Healthcare App Templates

25 Templates

Give your healthcare employees a more seamless way to collect data with Jotform’s free healthcare app templates. Each app below downloads instantly onto any device, so members of your team can collect patient medical history, consent forms, e-signatures, appointments, and more directly from your office’s smartphone, tablet, or computer. Feel free to update the design of your chosen app with our drag-and-drop builder — add your logo, update the background image or app icon, add or remove forms, and make other changes in seconds.

Patient Management App

Collect and manage patient information on any device. Easy-to-customize app. Securely gather medical data, files, e-signatures, and more. Opt into HIPAA compliance.

Management Apps

Doctor Appointment App

Track patient appointments and health data in a secure app. Free and easy to customize. Upgrade to protect data with HIPAA compliance. Download onto any device.

Booking Apps

Dentist App

Great for dental practices. Collect patients’ dental history, get e-signatures for consent forms, and schedule appointments on any device. Customize without coding.

Booking Apps

Medication Log App

Have patients log and update medical history and medication regimen with your own custom app. Easy to customize and share on any device. No coding required.


Counseling App

Build a custom app for your counseling services. Free customizable app template. Easy to share and download on any device. Optional HIPAA compliance. No coding.


Therapist App

Make an app for your massage therapy services. Get client info, appointments, and signatures. Works on any device. Easy to customize and share. No coding.

Booking Apps

Massage App

Create a massage app where customers can schedule appointments and provide health information. Download to any device. Easy to customize. No coding required.

Booking Apps

Employee Health Check In App

Build a custom app for employees to monitor their health. Easy to customize for your company and share with employees. Downloadable on any device. No coding.


Birth Plan App

Create your own birth plan app for free. Easy to use and customize. Download and use from any device. Perfect for expectant mothers. No coding.


Medical History App

Collect and manage patient intake information. Gather medical history, e-signatures, file uploads, and more. Customize without coding. HIPAA compliance option.


Blood Pressure Tracker App

Track patients’ blood pressure with a free app. Ditch paper forms and be more efficient. Opt into HIPAA compliance to keep sensitive health data protected.


Anger Management App

Track your emotions with a free and personalized app for anger management. Easy to fill out on any device. Use yourself or share with patients. No coding.


Wound Care App

Create a customizable app to document patients’ wound care and treatment plan. Great for hospitals and medical clinics. Download on any device. No coding.


Nurse Notes App

Track patients’ data securely online. Free app. Downloads onto any device. Protect data with optional HIPAA compliance. Customize in seconds with no coding.


Physical Therapy App

Create an app for collecting patient information and scheduling physical therapy appointments. Includes signable consent form. Easy to customize. No coding.


Medical Appointments App

Build an app for your hospital or health clinic. Schedule appointments from any device. Easy to customize, download, and share. HIPAA compliance option.

Booking Apps

COVID-19 Screening App

Track COVID-19 screenings and vaccination records in a free app. Can be made HIPAA compliant. Easy to customize. No coding. Downloads instantly onto any device.


Chiropractic App

Build an app for your chiropractic business. Free and easy to customize. Download onto any device. Schedule appointments, register clients, and more. No coding.

Scheduling Apps

Doctors Note App

Create a doctor’s note and record patient health updates. Includes new patient intake form and a digital signature box. Download on any device. No coding.


Restaurant Employee Screening App

Screen your employees for COVID-19 with a free app. Downloads onto any device. Fully customizable. No coding required. Switch from paper forms to online forms.


Coaching App

Gather coaching session applications on any device. Free downloadable app. Customize to match your business with a drag-and-drop app builder. No coding needed.


Cholesterol Check App

Track cholesterol levels with a free app. Can be made HIPAA compliant. Switch from paper forms to online forms. Create a secure database of patient information.

Tracker Apps

Therapy Notes App

Keep track of therapy notes securely on any device. Free downloadable app. Works great on computers or iOS and Android devices. Customize the design without coding.

Wellness Apps

Pharmacy App

Create a pharmacy app for patients to record medical information and fill prescriptions. Includes COVID-19 forms. Download on any device. No coding.