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How to Restore Deleted Forms

How to Restore Deleted Forms

If you have a form and you have it accidentally deleted from your My Forms page, you can restore the form by following the steps below:

1. Go to your My Forms page.

2. Click the Trash menu on the left.

3. Hover on the deleted form, and click the Restore option on the right side of the form name.

If you have multiple deleted forms that want to be restored, select them from the list and click the Restore option on the top buttons.

4. Go back to the My Forms page, and you should see the restored form there.

Note that you cannot restore forms that were PURGED or completely deleted from your Trash Folder.

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  • jkarinauskaite

    Didnt save an application that was true the jotform programe.i need a copy of it.any chance i can restore

  • Franksville

    I accidently deleted forever the email in the trash folder in my email. Can you resend the forms again that you received to my email

  • Adhita_Dharsono

    It does answer my Q. Thank you

  • davemaynard01

    This did not work and I did not empty my trash folder. My original form was made on 10/14/20. It is nowhere to be found.

  • gasparmassidda

    Hello i want to share my form but said in restore mode and i can't share or include on mi FB page.

    Could you help me?


  • DrEricaG

    Thank you. I was able to restore the deleted forms.

  • angharadsianrees

    It doesn't allow me to restore a deleted form

  • Alglaser

    That was scary. I don't know how a form got deleted. There are no tooltips on any of the objects, such as trash or archive, and their use is not intuitive. You normally click trash to delete something, not restore it, so it was anti-intuitive getting a form restored. In fact, I'm now not sure what the Archive button does. Does it open or show the archive, or put something into it. How do you access something in it?
    These are all critical little facts that should be tooltipped for sure.
    I also think $200/yr is very expensive for this program.

  • ingridheyne

    thank you!!!

  • Overwatchent

    How to restore a deleted submission?

  • ssssssssssssssssssss

    I had removed my blog(in the blogger) with the mistake and now I can't get previously a name of blogs it has any selection?

  • Puratchi

    Accidentally i was archive my form how can I retrieve my form

  • KatharineGilpin

    Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!

  • Terri Williams

    help I tried to follow your directions to restore a document in that trash folder, however there is no trash folder. The document I am trying to restore is the WheTEP application folder. How do I restore this if there is not trash folder to access?

  • Mortonb

    Will not let restore form from trash to purge submissions.

  • pelberts

    I see you replied to my question with regards to retracing my submissions.

    However, the reply you send me is to retrace a form.

    The submissions of my forms have accidentally been deleted, and not the form. Thus these submissions are not visible in the trash.

  • pelberts

    I am talking about the form: '' STUUR JE UUROPGAAF ONLINE IN''

    Could you please help me retracing the forms?

  • pelberts

    The submissions of my form have accidentally been deleted.

    The form still exists, also in excel, but I can't view the pictures, which are extremly important.

    Is there any way to restore these?

  • Partners_Saluspot

    Good morning and thank you for your help!

    My form could be in the trash folder at the end of many tries but not when I noticed the problem for the first time.

    I saw more people reporting the same problem in your forum so I think that some error occurred to your service...

    Now it is working fine so thank you anyway for your help.

    Have a nice day!

  • austinhr

    Thank you!!

  • PeterKell

    I've deleted by mistake my form, then I've found the trash and restored it, but as well the form appeared back,I tried to oppen my Application build with "fabrica de aplicativos" (for android phones)
    and there it says allways " This form is currently unavailable!!"

    Even having restored the hole request form, it do not gets included in the original address nore apears in the application...

    Please help me...:-(

  • GVPTACommunications

    Where is my trash? I don't see a page 2 nor any icons like your instructions show.
    The form is:

    Where is it???

  • jaleko

    Hi, My form suddenly disappear, and now i Can't find and answer the form.

  • f0llowing

    my form is said to disabled. what to do to make it not disabled

  • 72posh

    how come i can't found the deleted form at trash there? help

  • ahmadalasda

    انااا احمد يا هكر