How to Prepopulate Lightbox and Feedback Forms Using Parameters

November 4, 2022

Like all embedded Jotform forms, you can prepopulate a Lightbox or Feedback form’s fields by adding the query parameters to the parent window’s URL.

For example:[first]=Jane&name[last]=Doe&,Health,Sports

You can also prepopulate the fields by inserting iframeParameters inside JotformFeedback. For example, the iframeParameters section in the Lightbox embed code below prepopulates the Name, Email, and Interests fields on this form:

<script src ="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    var JFL_223072173120441 = new JotformFeedback({
        iframeParameters: {
            name: {
        formId: '223072173120441',
        base: '',
        windowTitle: 'Signup Form',
        background: '#FFA500',
        fontColor: '#FFFFFF',
        type: '0',
        height: 500,
        width: 700,
        openOnLoad: true

The parameters are in key-value pairs where “key” is the field’s unique name and “value” is what to prepopulate the field with.

See also: Prepopulating Fields to Your Jotform via URL Parameters

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