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Provide a Detailed Summary to Your Respondents Using Form Fields

Provide a Detailed Summary to Your Respondents Using Form Fields

Form respondents like it when they receive a confirmation of what they just filled out. Especially with order forms, it's always a good practice to provide a review/summary of what they just ordered, either before or after form submission. JotForm offers a variety of ways to achieve this:

🔘 Use a TEXT FIELD to reiterate their order right on the form. Or, use the PREVIEW BEFORE SUBMIT widget so they can review their selections before submitting.

🔘 Use the THANK YOU PAGE to provide a detailed summary after submitting the form.

🔘 Use confirmation emails (commonly referred to as AUTORESPONDERS) to send an email right after.

This guide will focus on how you can add the FORM FIELDS you wanted to display on the sections listed above. Form fields added to the text field, thank you page and email templates are always enclosed within curly braces {form_field}.

A. How to Insert Form Fields to Text Fields 🔗

This was explained in great detail on this guide: Pass an Input Field to a Text Field. But, to sum it up:

1. Add a TEXT FIELD to your form.

2. Click the EDIT TEXT icon.

3. Position your text cursor to the section where you want the field to be inserted.

4. Then click FORM FIELDS and select the field you wanted to add.

B. How to Insert Form Fields to the Thank You Page 🔗

A quick look at this guide will give you an overview on how to setup a THANK YOU PAGE: Setting Up the Thank You Page. To insert FORM FIELDS within the body of your THANK YOU PAGE, do the following:

1. Navigate to the SETTINGS menu at the top.

2. Click THANK YOU PAGE on the left.


4. Click the FORM FIELDS menu and select the input fields you wanted to insert.

C. How to Insert Form Fields to Email Templates 🔗

You'll most likely do these with your AUTORESPONDERS but you may need to manually add FORM FIELDS to your NOTIFICATIONS too. This guide shows all the things you need to edit your email templates: How to Edit the Email Template for Notifications and Autoresponders. The approach will be similar to how you insert FORM FIELDS to the THANK YOU PAGE.

1. Navigate to the SETTINGS menu at the top.

2. Click EMAILS on the left.

3. Place your mouse over the email you want to edit then click the PENCIL icon.

4. Click the FORM FIELDS menu and select the input fields you wanted to insert.

Once you're done, SAVE your changes and that should do it.

NOTE: The FORM FIELDS ▼ menu will only display fields that were added to your form and it will only display INPUT FIELDS. Input fields are the ones your users fill out so the Header, Image, Text fields or any other non-input fields won't show up here.

So, if you need to add these non-input fields as a part of your email template, you have to manually copy/paste them within the EMAIL CONTENT body.

Do you have other ways of utilizing this feature? Share them in the comments section below.

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    Could JotForm have a fields in Thank you page that could show how many people have submitted my form?

  • membership.dsv

    I assume that JotForm adds fields to the respondent email when they are added to the form. This email had been edited by adding rows of plain text, but newly added fields interfere with the order of the rows around these. I swapped out the plain text for long text to avoid this.
    How do I get the email back to the default content prior to edits in future?

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    If my form is a client agreement how can my client receive an immediate copy of it in an auto response email?

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