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How to Limit Submissions in a Form

How to Limit Submissions in a Form

A limit can be placed on the number of submissions a form receives. An expiration date can also be set for the form.

Load the form into the form builder and take the following steps:

You can find this advance option in Settings->Form Settings, there you can see the "Form Status" drop-down option:

On this guide, we will only focus on 3 of the 5 options.

The other two options which are Enable and Disable were explained on a separate guide: How to Enable/Disable a Form?

Disable on date

This allows you to set your form to be disabled on your preferred specific date and time.


Disable on submission limit

This allows you to set a specific total number of submissions allowed for your form. 

Disable on date and submission limit

This allows you to set an expiration date and time to when your form is only allowed to be submitted and, also, set a specific total number of submission allowed during that time frame. 

The form whose Preferences is shown in the screenshot above was set to be disabled either upon receiving one thousand (1000) submissions or at 4:14 PM on 2017 March 21, whichever comes first.

Please note the following:

-You need to enter a number for the submission limit

-A drop-down calendar is used so it will be easy to set an expiration date and also to avoid confusion with the different date formats.

-The time is in the 24-hour format (no "AM" or "PM" included)

-The time is US Eastern Standard Time (server time, not your computer time)

-Time must be entered at least 5 hours before the expiration time (if the expiration time is at 17:00 the expiration time must be set a minimum of 5 hours before it and which is 12:00).


The instant a form reaches its submission limit and/or expiration date it will become disabled.


To re-enable a form that was disabled due to a submission limit being reached and/or the expiration date that was set is already due, do the following:

Scenario 1 - Increase the limit of the submissions

Submission Limit: 250

Expiration Date: (None set)

Example 1: You would like to allow 10 more submissions. Increase the submission limit to 260 (250 current submissions + 10).

Example 2: You would like to remove the submission limit altogether - change the form's status to Enable.


Scenario 2 - Update/Change the date of the expiration

Submission Limit: (None set)

Expiration date: 2016 May 15 at 8:00 PM

Example 1: You would like to change/update the expiration date to 3:30 PM on May 18, 2016. Using the calendar drop-down set a new future date of expiration and set a time on the time field as well(Setting the time to 00:00 will disable the form as soon as the date entered is reached).

Example 2: You would like make the form with no expiration date - change the form's status to Enable.


Scenario 3 - Increase the submission limit and/or update/change the expiration date

Submission Limit: 250

Expiration Date: 2016 May 15 at 8:00 PM

Use the examples in the previous scenarios as a guide, according to the change you wish to make.



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  • aditya.juanda

    can I use the time limit in specific date for enable & disable?
    for example, I want to set the form to be enabled start at day 3 and disabled the form at day 7.


  • vagh27

    What happens when the Submitted limit has reached and then 1 submission is deleted. Will the counter reset. e.g. Your form had a submission limit of 25 and the form did get 25 submissions. Now the new status of the form will be disabled. Now one of the admissions have backed out, so you go in and delete a submission. Will the counter adjust to accept one more submission?

  • littlecreaturecafe

    Can I put a limitation that will only allow people to submit the form once every week from the same device/ip?

  • sama


    can i reset the form automatically each week? My form need to allow for limited unique submissions each week with a thursday cut off?

  • accountschaayos

    Is there any facilities in Jot Form, based on particular column user can fill the form sing in a day, if he try to fill got stop message

  • jochen.furthmueller

    I would like to disable my forms as soon as the sum of a certain field in all submissions reaches a predefined value. Is that possible?

    Example: The form contains a field "Number of persons from my family that will attend"
    Disable the field as soon as 50 attendees are reached.

  • Infotopguard


    how can I limit the number of times an individual submits a form?

  • dimasdermawan1996

    how to limit it to 1 response only? please answer

  • AgilityAssoc.Canada

    You need to add "Enable on date and time".
    This has been requested for years, since 2014 at least.

  • madzoon.shant

    Ho to disable every day from X time to Y time ?

  • Valeriecollymore

    My form has 7 different mini-form blocks, each with a 2 submission limit ( 7 classes, each with space for two clients max )

    If the submission limit is reached for one of the blocks, doesn’t your system shut the entire page down?

    How do I shut down registration for a single block when the submission limit for one block is reached?

    Thank you.

  • rhzentz

    I need to know if I can limit the submissions based on individual responses to each question. So when option one is selected 25 times, I need that choice option to say "Limit Reached" beside it and disable that answer choice. Is that a possibility?

  • hrsb1987

    I read that the submission limit is reset every month is that correct? Any way we can change that? Thank you

  • Mario

    Hi there,
    I would like to have different limits:
    I have a checkbox with 7 options, and wish to have 20 max.submissions with option 1, 5 submissions with option 2, 10 submissions with option 3 of that checkbox, and so on...
    How can I create such a form?

  • Hendro

    How to limit submission per day with expired date

  • rfkenrollment

    What happens when the Submitted limit has reached and then 1 submission is deleted. Will the counter reset. e.g. Your form had a submission limit of 25 and the form did get 25 submissions. Now the new status of the form will be disabled. Now one of the admissions have backed out, so you go in and delete a submission. Will the counter adjust to accept one more submission?


    Hi Jotform,
    I would like to limit the number of submisisons per choice. Is this possible?


  • mowings

    Is there a way to limit the number of responses per month?
    i.e. one of my forms (for budget reasons) we only want 50 responses each month. On the first day of each month, we'd like to go back to resetting the submission amount to zero.

  • Barnhuntcasagrande

    I use the Forms as an entry to our dog events for our club. We often have 2-6 potential classes that an exhibitor can enter. So, lets say I have 2 classes entered on a form. I need to know when the grand total of classes entered is 30. How do I or can I set up the "Disable" function to reflect that we have a total of 30 entries instead of 30 submissions? But, sometimes a competitor will only enter 1 class while the next competitor will enter 2-4 or more. Is there a way to do this?

    Thank-you for your help.

  • Roc

    Can I limit submissions on each option?

  • yaswanthkotha

    Hello Team,
    I have created the form. Please find the link below:
    In the time slot, i having 5 slots(i am using the option single choice element)
    In Each slot Maximum of 20 people will be taken in one slot.
    Please help me out how to do it. If everything works i will buy it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Yaswanth k

  • AmySexton


    Is there a way to limit number of submissions per week? Thank you.

  • edwinpiorufus

    hello ... while setting up the booking form.... if one person as selected a particular time in a given day... how to limit that the next person who takes the same time , should not be able to select the same time ??

  • questionarios


    How can I limit 3 submitions per User?

    Best Regards

  • BrightonPAC

    Hi - I'm trying to set a form to disable at a date and time. I (and all of my users) live in Australia (Adelaide). Do I need to calculate the time to be US Eastern Standard Time, or can it be the time zone that my account settings are set to? I've tried testing this tonight but it still appears to be available.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  • m25msith

    I don't seem to have the Preferences button on the top toolbar at all. Am i missing something?

  • samerick

    Muchisimas gracias

  • somosassociation

    Is there a way to show the warning message before filling in the form when the form has reached the limit of submissions?

  • academicproofreading

    Is there a way to limit the form by views? So, for example, someone can open the URL / view the form 10 times, after which the limit is reached and the form can't be viewed anymore?

  • DavidB4

    Is there by any chance a limit of how many submissions can be made per day, week, or month? I'd like a cap which resets after a time.

  • farmcreditIL

    My form has four dates the user can select from and each date needs to have a limit of 15. These are workshops. Once 15 of our employees has selected a date/location - that option should close and not allow anymore to sign up. However, the other 3 dates/times should remain open until they also have 15 sign ups. How can I accomplish this?

  • mpascual48

    Is there a way to limit by submissions AND date. For example, I only want 20 submissions for each date, and there are three different dates. How do I do that?

  • nabelsakha

    How make form only availbale in 8am to 9pm everyday

  • IDOEWebmaster

    As of today at this time, I don't see the area to set the submission limit under Preferences with the new interface, please check and instruct.

  • Marco

    How to achieve that a user who has access with password protection to a report with submissions can delete all the entriess after he has received the excel file

  • Mark

    Is there a way to limit the number of submissions in a calendar month?

    ie You can submit 15 submissions through this form in the month of January; another 15 submissions in the month of February; another 15 submissions in the month of March without having to manually reset/extend the parameters at the end of each month?

  • mmarlin74

    Is it possible to set a limit based on the number they select in a certain field on the form? For example, I would like to cap my event at 60 people, but am allowing multiple people to register per registration form.

  • bounysf

    is there any way to set limit/quota for each choice in multiple choice question?

  • bounysf

    Is there any way to set limit for each answer?

  • groupsing

    if i want to set a pop up window to let know about the form is close, and how to set thanks

  • mastajwood

    So, if I have 4 seats available at 9am, once 4 payments are processed those seats are booked and they will get a message saying "this trip is full"

    How can you set it so they can book a seat on the next trip which is at 12pm?

  • GreatKIDS

    Is there a way in the warning message to embed or ?? so that they are redirected to a second form that puts them on a waiting list?

  • a2derbydimes

    Being able to set a submissions limit is great, but it doesn't work perfectly. My form, to register a limited number of people for an event, asks users to pay a fee via PayPal and they're directed to PP after they click Submit. It seems that JotForm counts toward the submissions limit any instance that the form is filled out and the user clicks Submit -- regardless of whether they completed the PP transaction. For example, I embedded the form on a web page, so when someone reported an issue I sent test submissions sans PayPal payment from four different browsers. What makes this even more frustrating is that after resolving the user's issue, I deleted my test submissions from the "incomplete payment" area, thinking that would ensure they wouldn't be counted toward the limit.

  • TerriA

    What time zone is used? How will I know that 17:00 hours is 5 pm MST or 5 pm CST or 5 PM EST, etc. I am in MST time and need the form to turn off at 5 pm.


  • SMF_Test

    Is this feature not working? or not available for free plan holders?

  • ASRA

    This feature completely failed to work for me. I set a limit of 148 submissions on a form, but the form kept on receiving submissions into the 150s before I realised and manually cut off access.

  • rokynrobyn

    Is there a way to set limits on options. For example, 10 people can submit option 1 and then option 1 will be disabled, not the entire form?

  • guest_23469352858062

    It's Very Very Good...But need also
    this kind of same feature for some of form field...or " No " duplicate entry for form field..Date or Time or
    Drop Down Box or Radio Button or Check box...ect

  • slimflimzy

    Adding to the above:
    Please, oh please reimplement this OR supply alternatives for achieving a similar effect manually.

    I don't see how a form can be safe if a user can send limitless replies...

  • J2O

    You guys really need to get this feature back in JotForm! Its the one thing missing from this great script!