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How to Download the Submission Files

How to Download the Submission Files

The JotForm Form Builder allows you to create a file upload form. But how do you download the files that are uploaded to your form?

Download all uploaded files:

1. On the My Forms page, select the form and click the Submissions button in the top toolbar.

2. In JotForm Tables, click the Download All button.

3. Click the Download attachments option.

Alternatively, you can also click the three vertical dots icon in the main Submissions tab, hover your mouse over the Download option, and click the Download attachments option.

The system will begin zipping your file uploads. You’ll see the following popup informing you that you’ll receive an email with a link to download the zipped file.

This process may take some time if your form has a large number of file uploads.

Download a specific set of files:

Select the submissions from the table. You’ll see the number of selected submissions on the Download button. Click the Download button, and then click the Download attachments option to begin the download process.

Similar to downloading all file uploads, this method isn’t instant. Our system will zip your files and send you an email once it’s complete. 

Download file uploads based on a time range:

Click the All time button, and choose from the predefined list or set a custom date range.

The filter is now active. Click the Download all button and then the Download attachment option.

Download individual files:

If you want to download an individual file, click on the cell that contains the file icon, and click the Green download icon:

How to download submission files from the old submissions page

On the old submissions page, click Download All Uploads at the top of the page.

To filter the submissions and download files based on a specific time range, click the settings (gear) icon. Set the Time Frame.

Once you’ve set or selected the time frame, click the Download Uploads in Time Range button just above the grid list of submissions:

Whether you’ve filtered the files or not, clicking the Download button will display a popup window that lets you know an email will be sent to you when the data is ready for download.

The file should arrive in your email soon. However, if the file is very large, it may take a few minutes.

Contact Support:
Our customer support team is available 24/7 and our average response time is between one to two hours.
Our team can be contacted via:
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  • DBBaskett

    How do I allow a collaborator to download submissions as a PDF? It seems the only options they have is to download the basic answers to the required questions without the paragraph of terms and conditions that come along with it.

  • kristi.bassett

    If we are collecting signatures and we download the forms, are the signatures visable on the download?

  • daniel.reschke.pires

    I can see all the download options, except for the download attachments option. I really need it, because downloading them one by one will simply be impossible.

    Is this a paid/pro resource only?

  • GlenAdmin

    When I share the tables with some colleagues, there are none of the Download options. I need them to download the files, how can I do it?

  • morgano580

    As a sub account user, i can't Download All Attachments. A message pops up that is cut off screen, I receive no emails, no downloads. I can however download a PDF.

    This is a form shared by my account owner...not sure if that matters.

    I would assume if rights have been given for full access to form by account owner to sub account user...they would be able to download the submission.

  • sk.jang

    Can we download mutliple individual files rather than a single individual file?

  • shagari2511

    Plex can re-edit the form after downloading??

  • colasanti.riccardo

    Hi, following your guidelines, when I arrive on step 2 it does not appear the button DOWNLOAD ALL UPLOADS.
    What can I do?

  • pwangmo558

    When I login to jotform it's not working it's saying worng Emil I'd or password what do I have to do ???

  • LanternAdmin

    Hi! Is there a way to automatically download the submissions data on a daily basis and save it in a pre-assigned folder on Google Drive?

  • valeriaanissina

    Is there a way to download only filtered submissions?
    E.g one field with a question has Yes/No option. I would only like to download all uploaded content from users who have answered "Yes" in that other field.

    in short: I want to download only uploads if "field x" matches "Yes"

  • moderntraction

    Why can't I have the option to only download files from the submission I'm actually viewing? I'm getting many clients uploading their files per month and don't want to have to sift through by date... super annoying.

  • knaylor.121

    Our Application Form for Returning Members requires four jpg images to be submitted. In "View Submissions" some of the submitted forms display thumbnails of all four submitted images, while other forms only display one image, and yet the same form that I receive in my email clearly shows that four jpg's have been submitted. I am able to download the jpg files from the email version, but it is important that other people in our organization can log in to JotForm and easily access all of the jpg files submitted by the applicants.
    How can this be remedied?
    K. Naylor

  • SPIEMarketing

    I did all of that as you describe. I've done this three times, and only received an email the first time. Some of those files were empty, plus we got additional uploads. So I went through the process a second time and did not receive an email. Then tried a third time, and again did not receive an email.

  • lucasxvinicius

    Obrigado. Não sabia que existia essa possibilidade!


    ok thanks I'll try : )

  • NorwichFarmersMarket

    I've successfully downloaded the files but Jot still says I don't have any upload room. How do I clear the stored data once it's downloaded?

  • NorthIsland

    We have an issue were the form link in the initial email brings up an error 404 not found. Our client does not want to have to go in and download after each submission. Why does the link from the email bot allow one to download directly?

  • spsscca

    I do not have the option to download all uploads.

  • GregAnderson

    I have requested the files twice now with no success. I am looking to download from the senior ad submissions.

  • juniorselector

    Is there any way of being able to download the attached file on a form submission other than via my forms?

    I have setup a form so that certain email addresses receive it but I tested this out and via email, I cannot download the form when I read the email. Is the only way to download it, via my forms and logging in to download it?

  • mgilbertson

    Is there a way to change the filename of the download folder to include a field from the form. We are collecting images from users and would like to have the folder name include the user's name which we collected earlier in the form?

  • abstractandtitles

    I am not receiving the emails with the submissions in .zip format.
    1) I've tried "Download All Uploads" - no success...I tried a different time frame - month, a week even a day - no success.
    2) I tried changing my email. I receive the email message to "verify" my new address just fine, but when I go in to "Download All Uploads" nothing happens.
    3) I've checked my junk mail

  • ralphdriley

    I am using a widget to take photos as part of a form. When I downloaded the results from the the form using Excel or CSV, i get an address of where the photo is located instead of the actual photo. Is it possible for the download to contain the photo instead of an address as to where the photo is located? If not inside Excel or CSV, is there another data management software that will allow the insertion of photos into the download?

  • ahmedselem

    i cant sign up .. make email and after 10 minuts a window appears with its login

  • PSNM

    Help! I have done the Download All Uploads (twice) but haven't received any email telling me where the files are.

  • vickiee

    When any of the assigned sub-users attempt to follow the procedure for "Downloading All Uploads” they get an alert, "You are sub-user of the form, therefore you are not allowed to make this request." – how can I edit their permissions to enable all the co-users to do this at the same time they is also retrieving all the form submissions?

  • charliesmithlondon

    The download all submissions button isn't appearing, I have multiple files uploaded with all the forms that have been submitted, how do I download the uploaded files?

  • bethandersonrp

    In my form I am asking the person filling it out to upload a photo.

    When I download the photos that have been uploaded, it's hard to tell which photo goes with which submission. I can individually look at each one and match it to the photo shown on the submissions page, but this will take some time. Is there an easier way to track which submission each upload comes from? Thanks!

  • QuenchUSA

    Is there a way that someone can get a download of the submission files in Excel format sent to their email automatically everyday?

  • ExpertiseEvents

    I am not getting a prompt to save the file when i ask to download all files?

  • tlujan0001

    Is there a way to download specific uploads? For example, each form has 2 upload buttons for 2 different files; can I download all of one upload to a folder? or must I download all uploads all the time?