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How to Cancel a Subscription and Downgrade Back to Free

How to Cancel a Subscription and Downgrade Back to Free

If you want to cancel your subscription, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you are logged in using your JotForm account/username at

2. Next, hover/click the profile icon (avatar) at the top right corner and click your username to access the Account page.  

3. Click the Billing tab or access the tab directly by this link:

From your current plan, you can switch to the Starter/FREE plan by clicking on the Downgrade button.


4. A pop-up window will provide additional information about the downgrade. Please follow the instructions mentioned to proceed with canceling your plan or switching back to the "Free" account.

Please do take note of the following:

1. After confirming the subscription cancellation, the subscription will no longer be billed on the Next Billing Date.

2. Although there will be no further billing charges after the subscription cancellation, the account will still remain on paid status (Bronze, Silver, Gold) for the period you paid for.

3. The subscription will automatically downgrade to the Starter/FREE plan on the date of its subscription expiration. 

4. The subscription expiration date is usually the indicated date in the Next Billing Date that can be seen in the My Account - Billing Page.

5. If your subscription is directly paid via Paypal, you might need to directly cancel it in your Paypal account. Here's the link to that specific guide that you can follow.

If you have been trying to make a subscription form but landed on this page accidentally, here is an example of how to make a subscription form.  

Contact JotForm Support if you need further assistance.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
Contact JotForm Support:

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  • amit.i1012

    My id is I m not using the platform .And not agreed for next payment but my amount is deducted . Please process the refund. And remove my card.

  • ginaseagram

    I never agreed to pay 399.00 for a yearly subscribtion!!!
    I would like a refund please!!!


  • nealrogol70

    I wish to cancel my subscription and get a refund of the amount billed today to my credit card

  • codgiving

    I purchased the bronze membership but I accidentally purchased the yearly membership instead of the monthly membership. Is there any way to cancel this and get my money back as I was do not need the form for the year.

  • ankliu

    I had a silver membership and was only able to downgrade to bronze or upgrade to Gold. How can I cancel my subscription? The business has closed and no longer needs this service.

    Thank you

  • wilma300

    I would like to cancel my subscription and receive a refund for the Bronze plan you are charging PayPal, when I have the Starter plan, and my account type is FREE. Please respond and confirm.


  • goodpizza2000

    will my data be deleted when I cancel? please sir I need to know...?

  • tmdedu

    I request cancellation of payment on March 23.
    Please check how to cancel the card.

  • johndulley

    Thank you. I will upgrade soon.

  • Winnie of unwire

    hi JotForm,

    after downgrading from our current package to starter/ free plan, can we still access the forms (and the corresponding stored information) we created and collected before?


  • unwire

    hi JotForm,

    if we want to buy JotForm package again after cancellation, will the package available be the same as the packages listed in the pricing page of your website ? Also, how many days we need to wait for the join-again-account to be activated ?

    please advices, thanks!

  • stilwellkiwanis

    Our Kiwanis Club is considering using JotForm for the vendor registration for our annual festival. Registration is open from January to Mid May, so we would only need the form about 6 months. Am I correct in thinking that we could use the Bronze plan and pay monthly, then downgrade to the free thus saving the form until we need it the next time and upgrade to the Bronze again? And can I develop the full registration form on the free plan and upgrade to the Bronze in November or December for testing? I tried to develop the form on the free account to see if it would accommodate our needs and it kept closing down after a few lines. I tried to recover it and the name of the form was there but I couldn't recover anything. Thank you.

  • MohdAzayyadMoe

    I want my credit card deleted and still i don't get a clear answer
    I've already downgraded to free subscription

  • baslsoccer

    I see I have been double billed now for two separate months.
    I need my money back for the double billing on June 11th and now July 11th. What is going on?

    Date Amount Package Status Details
    2019-07-11 $19.00 Paid View
    2019-07-06 $19.00 Paid View
    2019-06-11 $19.00 Paid View
    2019-06-06 $19.00 Paid View

  • docmiklos

    Hello, I have downgraded my subscription. Please confirm, thank you.


    I have allready done the process of downgrading of my account.
    I have made the form only for a month, because the event was happned for a month only, on 19th October, 2018. But still you have charged $19 x 2 months for November and December, 2018.. So please reverse the payments to my card. as early as possible.

    Neeraj Mehta

  • Alan Fine

    I'm locked out. I wanted to downgrade my account to free as I do not use the service anymore, but I couldn't and I have been charged $69.50.

    Username is alanfine

    Please help me?

    Thank you,

  • Frank Ellis

    Do I get my money back for this year?


  • cwags

    I have only used it once and the format didn't work. I think I paid 6 months with no use. I was hoping for half back for the non use or trying to use

  • Ted Ings


    I deleted my account today. I just want to be sure I will no longer be billed. Please advise. Thank you

  • rameypi

    Thank you but you did not answer my question. i understand how to downgrade, but my question is how it will effect my existing account. Can you please look at my account and let me know if I can downgrade without it impacting my account since it is used rarely.

  • gieroj

    Guys the best option is cancel your subscriptions directly from Paypal otherwise you still will be charged by this "amazing" website.

  • luishumbert

    And the payment submissions, views and storage? I know that the forms are disabled when it exceeds submission or form limit of the downgrade.

  • IdeasFactory

    Could you please issue an invoice for the whole period of payment?

  • IdeasFactory

    I would like to cancel the monthly payment for this account!

  • Lalrav

    Please cancel my subscription now. I accidentally got registered. Thanks

  • Margarita Berriel

    Tengo cobros no reconocidos, yo no me di de alta, resuelvan!!!

  • santabarbaratamales

    When I do as you direct, it only offers the option of upgrading, not downgrading. Please advise.


    deseo cancelar mi cuenta por favor ya el cobro es mucho



  • libabocholt

    I accidentally upgraded to a yearly plan. I want to downgrade immediately to a free plan, but it says it will downgrade on February 14th of 2017. How can I make it downgrade to a free plan instantly?

  • DonnaJernigan

    I am just creating my first form, and I want to upload Image + video pairs and collect payments.

    How do I access the video files to download those files to my own computer?

    Once I get them, I'll be uploading them to a different server and don't need the jotform cloud storage space.

    Is there a way to delete files that have been uploaded to Jotform? Video files are bigger than most files and can add up quickly.

  • ascgmrio

    Quero cancelar minha conta e não consigo