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How to Set a Field as Required or Non-Required

How to Set a Field as Required or Non-Required

When you add a field to your form, the field is not considered as required (mandatory) by default. If the field must be filled each time the form is submitted, make sure to set that field as required.

To set a field as required, click on a field to select it, click on a Gear properties icon, then click on a Required control.

The same way the required status can be turned off.

Required ON = Field is mandatory and must be filled by the form user.
Required OFF = Field can be skipped by the form user.

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  • jrodriguezledesma

    signature has been set to required and its not working.

  • nick

    Created a form under free version. i have put multi question under non Require, what happened is once submit, it respond uncomplete and ask me to fill all around again. Alsl i had a change Email address in receiptants. but i didnt received any form submitted to the changed email. please reply me to fixx my error

  • imcreationco

    Esto no responde a mi pregunta ... Quizas no me supe explicar ...

    Cuando un campo esta (No requerido) y la persona que rellena el formulario obvia responder JOT FORM solo me envia información de los campos que la persona respondio. Pero los que no respondio no me son reportados (notificados).

    Hay alguna manera que el formulario me llegue con todos los campos respondidos y no respondidos tambien.


  • ForeverhomePetRescue

    I'm trying to figure out of I can do this. Here is an actual example of what I want to do:

    Drop-down menu with the "MAIN" question:
    Do you currently own any pets? (REQUIRED)

    If they answer yes^ on the drop down "MAIN" question, then several further questions below it (some text, some checkbox lists, some drop-downs) fields would also be REQUIRED.

    If they answer no^ on the drop down "MAIN" question, then the questions below it would NOT be required.

    In other words, one answer dictates whether other answers are required.

    Can that be done without being a rocket scientist? :)

  • yoban8011

    Yo llene el formulario le di enviar pero no fue exitoso .que debo hacer

  • JeannetteC

    It worked, thank you

  • JeannetteC

    Thank you - will try!

  • Kathy KONWIAK

    The above suggestion didn't work because I could not access thr Required/Not required button from "Properties". I finally tried going back to the editing copy, looked clicked on the gear icon with the submit button, and printed it from there.

  • Kathy KONWIAK

    Unfortunately, when I followed your directions, my choices in the Paragraph Properties, (as an example) General, pop up did not include a choice to make a field Required or Not required. I will continue to look for a solution.

  • rfkmanhattan

    I have used my form for several years, but for some reason this year, several of my "required" fields don't display when someone is filling it out, then they get an error message saying this field is required. I tried unrequiring the troubled field, only to have a different field do the same thing. The only way I could get around this was to unrequire all fields. Any helpful suggestions would be great. And yes, I know how to make it required or not required.

  • InfiniteCAL

    If someone begins filling out a row on a form, is it possible to make certain columns in that row required? My form has 18 rows, but only 1 is required to be filled out, and of that row 3 columns MUST be filled out. Can I do this?

  • Angiesantucci

    Thanks for the response. The field is set as required, that does not however force each item to be checked in a drop down menu selection. I realize I was not clear on that. We also need to remove the maps that appear on the printout which are creating about 2 extra pages. Thanks for the help.


  • ijsmale

    got it thanks,


    Alright. Helpful.