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Daily Routine Checklist App

A daily routine can help reduce stress by providing structure and helping you organize your time throughout the day. With Jotform’s free Daily Routine Checklist App, you can more easily establish a daily routine and check off each to-do item from any device. This customizable mobile app includes checklists for the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can fill out the attached Daily Routine Checklist Form to automatically sync entries to your table, or input information directly into the checklist itself.Customizing your Daily Routine Checklist App won’t take any time out of your day. Just drag and drop to add forms, tables, links, text, images, and more to your app. You can download your app onto any device and even share it with others to help hold you accountable. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or working professional, our Daily Routine Checklist App will help you keep track of your daily routine — and improve it!

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Mood Tracker App

Tracking your mood is a great way to learn how to manage your emotions and understand triggers. Start tracking your moods or help patients track theirs with our free Mood Tracker App you can customize in just a few clicks! This ready-to-use app provides a single place for users to add their moods through a form and view all their submissions at once in order to see any recurring patterns. You can use this app yourself, or share it with patients to help them monitor their progress in therapy.Want to customize your Mood Tracker App? With our drag-and-drop interface, you can create and add more forms to your app and even change its icon, name, splash screen, and background. Feel free to upload images, include links, update the text, and more. You’ll be able to access and download your app from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make it easier to keep track of how you’re feeling with a custom Mood Tracker App you can easily use from any device.

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Calorie Counter App

A calorie counter app is used to track calorie intake from any device. No matter what your weight goals are, start tracking calories with Jotform’s free Calorie Counter App. This customizable app template comes with a calorie calculator and tracking form that you can fill out yourself or assign to clients if you’re a personal trainer or dietician. Submissions will be received instantly and synced to your secure Jotform account.Customize this Calorie Counter App to meet your needs in just a few clicks. Without coding, you can use our drag-and-drop builder to add or remove forms, create new app buttons or pages, embed links, upload images or videos, and include other app elements. When it’s ready to use, your app can be downloaded onto any device and shared via app link or email invite. Make calorie counting easy from anywhere with a custom calorie counter on your favorite device!

Tracker Apps

Habit Tracker App

Keep track of your habits — like your morning routine and other activities — in a free Habit Tracker App! By tracking your habits with Jotform, you can hold yourself accountable and make it easier to reach your personal goals. All submissions through the app are stored in your secure Jotform account, which you can view as a spreadsheet, calendar, or individual cards in Jotform Tables.Feel free to make changes to your Habit Tracker app by adding more forms to track other habits, updating the app background and icon for a personal touch, or adding other app elements like documents, links, images, and more. Once your custom Habit Tracker App is ready to go, download it onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer to start tracking your habits instantly on any device.

Activity Tracking Apps

Goal Tracker App

Need an easier way for your clients to track their goals? With Jotform’s Goal Tracker App, you can build an online goal tracking app in minutes. Start creating your app from scratch or choose one of our ready-made app templates to get your creativity flowing. Add a contact form, let your customers create a schedule that works for them, showcase past client reviews, and more. Once you’ve customized your app to your liking, share with clients — downloadable onto any computer or iOS or Android device.Personalize your Goal Tracker App with Jotform’s easy-to-use app builder. Just drag and drop to change the look and feel of your app, add powerful app elements, install helpful app widgets, and integrate with one of our 25+ payment processors, including Stripe and Square. Share your customized app via email or embed it directly into your own website for easy access. Help your clients reach their goals with your very own Goal Tracker App — free on Jotform.

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Anger Management App

Anger can be one of the more difficult emotions to regulate — but with our free Anger Management App, you or your patients can easily track your feelings from any device and get your anger under control. This ready-to-use app comes with an online anger evaluation form, an Anger Management Sheet, and tips for addressing your anger when it arises. You can use this yourself if you’re struggling with your anger, or you can easily share the app with your patients if you’re a therapist or counselor.Managing emotions looks different for everyone, so be sure to customize your Anger Management App to work best for you. No coding necessary — simply drag and drop to add more forms or text, upload a different background image, and change your app’s name, icon, and splash page. When you’re done, you can open and download it from any device and share it with others via link. Control your anger before it controls you with an Anger Management App that’s easy to use and tailored just for you.

Management Apps

Health Journal App

Does your health services organization need an interactive and thoughtful way to track client data and progress? Give Jotform’s Health Journal App a shot. Have your patients log their moods, exercise goals, nutrition concerns, and health records. You can even receive payments and schedule appointments through your app.Use this Health Journal App ready-made, or use our drag-and-drop app builder to add your own personal flair. Make it your own by uploading images or videos, choosing colors and fonts you like, integrating with payment or scheduling widgets, including branding assets, and more. Get your clients on track to be their healthiest selves with Jotform Apps.


Migraine Diary App

Dealing with chronic migraines can be a real pain — but with our free Migraine Diary App, you can figure out what’s causing your patients’ frequent headaches. If you specialize in treating patients suffering from migraines, you can use this ready-made app to record migraines when they occur simply by having them fill out the provided form, which stores all entries in an easy-to-read database.This Migraine Diary App is ready to use as is, but feel free to make it your own by customizing it in just a few clicks. Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add forms, images, texts, links, branding, and more. You can even change the app name, icon, and splash screen. When it’s ready, you’ll be able to open and download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Eliminate stress with a fully-custom, easily accessible Migraine Diary App — and get your patients’ migraines under control.

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Bmi Calculator App

A BMI calculator app is used to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of an individual. Whether you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, or are tracking your BMI for personal purposes, do it easily and quickly with this free BMI Calculator App. It downloads instantly onto your or your clients’ iOS or Android devices, ready to calculate any BMI in a few easy steps.Feel free to update the design of this app with Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder. You can add a logo, collect additional information from your clients, and change other visual elements with no coding required! Enjoy a quicker way to calculate BMI with this ready-to-download and ready-to-use BMI Calculator App.


Workout Journal App

Never lose track of your workouts again with this ready-made Workout Journal App from Jotform. Track important things like time spent working out, what types of workouts you did, if you worked out with another person, how strong you felt that day, and more depending on your needs. Share this app with your workout buddies, personal trainers, or other individuals who are following along.Use this Workout Journal App ready-made, or personalize it to fit your needs with Jotform’s easy-to-use app builder. Change up fonts and colors, upload images or videos, integrate with helpful widgets, and much more. Get stronger and hold yourself more accountable with this helpful Workout Journal App from Jotform.

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Daily Journal App

A daily journal app lets you keep track of your daily tasks as well as manage important goals and priorities. With the help of this free Daily Journal App from Jotform, you can turn your phone into a quick and convenient journal — easy to fill out and view entries on any device. Simply customize the app if you’d like, then download it onto your iOS or Android device.Feel free to customize this Daily Journal App’s forms, upload images, change fonts and colors, or add a custom background or app icon. If you’d like to send your journal entries to your other accounts — like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Airtable — explore 100+ free integrations to do it automatically. Go from a messy paper to a powerful way to track thoughts and information.

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Weight Loss Journal App

A weight loss journal app is used by personal trainers or by individuals to keep track of meals, portion sizes, body mass index (BMI), and more. With this free Weight Loss Journal App, you can stop tracking your weight loss journey with pen and paper and do it in a convenient app that works great on iOS and Android devices! Just customize the app, download it, and start tracking instantly.Feel free to change the app design any way you like. Upload images, choose new fonts and colors, choose a new background or app icon, and make other changes with our drag-and-drop no-code builder. You can then share your custom Weight Loss Journal App with clients or download it instantly onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Personal Hygiene Checklist App

A personal hygiene checklist app is used by employers to track the personal hygiene practices of their employees. With this free Personal Hygiene Checklist App from Jotform, your employees can download the app onto their iOS or Android device and fill out personal hygiene checklists during their shifts. All responses are stored securely in your Jotform account, ready to view or show to a health inspection agency at any time, on any device.Want to make changes to this app template? Use our drag-and-drop app builder to rearrange the app layout, update forms, and make other design changes like uploading your logo, selecting new fonts, or choosing a new app icon or background. Once your app is ready to go, share it with employees via email or app link to start collecting submissions. Switch from paper forms to online forms to keep your health and safety info organized with this Personal Hygiene Checklist App.

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Gratitude Journal App

Whether you’re a life coach looking for an easy way to track your clients’ progress or an individual on a self-help journey, this Gratitude Journal App from Jotform is a great way to log things you’re grateful for. Create forms for daily or weekly entries, add spaces to upload video journals, or integrate with scheduling or payment widgets.Want to change up the look and feel of your Gratitude Journal App? No problem! Simply use our drag-and-drop app builder to make changes to fonts and colors, pick backsplashes, upload images or videos, and more. Then all you have to do is send your app to your clients or begin using it for personal projects. Show more gratitude in your life with this free app from Jotform.

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Running Journal App

Track your running habits easily with this ready-made Running Journal App from Jotform. Log your favorite trails or routes to run, add notes on how you felt that day during and after your run, upload your times and PRs, and more depending on your needs. You can even log running sessions or times on behalf of clients or friends.Use this Running Journal App ready-made or customize it to match your needs more closely. Drag and drop to install premade color schemes, add logos, upload videos or images, integrate with helpful widgets, and more. Get you or your clients on the right track today with this handy Running Journal App from Jotform.

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Suicide Safety Plan App

A suicide safety plan app is a preventative app made for those who have had or might have suicidal ideations in the future. This type of app allows individuals, their care practitioners, or their loved ones to create a cohesive safety plan for situations that require de-escalation or a step-by-step plan of action. Build a Suicide Safety Plan App with Jotform and include crisis hotline information, lists of personal reminders, step-by-step action plans, and more.Want to make changes to how your app looks? No problem. Use our no-code app builder to make any design or content changes. Drag and drop to change fonts and colors, upload images, integrate with trusted platforms, and more. Use Jotform Apps to build your Suicide Safety Plan App with care today.

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About Self Care Apps

A self care app is a type of mobile application used to help individuals improve their emotional, mental, or physical wellbeing. To create your own, choose one of our ready-made Self Care Apps. Whether you need an app for daily routine logging, mood tracking, workout journaling, or otherwise, Jotform Apps has you covered.

Need to change how your app looks? No problem. Use our drag-and-drop app builder to make any content or design changes you see fit. Remove or add forms, select a custom app icon, upload branding assets and images, integrate with useful tools and widgets, and more. Get yourself on the track for success with your own Self Care App from Jotform.