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Accessing your assigned forms

Accessing your assigned forms

You can easily access forms that have been assigned to you. Log into your JotForm account in either the mobile app or the JotForm website. 

On the JotForm website: 

1. Log into your JotForm account, and go to your My Forms page. 

2. Click on Assigned Forms under Connected with You on the left side of the page.

Now you should see all of your assigned forms. You can fill them out here.

On the JotForm Mobile Forms app:

1. After logging into your JotForm account, you'll see your assigned forms.

2. Tap on the form that you want to fill out, and then tap Fill Out Form.

We hope this guide is helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in our forum!

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  • Marcus


    If I assigned a form to a colleagues and he fills out a form, this form will count on my “limited number of submission “ or on his?

  • ourlegacyproject1

    my assignees are not seeing the form show in their mobile app

  • Wettainen

    I'm getting error code 403.

    Error: disallowed-useragent

    how do I correct this?