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How Can I Cancel My PayPal Subscription?

How Can I Cancel My PayPal Subscription?

If the billing page tells you to contact JotForm Support when canceling your subscription paid through PayPal or if it tells you that it will be canceled manually, we recommend double-checking your PayPal email if it's canceled or not. Otherwise, we recommend doing the cancellation manually. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Click Profile (the gear icon) on the top right corner of the page.

3. Go to the Payments tab then click Manage automatic payments

4. Select JotForm merchant and click Cancel button.

5. Then follow the instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • slickkick

    Hi, How do I switch my payment method from PayPal to credit card?

    Please advise,



    I have cancelled through paypal and messaging you once again to cancel with immediate affect.

    kind regards


  • onecaretransport


    I did not realize that I was being automatically billed. I downgrade to free because I no longer need the service. Is there a way for me to get a prorated refund?

  • sebastian.cecillon

    Ya cancele mi cuenta en pay pal, ahora quiero mi reembolso... me puedes revisar mi caso

  • philipcotton101

    All done. Should be good to go!

  • tolbertcm

    My subscription was paid in full. How can I get a refund so I can upgrade to the gold plan

  • omahatennis

    I do not pay for jotform through pay pal how do I cancel?

  • Amalia Sher

    Please cancel my subscription to PayPal. There were many vital conditions, found out later, that I want to wipe the PayPal subscription slate clean and start all over.
    Thanks! Let me know when my subscription is cancelled.

  • momenesmat

    I cannot return to the Pay step
    The payment method you entered is not supported in my country

  • gloriacraig347

    I need to cancel PayPal
    Seems to be a problem for 3 days now can't even activate my card

  • Janice Austin

    cancel paypal

  • Janice Austin

    cancel paypal please

  • RickSnap

    This page is not clear enough with the steps.

    Hopefully, the guide mentioned below helps those who are unable to cancel subscription.

  • YCPDining

    I tried to cancel the subscription but I couldn't find the appropriate page or link which you suggested to do so.
    I found the button stating that "Delete my account".
    if I delete my account, does it mean that i can terminate the contract?

    Please let me know how to cancel the subscription since we follewed the instruction but we could not find the button of "downgrade".
    There is a button for downgdade, it can not be clicked.

  • Lenore mejias

    I am a 75 year old handicap woman. I am not good with computers,only simple basics with my tablet. I am writing you because PayPal will not allow me to make any purchases,I have a valid master card ,but they won’t let me use it .they told me that they think there has been fraud on my card, and want me to prove that I am me.they want me to send picture of credit card, maos recent transaction I’d. Myself ect. I don’t understand because there is no fraud on my card andI do not know how to download, and do all these other things on my tablet. I tried calling them on the phone but no help only a recording.I do not know what to do ,can you please help me. Thank you

  • lois lanier

    Cancel my pay-pal subscription now

  • s0342018

    i wanted to cancel the subscription, but i forgot to consider the time difference between us.
    so i was automatically re-billed before previously cancel. sorrry. is there a way to ask for a refund? thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

  • lslncca

    I have now cancelled that PP subscription. Can we now take the monthly payment from my personal account please.

  • linda turner

    Please cancel my account/ Immediately.

  • Richard Hargreaves

    Iwant to cancel paypal account permanently

  • Diane Colling

    I wish to cancel my account, i won't need to use it. Thanks.

  • marianne.bailey23

    I'm taking that you guys canceled My accounts? I received a message telling me to but then I also received an email saying that it had been canceled. Thank you for the refund. Marianne Bailey

  • Nazia Parveen

    I need to cancel it forever plz

  • Nazia Parveen

    I need to cancel my order and need to money back

  • prestigeresearchgh

    I want to deactivate autorenewal payment on my pay pal account.

  • parker567098

    I have canceled my subscription so I should be expecting my money back to my paypal account?

  • Bonni Sandy

    I need to cancel, to re enter in a different account.

  • Merdene Washington

    I am a senior I do not want to have a paypal account ever. I dont know how to cancel

  • Merdene Washington

    I am a senior I do not want to have a paypal account ever

  • Heather Williams

    I was scammed

  • Chris

    I have a subcription for 29,95€ per week I find it to much and It has to be 4,75€ every week.

    I was scammed.

    Can I cancel it forever?!

    Thanks in Advance

  • johablrossy

    Oh interesting i was wondering if i should do it from paypal or from the web page

  • Ismsil

    If I cancelled my subscription, will I still be able to access the forms and all the submissions?

    My subscription already automatically renewed on 29/01/2020.

  • abrichards

    I want to cancel my paypal subscription so that I can switch to a different form of payment. However I am currently on an old $45/year pricing plan. If I cancel my paypal subscription and switch to a credit card, will I have to upgrade to one of the current pricing plans?

  • Kim Stuard

    We work seasonally and have been charged the past two months, in which we didn't use jotform at all. I'm wondering if we can receive a refund for December and January. We will be looking to resume again soon, but are not operating right now. Thank you for your help!

  • robintbailey

    I need to have you reverse the PayPal charge that went through early this morning. I would like to upgrade, but use a different method of payment.

  • animalquest

    hello, I just cancelled through paypal as I was advised to do by your customer service and I signed up again using the New Years discount. When will I get my refund for the year I just paid in full at the end of November?

  • Alvarez_Daniel

    I have cancel my subscription paypal ID I-2H0S5C1DDH0D can you process the refund for the Bronze monthly plan?

  • Alvarez_Daniel

    I have downloaded my submissions and cancel the suscription on paypal ID I-FXKY73P68LUL.
    Can you process the refund?

  • graymadylen

    Please verify to that my subscription is confirmed cancelled. It shows in my paypal that it was I just want to be SURE!

  • signaturewindow

    Okay, I have canceled this subscription. Now, how do I get a refund?

  • Terry Williams

    I want to downgrade from silver to bronze. What happens to my data and my customer's link to my data if I close this account and open an entirely new one. I am in the midst of a big campaign and I don't need any interruptions for potential clients/ business. PLEASE ADVISE. IS THERE A PHONE SUPPORT SERVICE AVAILABLE????

  • Bhaplicativos

    Cancelamento efetuado. Favor fazer o downgrade para a conta e liberar e reembolso do pagamento feito em 10/09/2019.
    Vou aguardar as atualizações para retornar ao plano Bronze.
    Precisa atualizar as instruções do PayPal "Última atualização: 16 de agosto de 2016"

  • terrencemoe1205

    Done. THank you so much

  • pshmker

    Looks like your instructions need a little updating, PayPal has changed their site a bit.

  • suzettepatriceevents

    Please cancel as I have been double registered.

  • Abidemi12345

    I cancelled my bronze account and was shown that it had been cancelled yet I got debited $19.. this is outright scam
    please I need a refund

  • Christine Rohrman

    I have canceled my bronze account. I was paying for silver and bronze starting in December. Please refund 5 months of the bronze monthly payment of $19.00.

    Dec - I-FYP7DTAEE8J3 (refunded already)
    Jan- 8PH29751367198320
    Feb- 2N027861CT463042X
    March- 70F99406XT928894D
    April- 5YL97441JD184335A

  • Mikensu

    Please refund my account

  • FashionProjectLIVE

    Ive been told to cancel my bronze payment account as I already have a silver account but my paypal only has the ID for the bronze and Im worried cancelling it will make me lose my forms. Please can I get some help.