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How to Make a Poll using JotForm

How to Make a Poll using JotForm

When creating polling forms, it is nice for users to be able to see the overall results after they have completed their submissions.  There a few different ways this can be displayed, all of which consist of showing a char in the thank you page. 

First, you will need to create your form.  I will use our Holiday Plans polling form as a demo.

Once you have created your form, you will need to create a Poll URL using this app Here's a step by step guide:

Creating a Poll URL for your Thank You Page

1. In the JotPoll app, select the form and the field question you want to create a poll.

2. Customize the chart according to your preference then generate the Poll URL.

3. Set the copied Poll URL as your thank you page.

That's it! Once you submit your form, you'll see the Poll result.

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  • bigbird122755

    results page on an iphone is not legible

  • bigbird122755

    this is great stuff.

    However I am looking to create a poll with multiple polling questions. Can this be done through Jot form?

  • bridget_bridget440

    I cant' get this app to work, suggestions?

  • CarrieJSix

    Do I have to add the results to the Thank You page? I would like to keep the results private. Do I need to place the URL somewhere else if I do?

  • Happy1212

    how can pie chart could come on thank you page,

  • syedtutul

    Thanks brother. I send your answer to my developer.