click Save Changes.

Changing Column Types

Change a column type (i.e., Single Choice, Checkbox, Textbox, or Dropdown) by clicking on the angle-down icon and selecting an option from the menu.

How to Set Different Input Types in an Input Table Image-2
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