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Social Media Marketing App

A social media marketing app is used by social media managers or marketing agencies to list their services, accept proposal requests, and list their contact information. With this ready-made Social Media Marketing App, your business can provide clients with a convenient mobile app — which they can instantly download onto their smartphone for easy access.Need to make design changes? Add your company logo and branding, update the listed services, and change the app background, colors, and icon for a personal touch. No coding knowledge is required with our drag-and-drop builder! Give your customers a quicker way to contact you and book your services with a custom Social Media Marketing App.

Consulting Apps

IT Ticketing App

An IT Ticketing App is used by companies to internally record IT issues using support tickets. This readymade app allows employees to specify their IT issue, browser, and operating system, add relevant URLs, assign priority level, and even attach screenshots using an included upload form. IT tickets are then stored securely in your account, where they are compiled into an easy-to-read spreadsheet in Jotform Tables.Our drag-and-drop interface makes customizing this IT Ticketing App a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can add or change forms and text, choose fonts and colors, upload your company logo, update the app name and icon, and more — no coding required. When you’re finished, just share a link with your employees, where they can access and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Start squashing bugs today with this fully customizable IT Ticketing App!

Tracker Apps

Business Instagram Bio Link App

Create an app to add to your company’s Instagram bio with Jotform’s Business Instagram Bio Link App. With this app template, you can make company announcements, showcase webinars and events, create pre-order forms, and have your followers submit feedback — all accessible from a single app in your Instagram bio. Submissions made to your app are stored in your secure Jotform account, which you can view on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop.Make this Business Instagram Bio Link App your own by adding your own branding. Just use Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder to upload your logo or a background image, choose a custom app icon, change fonts and colors, and more — no coding required. You can also fully customize your app’s splash screen by adding or changing form elements or installing widgets. After you’re finished, simply copy and paste a link to your app in your Instagram bio and you’re off and running. Create an all-in-one app that your followers can access on any device with this free Business Instagram Bio Link App.

Social Bio Link Apps

Marketing Agency App

Reach a wider audience and take your marketing agency online with a branded app from Jotform Apps. With this ready-made Marketing Agency App, you can showcase your offered services, marketing portfolio, and link to your social media accounts. Clients can access and download your app onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer in seconds.Want to personalize this Marketing Agency App to suit your needs? No problem! Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to add form elements, install helpful widgets and integrations, change fonts and colors, upload your agency’s unique branding, and much more without any coding or design knowledge. Share your app by sending email invitations, including the app link in social media accounts and posts, or by seamlessly embedding it in your company website with a simple copy-paste code.

Consulting Apps

IT Operation Checklist App

An IT operation checklist app is used by IT departments for documenting routine operations and maintenance. This free app template from Jotform is a great way for IT departments to keep track of system servers, network status, and equipment maintenance. With an included IT Operation Checklist Form, IT associates can fill out and digitally sign a daily, weekly, or monthly general operations checklist. Supervisors and employees can also request new IT jobs with a Job Work Order Form, and specify a starting date, tools and requirements, and upload any relevant images and documentation. Equipment maintenance submissions are stored in an Equipment Maintenance Log, which you can sort, filter, and search from your secure Jotform account.You can easily make changes to this IT Operation Checklist App with Jotform’s intuitive app builder. No coding required — simply drag and drop to add or swap out form elements, edit checklist items, choose fonts and colors, create a custom app icon and splash screen, upload your own branding, and much more. Once you’re finished, share your custom app with other IT associates by sending email invites, or by embedding it in an internal website. Create an all-in-one app for routine IT work with this IT Operation Checklist App that works on any device.

Checklist Apps

Startup Guide App

Ready to launch your very own startup? Get started with Jotform’s free Startup Guide App designed to help you turn your business vision from idea to reality. This ready-to-use mobile app template includes a link to our bootstrapping guide, inspirational quotes from business leaders, and multiple checklist forms to help guide you through the process of testing your concept and building your business plan. Responses will be synced to your secure Jotform account, which lets you view your data in whatever way works best for you — be it an inbox, spreadsheet, or as easy-to-read cards.This Startup Guide App is ready for you to use as is — but if you’d like even more from it, feel free to customize it using our drag-and-drop builder. With just a drag and drop, you can add or remove forms, include tables and documents, embed links to other websites, upload photos or videos, create new pages and buttons, update fonts and colors to match your branding, and change the app icon and name to better represent your business. When you’re happy with how the app looks, download it onto your favorite device for easy access. You can even share it with other aspiring entrepreneurs via the app link or email invites. Get your business ideas off the ground with a comprehensive and easily-accessible Startup Guide App powered by Jotform.

Checklist Apps

Security Service App

Want a quick and efficient way for your clients to book your security services? With Jotform’s Security Service App, you can create an online security booking app in minutes. Make your app from scratch or choose one of our ready-made templates to get started. Add a contact form, list your security team’s availability, showcase past customer reviews, and more. Once you’ve customized your app to your liking, share with clients — downloadable onto any computer or iOS or Android device.Design your Security Service App to your liking with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Just drag and drop to change the look and feel of your app, add powerful app elements, install helpful app widgets, and integrate with one of our 25+ payment processors, including PayPal and Google & Apple Pay. Share your app via email or embed it directly into your website for easy client access and bookings. Create your own Security Service App today — free on Jotform.

Online Service Apps

Gps Field Testing App

A GPS field testing app is used by GPS businesses for adjusting and servicing location data. Our GPS Field Testing App is a convenient way for field employees to create on-site GPS testing reports using a Field Testing Form and a Task Log Form. Employees can document device configuration, weather conditions, and note any obstructions. There is also space to record additional notes and upload photos of the sites. Reports are synced and stored in your secure Jotform account so you can keep them organized in one centralized location.Want to make this app template your own? No problem — just use our drag-and-drop app builder to customize the perfect app in seconds. Without any coding, you can add or change form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, choose fonts and colors, upload your branding, and more. Sharing your app by sending email invites or the app link, and employees can start filling out forms right away on any device. Ditch the paperwork and go digital with this free GPS Field Testing App from Jotform.

Engineering Apps

Cell Service App

If you sell cell phones or are a cell phone service provider, use this free Cell Service App to give customers an easy way to contact you and purchase your products or services! Start by customizing the app template to match your needs and branding — then share the app to be downloaded onto any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone. Customers can then submit orders, feedback, and other form responses on the go.Want to customize the design of this Cell Service App template? Drag and drop to get the look you want. Add your logo and products, update the app icon and background, split the app into multiple pages, and make other design changes in seconds with no coding required. All submissions through your custom Cell Service App are stored securely in your Jotform account, ready to view and respond to fast.

Customer Portal Apps

Bug Tracker App

A bug tracker app is used by IT professionals to record bugs and track technical issues on the go. With Jotform’s free Bug Tracker App, your IT department can enjoy a more seamless way to track and manage bugs on any device! You can enter the bug type, add a description of the bug, upload photos or screenshots, and input URLs to keep a complete log and address issues with your team.Drag and drop to make changes to this app template without coding. Feel free to add images or upload your company logo, add more forms or spreadsheets, and update other design elements like app icon, background, and font type. Then share your custom Bug Tracker App with members of your team to download onto their smartphone, tablet, or computer and gather data on the go.

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