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Restaurant Food Inventory App

A Restaurant Food Inventory App is used by restaurant owners and their employees to keep track of food and equipment. With this readymade app template, you can record inventory type, item name and type, quantity, and unit cost. There is also a separate form for uploading PDFs and images of invoices. Inventory submissions are instantly synced to an easy-to-read Restaurant Inventory Sheet, which is stored securely in your online account.Looking to customize your Restaurant Food Inventory App? Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your restaurant’s logo, update the app name or text, and more — no coding necessary. Afterwards, simply have your employees download the app onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and you’re ready to go. Make inventory tracking a breeze with this Restaurant Food Inventory App!

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Liquor Inventory App

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, grocery store, or liquor store, keeping an accurate count of your inventory is essential. With this free Liquor Inventory App, you and your employees can easily record and track liquor supplies by type, quantity, price, and proof. Your inventory is then stored in an easy-to-read Liquor Inventory Spreadsheet in your Jotform account.Want to customize your Liquor Inventory App? No problem! Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your company’s logo, update the app name or text, and more — no coding necessary. Afterwards, simply download the app onto your device or share the link with your employees and you’re ready to go. Keep every bottle accounted for with this free and fully customizable Liquor Inventory App!

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Kitchen Inventory App

Tracking inventory in your kitchen is the key to success for your restaurant. Make inventory a breeze with our free, customizable Kitchen Inventory App! It lets you bundle multiple forms in one app, so you can access our Restaurant Inventory Template and other kitchen forms from anywhere. Supervisors or employees can open the app on any smartphone, tablet, or computer to record stock inventory, report on kitchen operations, and track daily cleaning.This Kitchen Inventory App is ready to use as is, but feel free to make any modifications if necessary. Without any coding, you can add forms, text, images, links, and more. You can even change the name, icon, and splash page for your app for a fully-custom design! Monitor food usage and keep track of your inventory more efficiently with a custom Kitchen Inventory App for your restaurant.

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Bar Inventory App

A bar inventory app is used by bar staff to keep track of a bar’s equipment, ingredients, and other beverage information. Stop tracking inventory with pen and paper and enjoy an easier way to do it with a free Bar Inventory App from Jotform. Employees can download the app onto their iOS or Android device and fill it out as they go. All stock take submissions are stored securely in an inventory spreadsheet and viewable directly from the app.Customize this app template using our drag-and-drop app builder. With no coding required you can add your company logo, update forms or spreadsheets, change the background image, and make other design changes in seconds. Help your bar staff save time with a more efficient inventory process using this free Bar Inventory App that downloads onto any computer or mobile device.

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Food Waste App

Run a nonprofit organization that deals with food waste? Take action to prevent food waste and donate food to charitable organizations with this free Food Waste App from Jotform. Send food requests and schedule pickup times and locations with restaurants, airports, and catering companies by filling out online forms. Responses are stored in your secure Jotform account to be viewed and shared within your organization.Make this Food Waste App your own without any coding knowledge. Drag and drop to add or change form fields and checklist items, create new pages, choose fonts and colors, upload your organization’s unique branding, install helpful widgets and integrations, and much more. After you’re finished, share your app by sending email invites or the app link to businesses. Prevent food waste and help those in need with a fully-customizable Food Waste App that works on any device.

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Restaurant Management App

A restaurant management app for internal use makes it easier to track inventory, manage staff, and keep your restaurant running smoothly. No matter what type of cuisine your restaurant serves, build your own app with our free Restaurant Management App template. This pre-made template keeps opening and closing checklists and manager review forms in one place. Members of your staff will be able to open and download the app onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Customize this Restaurant Management App for your restaurant in just a few clicks. No coding necessary — simply drag and drop to add or delete forms, text, images, links, and much more. When it’s ready, you can download the app onto any device or share it with members of your staff to save onto their own devices. You’ll receive form entries instantly in your secure Jotform account. Manage all restaurant operations from one place with a fully-custom Restaurant Management App.

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Food Safety App

A food safety app is used by restaurant managers and health inspectors to document food storage and preparation conditions of a restaurant kitchen. With this free Food Safety App from Jotform, you can fill out health and safety checklists for food preparation and contamination, as well as heated and frozen foods. Inspectors can date and sign their reports using a digital signature box at the bottom of the form. For convenience, a link to the FDA’s Guidance & Regulation web page is available on the main page of your app. Inspection reports are instantly synced to your secure Jotform account and can be accessed from any device.Customize this app template without any coding using our drag-and-drop interface. With a few clicks, you can swap out form elements, add checklists, upload images, choose fonts and colors, personalize your splash screen, and more. After you’re done, your app can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with a shareable link. Make sure your restaurant is safe and hygienic with this Food Safety App from Jotform.

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Bar Management App

Need an easy and efficient way to manage your bar’s employees? Look no further than this custom Bar Management App from Jotform. Create shift schedules, add opening and closing checklists, upload drink menus, and more. All of your bartenders will be able to use this handy app on their mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.Make this Bar Management App your own with our intuitive app builder. Simply drag and drop to upload training images and videos, add helpful integrations, create new pages, change fonts and colors, and more depending on your bar’s specific needs. Then simply share via direct link with your employees, or embed it directly into your work portal for easy access. Keep your bar running smoothly with this Bar Management App from Jotform.

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