How to Strip Headers from Postal Addresses in Email Alerts

October 12, 2021

The Address field is a great way to quickly insert a postal address into a form. However, by default, email alerts include headers such as:

Street Address

Street Address Line 2



Postal/Zip Code


Step 1: How to Add the Default Address Field

While these headers are appropriate for submission records, they are not always desirable to have in email alerts: notifications and auto-responses.

An example, if a user enters the following name and address:

This is how the email notification would normally be displayed:

Compare that to this:

Step 2: How to Strip Headers from Postal Addresses in Email Alerts

  1. First, open your email alerts and choose the one you want to edit. In my case, I’ll edit the notification email. 

2. Under the Email tab, you can change your email content and template. Here we want to choose only specific information on the address field. The field tag for the address field in m form is {address}. Note that this may vary, you can find the field tags under the Form Fields dropdown option in the email text editor. 

3. To choose what specific part of the address you want to display in the email alert, you can append the following:







So let’s say you want to fetch the “city” in the address field, then you can append it like this:


If you want to get the “state“, then you can append it like this:


4. Make sure to save the changes and test your form. 

You can also display the same information (without the headers) when composing Custom Thank You Message or when displaying results in the Custom Thank You Message with the use of Confirmation Page Tricks.

You might also be interested in how you can choose specific information on a submission with a payment transaction. Here’s a link to it: How to Strip Payment Labels and Separate Payment Info on Email Alerts.

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