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Patient Management App

A patient management app is used by healthcare workers to keep track of patient information like medical data, progress reports, medication, and more. With Jotform’s Patient Management App, nurses or doctors can securely track and manage patient details on any device in an online medical chart and patient tracker — no messy paperwork required. All data is stored securely, with an additional option for HIPAA friendly features and a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).Need to customize the app? Update the icon and splash screen, edit or add new forms, and make other changes by dragging and dropping elements. Share your app with a link once it’s customized, so members of your staff can save it to their office smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy access. Improve the way you manage patient information with a powerful Patient Management App from Jotform.


Doctor Appointment App

A doctor appointment app is used by healthcare providers to book appointments and collect patient information. Using Jotform’s Doctor Appointment App — complete with forms for collecting medical history, informed consent, and appointment requests — doctors or nurses can collect and manage patient information and store it securely online. With Jotform’s advanced security measures, you can even further protect data with HIPAA compliance features.Need to customize this app template to better match your practice? Include more links or forms, add your branding and logo, change the background or app icon, and make other changes with our simple drag-and-drop builder. Once your app is ready to go, share it with a link to download instantly onto your office’s computer or tablet for easy access. Give your patients a cleaner alternative to messy paper forms with a powerful Doctor Appointment App.


Doctors Note App

A doctor’s note app is used by hospitals and medical professionals to document a medical appointment when a patient is feeling unwell. Doctors can record general information about the patient and hospital, provide a medical diagnosis, and sign off on the note with a digital signature. Once submitted, a PDF of the doctor’s note will be automatically generated using our Doctor’s Note Template. Doctors can report patient progress and update treatment plans in a separate form through this app.Want to customize your Doctor’s Note App? No coding required — our drag-and-drop interface allows you to add forms and text, choose fonts and colors, change your app icon and splash screen, and more. After you’re done, you can share notes and progress updates with patients via link, where they can be viewed and downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Simplify the paperwork and let your patients focus on getting well with this customizable Doctor’s Note App.


Counseling App

A counseling app provides easier access to mental health resources and tools. Whether you’re a school counselor, family therapist, or life coach, build a fully-custom app for your counseling services with our free Counseling App Template. This ready-to-use app template comes with multiple forms — including a client information form, COVID-19 consent form, and appointment booking form — so clients can access and fill out your forms all from one place.Make this Counseling App your own by customizing it in just a few clicks. Without any coding, you can create and add new forms, embed links to other sites, update the provided text, upload different images, and change app settings. Once you’re satisfied with the app design, embed the app link in your website or send it directly to clients to download on their preferred devices. Make it easier for clients to get the help they need with a professional Counseling App for your services.

Wellness Apps

Dentist App

A dentist app is used by dental practitioners to gather patient information. With Jotform’s powerful Dentist App, your practice can collect patient dental history, consent forms with e-signatures, and schedule appointments from any device. All responses are stored securely in your Jotform account, which is protected by advanced security methods and the ability to opt into HIPAA compliance.Feel free to update the design of this app template by including your practice’s logo, adding or removing forms, updating the background image, and more with our drag-and-drop no-code app builder. Once your app is ready to go, share it with your staff to download onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer — so it can be filled out fast with no messy paperwork. Improve the patient experience with a free Dentist App from Jotform.


Medication Log App

For patients and clinics alike, keeping track of your patients' medications can be daunting — so streamline the process for everyone with our Medication Log App! This readymade app provides your patients with a single online portal to log and update their medical history, medication regimen, and general contact information. Patients can then access and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.This Medication Log App is ready to use and doesn't require any coding, but you can easily customize this app template to better suit your needs. With our drag-and-drop interface, you can add forms, choose fonts and colors, and customize your app name, icon, and splash screen. Make it easier for your patients to keep track of their medications with a custom Medication Log App they can use from any device!

Log Apps

Therapist App

Eliminate stress with our free Therapist App for massage therapists and salons. This ready-to-use app shares multiple forms in one place, so you can register new clients with a Physical Therapy Intake Form, schedule appointments with a Therapy Booking Form, and receive signed Massage Therapy Consent Form responses with ease. Clients can open and download your custom app on their favorite device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer.Customize your Therapist App in just a few clicks with our drag-and-drop builder. Without any coding, you can easily create new forms, include links, and change the app name, icon, splash page, and background image to better match your branding. Once you’re ready to share your app, send it to clients directly via email or embed the app link in your website. Give your clients —and yourself — peace of mind with a secure and easy-to-use Therapist App for your spa.


Patient Registration App

A patient registration app is used by clinics and hospitals for managing patient information. Our readymade Patient Registration App makes it easy for front desk staff to register new patients and record patient medical history in a central database. This app also includes a COVID-19 self declaration form and COVID-19 liability waiver for patients to fill out and digitally sign upon entering the building. All patient data is instantly synced and stored in your secure Jotform account, which you can access from any device for ease of use.This Patient Registration App is ready to go, but if you’d like to make it your own, just use Jotform’s no-code app builder to make changes in seconds. Simply drag and drop to add or change form elements, edit form text and fields, upload images and documents, choose fonts and colors, and more. After you’re done, you can access and download your app onto any device in your office with the app link. Easily record and compile patient data with the touch of a button using Jotform’s fully-customizable Patient Registration App.


Medical History App

A medical history app is used by healthcare professionals to collect medical history data from their patients. Whether you work for a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare provider, enjoy a more efficient way to collect and manage patient information with this Medical History App. All of the data you collect — including intake forms, e-signatures, and file uploads — is stored with powerful security measures, including an option for HIPAA friendly features.Update this app to better match your practice with no coding needed. Add your logo, choose a new app icon, update the splash screen, include extra intake forms, and more using our drag-and-drop builder. To share your app after getting the look you want, copy and paste the app link so employees can save it to their smartphone, tablet, or computer for easy access. Collect medical data more securely with Jotform’s Medical History App.


COVID-19 Screening App

A COVID-19 screening app is used by companies, businesses, or organizations to screen people for COVID-19 and collect vaccination information. Whether you’re screening employees, customers, or visitors, do it seamlessly from any device with Jotform’s free COVID-19 Screening App! The app can be filled out on your building’s computer or tablet, or downloaded instantly onto any smartphone for more frequent access.Customize this app template without coding using our drag-and-drop builder — you can upload your logo, add more forms, choose a new background image, and make other changes at the touch of a button. All submissions are stored in your secure Jotform account and can be further reinforced with HIPAA-friendly features. Make the switch from messy paper forms to improve the way you screen for COVID-19 with this powerful COVID-19 Screening App.

Human Resources

Nurse Notes App

A nurse notes app is used by nurses to manage information for their patients. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare centers can use this free Nurse Notes App to securely record patient information from any device! Your nurse notes are kept safe with Jotform’s advanced security measures, including optional HIPAA friendly features.This free app already includes forms for assessments, exams, and general notes, but feel free to add more forms, update the app icon or splash screen, and make other changes with no coding required. Your custom app can then be shared with a link and quickly downloaded onto nurses’ smartphones, tablets, or computers. Upgrade from messy paper forms with an all-in-one Nurse Notes App.


Physical Therapy App

A physical therapy app is used by hospitals and clinics for collecting patient information and scheduling appointments. This free Physical Therapy App includes a Physical Therapy Intake Form for new patients, a Physical Therapy Informed Consent Form with digital signature box, and a Request an Appointment Form for scheduling therapy appointments. All patient submissions are instantly synced to your account, where you can sort, filter, and search through entries. From here you can also export professional-looking PDFs with your own branding with just a few clicks.Customizing your app is easy with Jotform’s drag-and-drop interface. With no coding you can add or change forms, update your splash page, upload your logo or images of your clinic, and more. After you’re finished, patients can access and download your app with a link, or you can use it in-house on any devices you may have. Streamline your patient intake and appointment scheduling process with this fully-customizable Physical Therapy App.


Cholesterol Check App

A cholesterol check app is used by healthcare providers to measure and keep track of patients’ cholesterol levels. With Jotform’s free Cholesterol Check App, nurses or doctors get an easy way to track patients’ cholesterol readings on their office smartphone, tablet, or computer — with no paperwork needed! Submissions through the Cholesterol Screening Form are stored securely in a Cholesterol Screening Sheet, which can be reinforced with HIPAA compliance features.With no coding knowledge needed, you can quickly customize this app template to better suit your needs. Upload your logo, change the background image, include additional forms, or add helpful documents with our drag-and-drop builder. Once you’re done, share the app with a link to save it to any device in seconds. Manage patient data more efficiently with a powerful Cholesterol Check App for your practice.


Patient Enrollment App

Is your clinic or hospital tired of signing patients up via messy paper forms? Well, this Patient Enrollment App from Jotform might be the app for you. Ditch manual form-filling in favor of an all-in-one app that includes health questionnaires, enrollment forms, appointment scheduling, e-sign consent forms, and more. Jotform even offers HIPAA compliance features via our upgraded plan.Use this app ready-made or customize the look and feel of your Patient Enrollment App to match the needs of your healthcare organization. Drag and drop to upload personal branding assets, change fonts and colors, integrate with payment processors or scheduling tools, and more. Once you’re done designing, all you have to do is send your app via link, QR code, or by embedding it directly into your clinic’s online portal.


Pediatric Clinic App

Monitoring a newborn’s condition is important for keeping them and their families on the right track for health and wellness. For pediatric doctors that need to oversee their patients’ conditions closely, try this handy Pediatric Clinic App from Jotform. Collect daily or weekly reports, process fees and payments online, upload instructional videos or images, add scheduling forms for follow up appointments, and more.Customize this Pediatric Clinic App to match your clinic’s needs more closely with our easy-to-use app builder. Drag and drop to integrate with helpful widgets, add useful pages for first time parents, change fonts and colors, upload images and medical reports, and connect with your clinic’s favorite payment processors. Then simply share with your patients’ parents via link, QR code, or by linking to your app within your patient portals.


Telemedicine App

A telemedicine app is a type of mobile application used by healthcare professionals and healthcare service providers to collect important patient information. With this ready-made Telemedicine App from Jotform Apps, you can build an app that collects patient consent forms, copayments, appointment requests, and more. Want to change how this Telemedicine App Template looks to better match your needs? No problem. Use our drag-and-drop, no-code app builder to add or remove forms, change colors and fonts, select a custom app logo, upload branding assets, and more. You can even integrate your app with 250+ platforms to send patient data to your other accounts automatically. Securely collect patient data and provide health services with this Telemedicine App.


About HIPAA Apps

A HIPAA app is used by medical professionals to safely and securely collect protected health information (PHI). Whether you need to collect patient signatures, payments, medical history, or book appointments, do it seamlessly with a ready-made HIPAA App from Jotform. Just customize the app to perfectly match your needs, add HIPAA compliance features, and share the app to be used on any device.

Need to include your branding, update forms, or make other design changes? Do it in seconds with a drag-and-drop app builder — no coding required. You can even integrate your app with other platforms to sync submissions to other accounts. Keep protected health information (PHI) secure with a powerful HIPAA App from Jotform.