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Booking App

A booking app is used for scheduling appointments of any kind. With this fully customizable Booking App from Jotform, customers or clients can fill out general contact information and schedule appointments by choosing open time slots from an interactive calendar. There is additional room at the bottom for any additional comments they may have. This app also includes a contact form for customers to reach out to you directly. Appointments are stored in your online account, where you can sort, filter, and export them from any device.This app template can be fully customized to suit your needs. Just use our drag-and-drop interface to add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload images, personalize the splash screen, and more — no coding required. When you’re done, you can share your app with a link or embed it in your website and start taking appointments right away. Make scheduling an appointment quick and easy with this free Booking App.

Booking Apps

Call a Taxi App

Gather bookings for your taxi service with a free Call a Taxi App. Whether you’re an independent taxi driver or run a local taxi service, clients can download your app to book a ride, give feedback, or even submit a WhatsApp message. All form submissions are stored in your Jotform account, which you can view on any device and receive notifications for instantly via email.Feel free to add your logo, update forms, or change this Call a Taxi App’s background image or icon with no coding necessary. You don’t need a team of developers to create a custom app! Just get the design looking how you want it to with our drag-and-drop app builder, share the app with your clients via link or email address, and start collecting services directly through your own Call a Taxi App.

Booking Apps

Visitor Sign In App

A visitor sign in app is used by businesses or organizations to log and track sign ins for their building. With this free Visitor Sign In App that downloads instantly onto any device — such as your building’s tablet or computer — you can collect, track, and manage sign-ins with ease. The app also includes a contact form so visitors can quickly get in touch if they encounter any issues, and connects to a Visitor Approval Process Template so you can approve or deny visitors instantly.Feel free to add more forms, upload your logo, update the background image, and make other changes with our drag-and-drop builder. All responses collected through the app are stored securely in your Jotform account and protected with advanced security measures. Switch from paper sign in sheets to an online Visitor Sign In App to collect information more efficiently — no messy paperwork required.

Tracker Apps

Employee Portal App

An employee portal app allows employees to access all internal company documents and links from any mobile device or computer. Create your own company portal in just a few clicks with Jotform’s free Employee Portal App. This customizable template includes a report form, task form, complaint form, leave request form, evaluation form, and employee information form all in one app. Employees will be able to fill out these forms from any smartphone, tablet, or computer, and submissions will be stored in your secure Jotform account.Customize this Employee Portal App to better meet your company’s needs. Without any coding, you can add forms, documents, links, images, buttons, videos, and much more to the template. You can also change the app icon and name and include your company branding in just a few clicks. When it’s ready to use, send email invites to employees directly or share the app link. With a fully-custom Employee Portal App for your company, your employees will enjoy more organized team collaboration and communication, no matter which device they prefer!

Hotel Management Apps

Restaurant Reservation Mobile App

Ditch the pen and paper and keep all your table reservations in one convenient location with our Restaurant Reservation Mobile App. This readymade app template allows guests to easily reserve a table online using their name, email, and phone number. Tapping on the embedded calendar displays all available reservation slots for a particular day. Your reservations are then compiled and stored securely in your account, and viewable in an easy-to-read database from any device.Want to customize this Restaurant Reservation Mobile App to match your restaurant’s branding? Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, update the app name or text, and more — all with zero coding. You can even display signature dishes and inform customers of discounts or happy hours on your splash page. Just share a link to your app on your website or social media, and customers can access and download it on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Start taking online table reservations today with this Restaurant Reservation Mobile App!

Booking Apps

Staff App

A staff app is used by companies as a central location for recording and storing employee data. Our Staff App is a convenient way for employees to request time off from work, log their daily activities using an end of day report, and update their personal contact information for HR purposes. All sensitive information is immediately synced to your secure Jotform account.Make this staff app template match your company’s branding with just a few clicks using Jotform’s no-code app builder. Drag and drop to add form elements, edit individual forms, upload your logo, attach documents, and more. You can also use your app’s splash screen to announce company holidays and introduce new team members. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel, share your app with employees by sending an invitation email or embedding a link in your company’s HR portal, and employees can then access and download it on any device. Create an all-in-one Staff App for employees to log tasks and request time off with this free app template from Jotform.

Human Resources

Hotel Reservation App

A hotel reservation app makes it easier for guests to book rooms at hotels from any device. Streamline the reservation process for your hotel with our free Hotel Reservation App. This ready-to-use app template includes forms for guests to view and book rooms and schedule spa appointments. Bookings will be received instantly and stored in your Jotform account, ready to view from any device.Make this Hotel Reservation App your own by customizing it with our drag-and-drop builder. It’s easy to add pages, forms, links, images, and even your branding in just a few clicks. Once it’s ready for guests to use, share the app link on your hotel’s website — guests will be able to download it onto their own smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Make online reservations for your hotel a breeze with a professional and fully-custom Hotel Reservation App.

Booking Apps

Cleaning Inspection Checklist App

A cleaning inspection checklist app is used by cleaning companies to keep track of what has and hasn’t been cleaned in a home or building. If you own or manage a cleaning company, employees can fill out a Cleaning Inspection Checklist form straight from their smartphone on Jotform’s free Cleaning Inspection Checklist App. All responses are stored in your Jotform account, ready to view on any device.Need to make changes to this app template? Add your logo, update the checklist form, and customize other design elements in seconds with our drag-and-drop builder — no coding necessary. You can then share the app by copying and pasting the app link, so members of your team can save it onto their devices instantly. Ditch paper checklists and manage your cleaning process more efficiently with a free Cleaning Inspection Checklist App.

Checklist Apps

Table Booking App

A table booking app is a great way to build a micro-website for your restaurant. This free and mobile-ready app template allows diners to make table reservations days ahead of time, view photos of the dining area and menu items, and contact your restaurant via email or phone. You can also create additional pages and add them to your app’s topbar with the click of a button. Reservations are instantly stored and synced to your secure Jotform account, and can be accessed by restaurant staff from any device.Making changes to this Table Booking App template is a cinch with Jotform’s intuitive no-code app builder. Simply drag and drop to customize your table reservation page, upload images of your restaurant and entrées to the main page image carousel, add social media widgets, choose fonts and colors, and add your own branding with just a few clicks. Embed a link to your app in your website or share it on social media — diners can then make table reservations from their favorite device. Create a fully customizable mobile-ready app for your restaurant in minutes with this Table Booking App from Jotform.

Booking Apps

Housekeeping App

A housekeeping app is used by homeowners and housekeepers for organizing job duties in a single location. Jotform’s Housekeeping App bundles two forms: a cleaning checklist for housekeepers to make notes about various areas of the house and any supplies that need restocking, and an itemized shopping list for logging purchased groceries and their total cost. Form submissions are instantly synced to your secure Jotform account, so you can easily keep track of which duties were performed and when.Making this app template your own is easy with Jotform’s no-code app builder. Just drag and drop to add form elements, edit the content of individual forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your own app icon, and more. You can also customize your splash screen to display a rotating schedule listing duties to be completed on individual days. Once you’re finished, share your app by sending a link in an email or text message, and housekeepers can then download it on any device. Manage your housekeeping checklists and shopping lists from a single app with this fully-customizable Housekeeping App from Jotform.

Checklist Apps

Massage Booking App

Wondering how to sell massage bookings online? A massage booking app makes it easier for clients to book consultations and appointments from any device. If you’re a massage therapist or masseuse, create your very own Massage Booking App with this free template, which includes a booking form, client intake form, evaluation form, and feedback form. Without coding, you can customize it to match your spa or studio, upload images, and add your social media links. Once clients have downloaded your app onto their smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they’ll be able to book appointments with ease.Want to customize this Massage Booking App? Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can easily change the app icon and name and add forms, documents, links, buttons, images, videos, and more. Once you’re happy with your app design, send email invites to clients or share it on your website or social media. Clients will be able to download it onto their favorite device for quick and easy access to your massage services. Take the stress out of online massage appointments with a fully customizable Massage Booking App!

Booking Apps

Hostel App

Discover how to sell hostel bookings online, collect breakfast requests, and gather feedback from your guests with a free Hostel App from Jotform. Instead of spending your time on phone calls and emails, customers can submit their information directly from any computer, tablet, or smartphone — including iOS and Android devices. All submissions are stored in your Jotform account, ready to be viewed, managed, and responded to by you and your team.Need to update this Hostel App template? Drag and drop to change the app icon or background, change booking options to match your hostel, choose new fonts and colors, and make other updates with no coding required. You can even connect your forms with 100+ apps like Google Calendar and Google Drive or multiple payment gateways including Square and PayPal. Save time and sell hostel bookings online with a powerful Hostel App, personalized to perfectly match your needs.

Appointment & Booking Apps

About Hotel Management Apps

Upgrade your hotel management systems for free with ready-made Hotel Management Apps from Jotform Apps. Pick one of our ready-made app templates below and personalize it with our drag-and-drop builder to match your hotel’s branding and needs. Once your app is good to go, share it with a link or add it to your website for guests or staff to use or download on any device. You can also connect with 30+ payment processors to collect payments through the app while paying no extra transaction fees to Jotform.