How to create a CRM with Jotform Tables

How to create a CRM with Jotform Tables

It’s no secret that attracting new leads and nurturing them over time can turn curious visitors into some of your biggest supporters.

But trying to stay on top of all the interactions that your team has with leads, prospects, clients, customers, or supporters can be excruciating and time-consuming without the help of a full-featured customer relationship management tool.

Jotform can help you create a robust lead generation tool and customer relationship management (CRM) database without breaking the bank. In fact, many of Jotform’s products, features, and integrations with third-party software tools are available for free to all users, including those with free Starter plans.

Jotform’s lead generation forms and contact forms can help you collect vital contact information. And since our form templates are customizable, you can give your form a professional touch with a logo, background image, or color scheme that’s in line with your organization’s brand identity.

Jotform Tables enables you to organize, analyze, and manage all of the data you collect through your form in a single place by automatically compiling submitted responses in a fully customizable, spreadsheet-like workspace. Since every online form is linked to a Jotform Tables workspace, any data within the workspace will be updated automatically as soon as someone fills out your form.

Jotform Form Builder My Forms Page Clicking on Submissions
Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables

Jotform Tables also allows you to add new columns within a workspace so your team can add notes, manage projects, assign tasks, carry out complex calculations, and track everyone’s progress without altering any of the submitted form information that’s stored in JotForm. You can even fill in the new column with existing data from another table or any submitted responses from a separate online form.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Clicking on Add
Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Add a New Column Window

Though submitted form responses are automatically displayed as rows within a table, you can easily change the layout of your workspace and display data in a calendar or as cards. You can even select a layout that gives you a better view of the files uploaded to your forms, such as documents or photos.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Changing the Layout of the Workspace

Juggling multiple projects, managing several different workflows, and segregating data for further analysis can easily get convoluted if there isn’t a clear way to organize everything in a single place. By adding new tabs and controlling how your data should be displayed in each one, Jotform Tables makes it a cinch to keep all of your work organized.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Clicking on Add Tab
Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Create a New Tab Window

Jotform Tables can even leverage your collected data to create a vibrant yet professional report in a matter of minutes. Once you add a new tab and select Report View from the list of display options, you can use data from your lead generation form, another tab within your workspace, or a separate online form altogether to generate a downloadable, shareable, and customizable report.

Generating interest and capturing a lot of inbound leads is hardly bad, but identifying qualified leads can be time-consuming if you don’t have a seamless way to narrow down your search. Jotform Tables can help you get the job done in no time flat so your team can spend more time on meaningful work like coordinating outreach efforts or crafting plans for future email marketing campaigns.

For instance, Jotform’s filter feature can be particularly useful if you want to view only the responses from people who provided specific answers to certain questions in your online form. Jotform Tables also lets you eliminate unnecessary or extraneous information in your workspace. Just hide the column (or columns) within a table that includes answers to specific questions on a form.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Clicking on Filter Button and Using Advanced Filters
Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Clicking on Columns

If you need to narrow down your search even more, Jotform Tables can display online form responses that were submitted within a certain time frame.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Filtering Submissions According to Time

While it may be essential for multiple people on your team to access your CRM workspace in Jotform Tables, the thought of anyone making unwanted and irreversible changes is enough to give you hives. Jotform Tables puts your mind at ease by allowing you to quickly see who made changes to your workspace and walk any of it back without breaking a sweat.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Clicking on Revision History

Once you’ve built a customizable CRM and organized it, Jotform Tables makes it easy to share your workspace with colleagues and retain control over each person’s access to it. 

For example, you could share your private workspace by sharing a dedicated link to it or sending a customizable email that gives immediate access to invited recipients. You can also adjust the sharing options for your CRM workspace to control who can access it, what they can do with it, and how long this access should last. 

If you invited colleagues to view or edit your CRM workspace in a customizable email, you can quickly modify the level of access for specific people at any given time.

Jotform Tables also makes it easy for you to create an online database for colleagues and internal stakeholders by embedding a CRM workspace in an employee portal on your organization’s website.

Real Estate CRM Template in Jotform Tables Share Table Clicking on Embed

There’s no shortage of handy tools you can leverage to create a frictionless data-collection and team collaboration workflow in JotForm. But if you need a little inspiration or simply want to get a head start on the lead generation process, Jotform has a wide range of CRM templates for Jotform Tables that are geared toward certain use cases or specific industries. 

To illustrate how Jotform Tables can help you create a cohesive yet affordable end-to-end solution for your organization, we’ll highlight several templates created by our designers for sales, marketing, and administrative professionals working in different industries. 

Healthcare CRM

As a healthcare provider, keeping detailed records on all of your patients enables you to provide the best care possible, loop them in on updates that may impact their health, monitor their progress over time, track visits, and follow up with them about appointments.  

Securely organizing medical data, using it to provide coordinated care, and communicating regularly with patients enables you to not only build rapport with patients but also improve their health outcomes in the long run.

But finding a customizable, yet professional-looking HIPAA-friendly CRM that doesn’t require an extensive amount of data entry can be difficult. Plus, most options are expensive, a drawback if you’re running a private practice or keeping a close eye on your organization’s expenses.

Jotform’s HIPAA-friendly forms enable you to collect vital protected health information and personally identifiable information from patients without worrying about whether their data is secure.

You can then use this data to automatically create a customizable CRM in Jotform Tables, where you can assign colleagues to specific patients and add internal notes when necessary. You can also create new tabs to monitor appointments scheduled for a specific day, view medical details for specific patients before you see them, and create an online staff directory for your office.

Sales CRM

Building relationships, communicating proactively, and following through on promises are qualities that can be particularly advantageous for anyone in sales.

Though a fundamental part of your job as a salesperson is to close deals that bring in revenue, there’s a lot of time and effort that must go into attracting leads or prospects and nurturing them before you can make a sale. Even after a deal is secured, it’s important to periodically check in on customers, partners, vendors, clients, or donors so you can understand how their needs are changing and how their overall experience with your organization can be improved.

The problem is that any of these tasks can easily fall by the wayside if you don’t have a flexible, yet robust way to monitor and manage your accounts as they move through the sales pipeline.

Jotform’s online lead generation forms, contact forms, request forms, registration forms, and signup forms enable you to seamlessly collect contact details from leads or prospects that you can use to quickly kick off the sales process. You can then use the Jotform Tables workspace that’s linked to your online form to manage all of your outreach efforts, monitor who’s handling specific accounts, and quickly gauge where individual customers or prospects are in your sales pipeline at any given time.

Small Business CRM

Starting a business from the ground up isn’t for the faint of heart.

Regardless of whether you’re starting a small online business, starting a business at home, or starting a food delivery business, there’s no shortage of obstacles you must face on the path to success.

But before you can tackle the challenges that come with scaling your business and overseeing a team of employees, you need a frictionless system in place to manage day-to-day operations, capture leads or prospects, and determine where leads are coming from.

Unfortunately many CRM solutions are expensive or don’t have the customization options and functionality you need to build a robust workflow that won’t throw your budget out of whack.

Jotform’s full suite of services can help you build a customizable yet cost-effective CRM system that meets all of your needs. Jotform’s online contact forms, request forms, application forms, payment forms, booking forms, order forms, and signup forms enable you to create professional-looking data-collection tools that can be easily shared in an email, on your website, or on social media.

Since you can connect multiple online lead generation forms to a single workspace, Jotform Tables can help you create an all-in-one CRM system that ensures your employees always know what deals are in the works, which products are in stock, and what kind of marketing initiatives are underway.

Real Estate CRM

Buying, selling, renting, or owning a home typically marks a pivotal moment in life, which is why most of us won’t let just anyone manage and protect our investment.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build trust with potential clients who want to buy, sell, or rent a home, but simultaneously overseeing the entire process and managing all of the properties in your care can be overwhelming if you don’t have a seamless way to keep everything organized.

Jotform can help you streamline your workflows and monitor your organization’s operations in a single place. Our contact forms, real estate forms, request forms, and appointment forms allow you to gather vital information from leads or customers that can help your colleagues take action immediately.

By connecting those online forms to a single Jotform Tables workspace, you can keep an eye on tenants, follow up on leads from potential clients, and see what colleagues have on their plate so you can assign tasks to them and move accounts through your pipeline without breaking a sweat.


The relationships you nurture are the ones that will ultimately bear fruit.

But having to pony up more money than you’d like for a CRM solution can be a hard sell, especially if it doesn’t offer the right features to help your team get work done efficiently.

Jotform can provide your organization with a cost-effective alternative that leverages collected data from customizable online forms to automatically create a flexible, yet powerful team collaboration tool in Jotform Tables.

With all the features you need to monitor, organize, manage, analyze, and share data collected from your forms, Jotform Tables can serve as the linchpin for your inbound sales and marketing initiatives.

If you haven’t done so yet, give Jotform’s online forms and Jotform Tables a try today. See how we’re making it even easier for you to bring in new business, close deals, and save money in the process.

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