How to Integrate PayFast with Jotform

May 16, 2023

PayFast is a leading online payment processing solution for individuals, NPOs, and businesses in South Africa. They offer easy, secure, instant money transfers to online merchants and their customers.

Jotform now integrates with PayFast. With multiple payment methods, PayFast will enable you to get paid instantly via your Jotform form.

Adding and Setting up PayFast in the Form

Here are the steps to add and set up PayFast in your form:

  1. In Form Builder, click the Add Form Element button on the left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the Payments tab.
  3. Search for PayFast and click it to add. You can also drag and drop it into your form.
Jotform Form Builder with steps to click on Add Form Element button, Payments tab, and PayFast payment gateway
  1. In the Payment Settings, provide and set up the following options:
    • Merchant ID
    • Merchant Key — You can find the Merchant ID and Key through the Personal Information section of your PayFast account. Visit PayFast – Merchant ID and Key for the steps.
    • Passphrase — You have to enable this through your PayFast account. Visit PayFast – Enable Passphrase for the steps.
    • Currency — Payfast Integration supports ZAR (South African Rand) only.
    • Payment Type — With PayFast, you can choose to Sell Products, Sell Subscriptions, collect Donations, or allow user-defined amounts.
Payment Settings panel of the PayFast gateway with the boxes and dropdowns for Merchant ID and Key, Passphrase, currency, and payment type

Did you know?

You can open the Payment Settings by clicking the Wand icon on the right side of the PayFast gateway.

Under Additional Gateway Settings, you can set up a few additional options, including the following that are unique to PayFast:

  • Customer Name Field
  • Customer Email Field
  • Customer Phone
  • Use Field as Billing Address
  • Custom Data Field — This one is useful if you’re collecting unique information from your customer. You can only select a Short Text Entry element for this option.

If you have multiple names, emails, phone, and address fields in the form, we recommend selecting which fields PayFast will record for each transaction.

Additional Gateway Settings of the PayFast integration with the dropdowns for customer name, email, phone, and billing address
  1. If you’ve chosen to Sell Products or Subscriptions, click the Continue button to add them in the next window. Otherwise, click the Save button to complete the integration.

See also:

Making Payment with PayFast

PayFast integration is an off-form payment, which means users are redirected to the PayFast payment page to complete transactions. Here’s a sample payment screen when making a payment for a subscription item:

Credit card payment of the PayFast payment page

As mentioned above, PayFast supports multiple payment methods. Customers can pay via Visa and Mastercard credit and cheque cards, Instant EFT, MasterpassMobicredSCodeZapperSnapScan, and debit cards.

List of payment methods supported by PayFast

To enable the above Payment Methods, go to your Payment Settings in PayFast, as explained in the following guide.

Testing PayFast

You can test PayFast by toggling the Sandbox Mode under the Additional Gateway Settings to Yes. When you enable the Sandbox Mode, you must also use your Sandbox account and credentials from PayFast. To learn more about Sandbox, visit PayFast – Sandbox Mode.

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