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How to Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions?

How to Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions?

If you need an ID like "ISBN-0015" on your records, now you can accomplish this with our "Unique ID" field. It's located under Widgets section in the toolbox to the left. Just drag & drop this tool to wherever you want on your form. It will not be displayed to your customers but will show up on your reports and submissions page.

JotForm automatically increases this number by an increment for every submission received, so you won't have to do anything.

To add a Unique ID , click on Form Elements button, click on the Widgets tab, and then type "Unique ID" or part of it, then click on it or drag and drop it to your form. Screenshot below:

You can also customize this number. Normally, it will work its way up from the default value, but if you need to customize this id,  we have added three properties for this tool to make it easier for you. When you select this field you'll see these properties on the toolbar.

Current Index:

Current index displays the current value of your ID. You can use this feature to set a starting point for your IDs For instance, if you were to write 1000 here, Jotform would start counting from 1000. One important thing to remember about this property happens when you start to collect submissions. If you set this property to a lower number than the original current index, Jotform will continue increasing the new value regardless of previous entries so you may end up with same IDs on different submissions.


Prefix can be very useful to categorize your IDs. You can add any string in front of your IDs, hence it will make it easier to search for specific IDs. For example, "UID-15" is a lot easier to find than plain "15". You don't need to use an hypen on your prefixes but it's better for readability. For instance:  "UID-15"  >  "UID15" 

Number Padding:

This feature will fix your IDs to the same length by putting "0"s before the ID value. For example, lets assume that you are expecting 1,000,000 submissions for your form and you are using the "CID-" prefix for your IDs. If you don't use number padding, you'll end up with IDs like these:





By using number padding, you can prevent this. 1,000,000 is 7 digits long number, so if you select "7" in the number padding field, JotForm will convert your IDs to these:







You'll always have the same ID lengths, hence it will be easier to organize your submissions.

A useful application of Unique ID is explained on this guide:

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    Hello - is there a way to change the unique ID based on an answer to a form questions? For instance if some one chooses 6th grade I would like the number to start with a 6, etc.

  • vaastav

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  • mavee89

    is there a way to put the unique id number added to the spreadsheet attached to the form.

  • WinnersRedemptionCenter

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  • cbcadvisors

    Is there a way to only have the Unique ID increment if a certain criteria is met instead of always incrementing on every submission? Thanks!

  • RefillMyBottle

    Is there a way to install this plugin and attribute an ID even to the ancient submission or does it only starts with the submissions after the plugin is installed?

  • TIC_Municipal

    Alguien sabe porque no me aparece visible el campo de Unique ID en mi formulario.? lo agrego y veo que todo esta bien.. pero no lo logro hacer visible al momento de nuevos envios.

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  • Mark Harmon


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  • tinyfootprints

    Might it be possible for this number to show in the "Thank you" message pop-up after a form is submitted? This could be useful for clients, so that they can refer back to their form number when submitting further inquiries.

  • ElisaSan

    What is the html code that I should use (in the source code) in order to make the unique ID show up on the form? I have been able to make it show up, but then it was not unique, it was the same number every time, while the numbers that I received by email were increasing.

    I want the customer to see the unique ID and then use it as an order number in the communication with me.
    So, they need to see the unique ID and I need to receive it in my email so I can connect the details that were filled out in the form with the customer that is contacting me (or depositing me money in my account)


    Please give the solution to my question. I would be greatly appreciate if you reply asap.

    Thank you

  • mwlim

    can we add in the date to the unique ID? For example.

    Unique ID - DATE - {User input capture from a text box in the form}

  • Waddys1

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  • hvi

    Is there a way to change the prefix based on a required field answer? For example, our Product Category field has nine possible answers and we would like to use a 2-digit prefix based on which Product Category is selected.
    Or would it be easier to assign the 2-digit code to a new field based on the Category selection and append the Unique ID, thus creating a third field?

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  • NejcF

    I cannod add any Unique IDs to my forms. Power Tool were renamed into Quick tools.


    On old form i can still manage Unique ID but a can not add it.

    Please send me anwser ASAP

  • cairorunners

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  • cooplenew

    Só pode acrescentar 1 deses IDs, gostaria muito que você desenvolvese um comparador de numeros e letrar com traços como se fosse uma chave serial de tivação do tipo:

    EDR-GDT-OPI-FGR (em letras)
    123-4322-546-768 (em números)
    RT4-TE3-GH6-43J-43K (em letras e números)

    por favor crie um com esses aspectos

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    Hi, I wanna see the unique ID when I'm filling my form, after I use the source code I cant modify directly in the same field, I copied all the code in notepad and modified, but now how can I put in my JoitForm to see the unique ID. In another hand, can I use the Unique ID to search the form and add informtion?

  • motonation

    Is there any way that a Unique ID could have an option to not be hidden during the form submission? I can always look it up when I'm done, but this would save me time in some cases when I'm using a form for internal use within my company only.

  • nlazarre

    when I try to add a unique ID I get this message You cannot add more than one Unique ID. Please delete the existing one first. but I cannot find the existing field and it is not showing up as an option in grid reports

  • Antonio

    I am using the last 4 digits of the provided phone field as the Unique ID. So far, the user needs to imput the last 4 digits in a separate field. Would it be possible to have an hidden field with a code to collect the last 4 digits of the provided phone number? Thanks in advance.

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  • speairs

    is it possible to have multiples of one ID. Example: if the Primary registree has a guest or many guests (family members) whoes info I need to tie together.
    I would think i might look like this: 10000-1, 10000-2, 10000-3
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  • concepts360im

    Hi, I have a question, I placed a unique ID on my form and I understand that it is sequential. However, when I checked the submissions, I found out that the Unique ID skipped No. 7, so now I have 1-6, then 8. How do I go about this? Thanks!

  • GMScott

    Hey Wayne,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Nice homework in researching my e-mail domain, unfortunately I am creating these forms for a different domain and am not sure that your solution will work and I'm still trying to figure out the workflow.

    I think I can describe hopefully a more "doable" situation for what I need and would love your guidance and help.

    1. Restaurant selects their Restaurant Name and/or Review Event Date from a drop down and then enters their e-mail to receive the password for the Response Form. (I guess a separate Submit form needs to be created)

    2. An e-mail is then sent to them from the Submit form with info on how to open the Restaurant Response form.

    3. On my website I would like them to enter the password received AND/or the Unique ID which would then bring up BOTH the completed Review Form and the Restaurant Response Form. (ultimate wish is to present both the completed Review Form & Restaurant Response Form side-by-side) This would allow them to respond to what was actually reviewed without having to flip back & forth between either two web pages or their e-mail & the Response Form.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, along with simple (very simple please) step-by-step instructions!

    THX Again!

  • GMScott

    Question concerning the Unique ID?

    1. I have created a review form with a Unique ID.
    2. I have created a Response form for the "Reviewee" to respond to the inital review.
    3. I would like to "link" or somehow attach the Response Form to the initial Review so that the Responder can see what they are responding to while completing their Response form. Hopefully you can follow that!

    Please be gentle, I did search the forum for a similar question/answer but did not find one or did NOT understand if I did find it!

    Thx for your help!

  • cl58tools

    Great feature! Could you possibly add a feature to allow each ID to be randomly generated (of a length determined by the user) instead of always being consecutive numbers increasing by one?

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    For example:
    -Allow me to start with a letter or number
    -Able to pick how many letters then how many numbers then how many letters then how many ....
    -Ability to limit ID's entire length (e.g. 6 characters max)
    -Ability to be unique to just that form or to all of my JotForm forms for each user account or unique to ALL users' accounts

    I'd REALLY appreciate it. Thanks. :)

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