How Do You Track the Approval Process in Jotform Tables

May 1, 2022

You can track all of your approvals and the related submission data in Jotform Tables.

Once you’ve created an approval workflow, the Approval Status column will automatically be added to your submission table. This column won’t be visible on the form itself, only in the table.

To view your form submissions’ approval status…

  1. Go to My Forms.
  2. Select the form with the submissions you want to view.
  3. Click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.

You’ll be redirected to Jotform Tables, where the submissions are listed. There, you can trace your submissions in the Approval Status column.


The form owner and people with access to the submissions table can see the status of submissions such as Approved, Denied, or In Progress.

You can view a specific submission to see more information about the status of the approval.

How to Take Over or Reassign Approvals

As the form owner, you can take over or reassign the task to someone else if an approver is taking too long to process a request.

  1. Hover on the entry and click View.
  2. Click on the three dots () icon in the right bottom corner.
  3. Select Take Over and approve or deny the request on behalf of the approver. Or, click Reassign to assign it to someone else.

How to Filter Entries by Approval Status

Approval process tracking via Jotform Tables also allows you to filter submissions depending on their status.

  1. Click the Filter button next to Search.
  2. Select Approval Status.
  3. Set the parameters you need.
  4. Click the Apply Filter button.

To learn more about other filters and sorting options, check out the “How to Use Different Filters to Easily Manage Your Data in Jotform Tables” guide.

How To Start the Approval Process Manually

If you have existing submissions before creating the Approval Flow or when you manually add a new record in Jotform Tables, the approval process for those entries won’t be started by default. To manually start the approval process…

  1. Hover on the entry and click the View button.
  2. Click the Start Approval Flow button.
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