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Event Registration App

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, get organized with our free Event Registration App for event planners. This ready-to-use app bundles multiple event forms in one place, so you can register new guests, find sponsors, and receive feedback or inquiries all at once. Guests will be able to download and use the app from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.Want to customize this Event Registration App? Without any coding, you can customize the forms included in this template, create and add new forms, include links and images, and update the app name, icon, and splash page. Once your app is ready to use, share it with guests by embedding the app link in your event website. Prepare for your next event by sharing all of your event planning forms in a fully-custom Event Registration App!

Booking Apps

Party Planning Checklist App

Whether you’re hosting a lowkey kickback or the biggest party of the year, get everything ready in time with our Party Planning Checklist App! This pre-made app template comes with a party planning checklist and our Party Guest List Template. Send your party invitation form separately and watch as guest applications auto-populate the Party Guest List Table —located in your app. You can use this app for your own parties, or if you run a party planning business, you can share it with clients to swiftly collect their requests online.You spend lots of time creating the perfect party — so why not do the same with your Party Planning Checklist App? Without any coding, you can create new forms, upload a different background image, and customize the name, icon, and splash page to your liking. When you’re done, you can share your app via link and access submissions in your Jotform account. Make your next event the best one yet with a custom Party Planning Checklist App designed to help you stay organized!

Checklist Apps

Wedding Planning App

Plan your wedding like a pro with a free Wedding Planning App from Jotform! Whether you’re a professional wedding planner or getting things ready for your own wedding, use this app to create a wedding checklist, track your progress, and view a countdown timer ticking off the seconds until the big day. You can also use the app to log expenses, manage your guestlist, and keep track of venue information.Make changes to this Wedding Planning App template in seconds with our drag-and-drop builder. Add new forms, pages, links, images, and personalize design elements like splash screen and app icon with no coding required. Your custom Wedding Planning App can then be downloaded instantly onto any device — including your computer or any iOS or Android device — so you can prepare for your event seamlessly on the go.

Checklist Apps

College Events App

A college events app connects students to university events from any device. No matter what school you plan events for, let students know what’s coming soon with Jotform’s free College Events App. This customizable app template includes event posters, guest registration forms, and links to social media accounts that students can access from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. All submitted responses will be instantly synced to your secure Jotform account to be viewed or approved by you and other event staff.Make this College Events App stand out by using our drag-and-drop builder to customize it for your school. Without coding, you can add or remove forms, upload promotional images and videos, include tables and links, create buttons and pages, change the color scheme and fonts, and update the app name and icon to better represent your school. When it’s ready, your app can be shared on social media, your school website, or via the app link. Inform and excite students about upcoming events — and boost school pride — with a custom College Events App for your school!

Booking Apps

Event Management App

Ensure all your events are a success with Jotform’s free Event Management App. This readymade mobile app includes multiple forms and tables for event planning, budgeting, and attendance tracking, and feedback. Event staff can download the app onto their own computer, tablet, or smartphone to fill out forms and track submissions on the go. All responses will be synced to your Jotform account — easy to view, download, and share with others.Customize this Event Management App for your event planning business without any coding. All you need to do is drag and drop to add or remove forms, tables, links, logos, text, images, and other app elements. When it’s ready to use, download the app onto your favorite device or share it with event staff via the app link or email invites. With a fully-custom Event Management App that works seamlessly on any device, you can make sure your upcoming events go according to plan.

Event Planner Apps

Wedding Invitation App

A wedding invitation app is used by event planners or people getting married to collect RSVPs for a wedding. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to find out who will be attending your wedding, if they have dietary restrictions or other important information, this downloadable Wedding Invitation App is the way to go. Just share it to start collecting responses instantly on any device!Need to update the app design? Drag and drop to get the look you want — you can add more forms, change the app icon or background, or select new fonts or colors. And if you need to send RSVPs to your other accounts, do it automatically with 250+ free integrations you can connect right to your custom Wedding Invitation App.


Trip Planner App

Got a big trip coming up? Make sure you’re ready for it with this free Trip Planner App. You can log trip details, complete a pre-trip checklist, and jot down notes of the places you would like to visit along the way. All information is stored securely in your personal Jotform account, which you can access on any device as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards using Jotform Tables.Want to customize this Trip Planner App template? Change the background image, choose a new app icon, and add more pages, links, forms, and spreadsheets at the touch of a button. With our drag-and-drop app builder, you won’t need to know how to code to create your own custom mobile app! Sort out the logistics of your next big trip with the help of a free Trip Planner App from Jotform.

Booking Apps

Event Budget Planner App

An event budget planner app is used by businesses and organizations to organize events and plan event budgets. This Event Budget Planner App contains an Event Planning Questionnaire for filling out contact details, event type, date, and budget. There is a separate Budget Planning Form for entering individual items, setting priority levels, and calculating total cost based on event requirements. Event planners can sign off on the proposed budget using an e-signature box at the bottom of the form.Need to customize this app template? With Jotform’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, it’s easy to add or change form elements, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, personalize your splash screen, and more — no coding needed. When you’re satisfied with the look and feel, you can share your app with a link, where employees and event planners can download it on any device. Plan your next company event and stay on budget with this Event Budget Planner App from Jotform.

Company Portal Apps

Baby Birthday Planner App

Plan your baby birthday like a pro with this free Baby Baby Planner App from Jotform! From your smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can use this downloadable app to complete your baby birthday preparation checklist or manage your guest list with ease. All submissions are stored securely in your Jotform account and easy to access on any device.Want to customize this Baby Birthday Planner App template? Add photos, change the app icon or splash screen, and add more elements like forms, spreadsheets, and links with no coding knowledge required. You can then share the app with your partner or download it onto your own device instantly. Make sure your baby birthday goes off without a hitch with your own custom Baby Birthday Planner App from Jotform.

Checklist Apps

Baby Shower Planning App

Give your baby shower guests an easy way to RSVP to your event with a free Baby Shower Planning App! It downloads onto any computer, tablet, or smartphone — including both iOS and Android devices — for easy access. All responses through the app will be stored in your Jotform account, and you can view submission details in your own Baby Shower Sign In Sheet as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards.Want to make changes to this Baby Shower Planning App? Update the app icon or background, include personalized details for your event, or add or remove forms to collect all the information you need. You can then share your app with baby shower attendees by copying and pasting an app link or inviting them to download it via email. Get people excited for your baby shower and ensure it goes off without a hitch with the help of this Baby Shower Planning App.

Booking Apps

Issue Management App

An issue management app is used by IT professionals to report bugs or issues, track them in a spreadsheet, and assign tasks to teammates. Track and manage issues more efficiently with Jotform’s free Issue Management App! It saves onto any device — whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or computer — so you can quickly access the forms you need to do your job efficiently.Update this free app with no coding using our drag-and-drop interface. Add or remove forms, upload your logo, change fonts and colors, and make other changes to make this app work perfectly for your needs. You can then share the app with a link for teammates to download instantly. Streamline your IT workflow and save time with this powerful Issue Management App!

Event Planner Apps

Event Invitation App

An event invitation app is used by event planners to collect RSVPs for events. If you need an all-in-one app to manage your events, get started for free with this Event Invitation App. You can use it to list your event details and collect information like guest names, dietary requirements, and more. Then share the app to be downloaded or accessed instantly on any device.Need to update the design of this Event Invitation App? Drag and drop app elements to get the look you want. Change the app icon and background, choose new fonts or colors, and add more forms to collect additional information. You can even connect your app to 250+ integrations to automatically sync form submissions to your other accounts!


Enterprise Event App

An enterprise event app is a platform for organizers to provide resources and details about their business event. With this free Enterprise Event App template, you can keep attendees informed of everything they need to know leading up to and during your event. Collect registration details and fees, list the event agenda and daily schedules, provide speaker profiles, and include relevant links all in one professional-looking app you can access from any device. This Enterprise Event App template is fully customizable to match your event theme and branding — and there’s no complicated coding to get in your way. Upload your logo, add and delete elements with a drag-and-drop builder, and manage all event and attendee data from your secure Jotform account. Once you’re done customizing your app, share the link with guests so they can download it to their smartphone and stay up to date on every aspect of your event.

Event Planner Apps

Graduation Invitation App

A graduation invitation app is used to collect RSVPs to a graduation party. Whether you’re planning the event yourself or are planning it on behalf of a school, this Graduation Invitation App makes it easy to collect RSVPs and showcase important party details in a free mobile app that works great on any device.Feel free to include images or logos, change fonts and colors, and make other design changes in seconds with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder. You can even collect payments or connect your app with 250+ other platforms to sync RSVPs to them automatically! Streamline the way you collect RSVPs for your graduation party with this free Graduation Invitation App.

Event Planner Apps

Baby Shower Invitation App

A baby shower invitation app is used by expectant parents or event planners to collect RSVPs and provide details for a baby shower. With this ready-made Baby Shower Invitation App, you can seamlessly collect RSVP details like name, plus-ones, and dietary preferences on any device. Just customize the app and share it via email or social media.Need to update this app template? Customize the design without coding using Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder. Include baby shower details, add images, and make other design changes in seconds. You can even add a gift registry form, or connect your Baby Shower Invitation App with 250+ other platforms to sync submissions to your other accounts automatically!


Party Rental App

A party rental app is a mobile application used by party rental businesses or event planners to display available party materials for rental and collect reservations and payments from clients. Build your own Party Rental App for free with Jotform Apps to organize your materials seamlessly. Collect payments, display images of equipment and activities, show available package deals, and so much more.Need to make changes to this Party Rental App template? No problem. Use our no-code app builder to customize this app to fit your needs. Upload images or videos, change backgrounds and colors, choose a unique icon for your app, add or remove forms, and more. Once you’re happy with the design of your Party Rental App, simply share it with your audience to start booking events and renting out party gear for all!

Delivery Apps

DJ Request App

A DJ request app is a type of mobile application used by clubs and DJs to collect song requests from partygoers, customers, and clients. This type of app significantly streamlines the song request process and stops people from coming up to your DJ booth when you’re busy. DJs can also collect donations, feedback, and other general inquiries from this free DJ Request App from Jotform.Want to change how this DJ Request App looks? No problem. Simply drag and drop to make any design changes you see fit. Add or remove forms, change color schemes and background images, upload past DJ sets, and more. You can even integrate with 250+ platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Drive, and PayPal to build your ideal mobile app. When you’re satisfied with how your app looks, simply share it via direct link or QR code to start collecting requests.

Donation Apps

Potluck Planner App

Planning a potluck for your coworkers or friends? Make it a fun and seamless experience with this ready-made Potluck Planner App template from Jotform Apps. Create signup forms and checklists, collect donations, and survey guests about the perfect time to meet — all from your Jotform account. Customize your Potluck Planner App in a pinch with our drag-and-drop online builder. Add or remove forms, change your app icon, upload images and videos, pick a font type you like, and so much more. You can even integrate with 250+ platforms to take your app to the next level. Once you’re happy with your app, simply send it to your guests via a direct link or QR code!


Halloween RSVP App

A Halloween RSVP app is used to collect RSVPs for Halloween parties or events. This app is perfect for school Halloween celebrations, costume parties, and trunk or treat events. Build your own with this ready-made template from Jotform Apps. Gather RSVPs, assign tasks to attendees, share details about the date and location of your event, sell event tickets, and more.Customize the look and content of your Halloween RSVP App with Jotform’s intuitive, no-code app builder. Drag and drop to switch up fonts and colors, add or remove forms from your app, select a unique app icon, upload costume ideas, and more. You can even opt to integrate your app with 200+ platforms like Google Calendar, PayPal, and Mailchimp. Make event planning less frightening with Jotform Apps.

Event Planner Apps

Seminar RSVP App

A seminar RSVP app is used to manage seminar attendee registrations and collect RSVPs. This type of app is perfect for professors, staff members, and other seminar organizers looking for a seamless way to plan both large-scale and small-scale events. Plan your next seminar event with a free Seminar RSVP App from Jotform.Want to update this Seminar RSVP App Template to more closely match your needs? No problem. Use our no-code, drag-and-drop app builder to make design and content changes. Add or remove seminar-related forms, change fonts and colors, pick a unique app icon, and more. You can even integrate with 200+ platforms like Calendly and Google Calendar to take your seminar planning to the next level.

Event Planner Apps

RSVP Tracking App

An RSVP tracking app is a type of mobile application used to track and manage RSVPs. This type of app is great for those planning events, parties, or other sorts of gatherings. Build your own with this free RSVP Tracking App from Jotform Apps. Add RSVP forms, post-event satisfaction surveys, and ticket payment forms to your app to manage all aspects of your event from one centralized app. Customize this RSVP Tracking App to match your needs with our no-code builder. Drag and drop to add or remove forms, upload images and videos, You can also opt to integrate the forms with 200+ platforms like Calendly, Square, and Google Drive for added convenience. Make your RSVP process seamless for everyone with this free RSVP Tracking App.

Event Planner Apps

About Event Planner Apps

Build a centralized app to organize and plan your next event with — no coding required. With ready-made Event Planner Apps from Jotform Apps, you can gather event RSVPs, collect ticket payments, manage sensitive client information, and so much more. Simply choose one of our Event Planner App templates and customize with our intuitive online app builder.

Personalizing our Event Planner App templates is easy and fun with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder. Add or remove forms, switch up fonts and colors, upload branding assets, change the app logo, and more. You can even integrate with 250+ other platforms to take your app to the next level. Automate your next event with Jotform Apps.