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Upload to Dropbox with JotForm

Upload to Dropbox with JotForm

First of all, you should have a FILE UPLOAD field on your form to integrate it with Dropbox. This way, you will directly receive uploads to your Dropbox in no time. Let's look on how to allow a single form to upload to your Dropbox in a few steps.

1. Click SETTINGS at the top menu.


3. Click the AUTHENTICATE button.

4. Login to your Dropbox Account and click the ALLOW button.

5. You will see that your Dropbox account is now AUTHENTICATED.

6. In the same window, you will have to create the Dropbox folder. You have the option to use the defaults or use a custom folder name in the following:

- Dropbox root folder name

- Submission folder name

The folder setup is self-explanatory, we made it simple and easy. For default folder names, you will get this:

For field-based folder names, you will have to click the PENCIL icon to select the field, then click the APPLY button to save the selection.

Note that you can also add the submission date before the submission folder name. Simply check the option if you want to add it.

For user defined folder names, you just need to click the second box and put your custom folder name. For example:

7. Now, simply click the "Complete Integration" to save:

8. The integration is now ready. Simply click the FINISH button to complete it:

If you want to setup the folders using the Unique ID widget, refer to the next guide: How to setup folders using UniqueID in Dropbox

That's it! If you need some help, please let us know by posting a comment below or head over to our Support Forum.

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Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
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  • ceciliaxiniclhi

    No veo mi archivo completo en mi dropbox, solo muestra la primera parte y los demas ya no aparecen en dropbox.

  • Mathijsvdp


    Is it possible to change the name of the created PDF file?

    And I would like to save to files to a folder in a other folder (example in B)

    Dropbox --> User --> A --> B

  • Edd_Turner


    TL;DR: I want to *share* data from my Dropbox. How do I do that?

    Long example:

    For the purposes of simplicity, let's say I have 5 recipes stored as PDFs.

    One of my friends has an original and wants to digitally send a copy to someone else.

    The short URL at the bottom of the original brings them to a form, where they can choose as many of my 5 recipes as they like, then select if they should be mailed to an address or open up in new tabs.

    How do I do this? I thought something like JotForm, Dropbox and Zapier but there I get stuck. I find plants of examples in JotForm where I get people to give me files, but not where I get one sent to them!

    I look forward to some suggestions, hope my question is clear enough

  • abischof89

    I am having the hardest time. I have linked my drop box, have saved the images I would like to use, and when I go to paste the link in the widget for the product image - I am getting the broken image graphic instead of what I wanted.

  • tnkristine

    Is dropbox no longer an integration option? I'm no longer showing it as a selection.

  • pzick

    Is it possible to have the forms process in Word format rather than PDF format so they can be editable once saved in dropbox?

  • crazy4golfaz

    I set up integration but the folder on my dropbox is empty, please advise!

  • Prep1

    How long does it take content from jotform to sync with integrated dropbox file?

  • SwigCustom

    I've set this up and the integration works fine, but when I drag files that have been added through this sync to new subfolders inside the main folder it always leaves a copy that I have to go back and delete. Is there any way to fix this? I reached out to Dropbox about it but they said it was an issue with the Jotform integration and could offer me no help.

  • Kharchafi

    How can i edit my integration so that the form submissions saves in a subfolder that already exists?

  • digi3dworks

    Not sure why but dropbox and Jotform need to be refreshed around every 3 to 6 weeks... or they get disconnected....

  • piercejohnston


    I am a mastering engineer and I use my jotform form to collect project info and accept audio files from clients. I've been trying to integrate it with my dropbox to more easily get access to the submitted files, but I've had some trouble figuring it out. The actual integration was pretty easy but I'm having trouble with the naming of the dropbox folder that is created when receiving a submission. Among other things, I collect the artist name and project/song title with my form. I use that info, along with a project ID (PJMxxx) made with a unique ID widget on the form, to make a custom project name.

    The format I use is [Project ID] [Artist Name] - [Project/Song Title]
    An example would be: PJM092 Natie - Something

    How do I set the name of the new dropbox folder to be created using multiple input fields from the form?


  • Ftnet

    Is there any way to have the folder inside a few folders instead of in the Root Directory?
    for example
    Dropbox\FTNET-Installers\New Customer Install Pictures\Service Calls (JotForm)

    instead of
    Dropbox\Service Calls (JotForm)

    ive tried just adding the path FTNET-Installers\New Customer Install Pictures\Service Calls (JotForm) but no luck. if not can we get a feature add please :)

  • assistant1122

    I dont understand why I would need a "File Upload" section in the form. I just want the form submissions to go to my Dropbox as a PDF document. I am not uploading any files to the form. I have set up the Dropbox integration and tried several test submissions. None of them are going to my Dropbox account.

  • Andreina Parisi-Amon

    When a form is submitted, is there one folder created per submission with the uploaded file(s), or one folder created per form with all the files that are uploaded through multiple submissions of that form?

    For example, Form X requires submission of files A, B, C. If there were three submissions to Form X, the storage would look like the following:
    Dropbox/Folder-FormX/Folder-Submission2/ A-2,B-2,C-2
    Dropbox/Folder-FormX/Folder-Submission3/ A-3,B-3,C-3

    Thank you!

  • aiascv

    Is there a way to send uploaded files to Dropbox after it has been submitted?

  • jactech

    For the folder name can i have to option ie. ID + Name

  • eric lennep

    Can I specify which Dropbox account a form integrates with? I have multiple Dropbox accounts and want to make sure that they are associate with the form and NOT a single Dropbox account for my entire JotForm account and ALL forms.


  • CEIforms

    Is it possible to save the form directly to a specific sub folder within Dropbox?

  • chihealth

    After integrating with Dropbox, it seems the files are stored in Jotform AND Dropbox, so they count against my Jotform storage. How do I make it so the uploaded files ONLY go to Dropbox?

  • mldavis

    Hi - I am a librarian who is working with an institutional repository. Our new workflow involves faculty members sending their published, peer-reviewed works to us and then adding them to the repository. I have created a form via JotForm that allows for faculty members to upload a list of publications (CV) and/or works that they would like to have added to our institutional repository. Primarily, we expect to be receiving WordDocs and PDFs. As we are a public institution, with very real budget constraints we're looking for not only a free service, but a sustainable one. As this new workflow is only just being rolled out, we are concerned that the one hundred submission monthly limit will not always work for us. Would the DropBox add-on help us to get around that potential issue so that if we needed to handle more than one hundred submissions in a month, we'd be able to do so? Thanks!


    we try it with dropbox, but i don't see very well the final interest.
    Customers prefer with a Spreadsheet
    nice day

  • narrowwei

    Is there a way to get submissions prior to the integration into dropbox?

  • aporr3

    The integration works great, but do the files that are submitted and sent to Dropbox still count against the data allotment in JotForm?

  • Janelle Breen

    my folder is empty in dropbox after integration.
    Is there a problem?

  • O erro persiste

    Ja realizamos todos os procedimentos, o erro ainda persiste!

  • MSharpe

    I chose this option but the PDFs in Dropbox show a jumbled mess of letters so essentially, the only way I can view these submissions is in JotForm, making the ability to have them sent to Dropbox useless as they are unreadable. Any guidance?


    hoping to integrate dropbox but need output to be excel file
    ther's gotta be a way to do this....

  • matthewselby

    Setting up dropbox integration on and seeing different time stamp showing up in Dropbox than what is submitted with..(seeing EST on the folder name in dropbox) while there is a hidden current time field on the form stating the correct current time (PST)..please help

  • Chris

    Are we experiencing CORS issues between Jotform and Dropbox if the form is embedded on our site? There for a while, it was working fine but something must've changed recently.

  • OPMCompliance

    we just set up a dropbox account is there a way to forward previous submissions to dropbox?


  • artraker

    Hi, I want to choose multiple fields for the sub folder name. For eg. the sub folder name should be - Mary jane 01, so {name} & {Unique number} How can I do this?

    Thanks, Manali

  • clontarffoundation

    I have my submissions sent to a Dropbox folder.

    How do i have my submissions put in a folder (inside the Dropbox folder) named "[response date] - [Submitter Name] - [Article Name] - [School]"
    Assuming the fileds are {submitterName}, {articleName} and {school}.

    I used to be able to do this, now it's acting strange, only allowing one field, and adding "- Submitter Name" to the end of the file...

  • sndfestival

    Following steps to integrate with dropbox, but when I click "Authenticate" it doesn't complete the authentication. Looks like it's trying. I'm logged into my dropbox account, and the folder I want submissions to go...but it's not connecting. Any help here?

  • cumonvideo

    Used to work fine but now nothing is uploaded to dropbox. I have even tried changing name of folder that jotform says it will automatically create but it doesnt.

  • Tom

    I have tried this but when I submit my form I just get a spinning circle and nothing is saved to Dropbox. There is a check mark against the Dropbox icon in Integrations suggesting all is well. I try to authenticate the Dropbox integration (again) but I just get 3 moving dots for hours and not getting to the end of authentication. Anyone any ideas please?

  • NurtureHarmony

    It seems as though there is a glitch in integrating with dropbox - I keep getting an error message that I have to check my credentials and that authentication failed even though my credentials are correct. Please advise.

  • daledan

    this is outdated! cannot see those options anymore.. please update this! ive been looking for a solution for hours now..

  • jewagner

    Have setup the integration to Dropbox and it tested fine but when I tried to use it in real life and attach a 2MB PDF jotform stated there is a 1024KB limit??!!

    That pretty much renders an attache and upload to box feature USELESS

  • hannahfresh

    I have set up the drop box integration on my form but nothing seems to be happening - nothing is being uploaded to my drop box account and the folder I created through Jotform isn't in my Dropbox account either - can you help please?

  • CIfrm

    Why does JotForm's Dropbox integration have to have access to "all files and folders" in Dropbox?

    I would like to grant it permisssion to access one folder which is specified for JotForm use. While I would liike to link a Dropbox folder to JotForm, I am concerned about the privacy and integrity of my other folders in my Dropbox account.

  • MJ

    is it possible to upload previous forms to the dropbox for archive etc...


  • abteilung

    Hy, same here as mrpicketts: all files are still stored on jotform - even if they are transmitted to dropbox or deleted in dropbox. There is no possibility to have an auto-delete of submissions on jotform-servers. If you don't delete them manually, they will stay there forever.
    We have a paid plan, so there is no need to limit us in choosing our own storage solution. please fix this - thanks!

    Releated thread:

  • andybrooks

    Is there any way to create a preview of the selected file on a dropbox submission form?

  • Allslideshows

    Doesn't let me create a Dropbox folder, so I get stuch in 6.

  • agust

    how to take that file IMG_0001H.jpg

  • mrpicketts

    Hi we are using dropbox but it also keeps the attachments on the form at jotform that fills up very quickly. Can we stop the form from keeping the attachment on Jotform.?

  • pricesignsanddecals

    when using this form, do the files uploaded count towards the upload space of jotform?

  • schleichee

    Is there a way to upload form submissions to a main folder but have them use a form field [name] as the name of the PDF instead of the submission ID#?


    the only way i can find to use a form field is to have each PDF have it's own folder too


  • gessert

    I just added the DropBox integration after receiving 39 submissions - will these older submissions be uploaded to DropBox or only the submissions I receive after the integration?