Mental Health Apps

13 Templates

Counseling App

A counseling app provides easier access to mental health resources and tools. Whether you’re a school counselor, family therapist, or life coach, build a fully-custom app for your counseling services with our free Counseling App Template. This ready-to-use app template comes with multiple forms — including a client information form, COVID-19 consent form, and appointment booking form — so clients can access and fill out your forms all from one place.Make this Counseling App your own by customizing it in just a few clicks. Without any coding, you can create and add new forms, embed links to other sites, update the provided text, upload different images, and change app settings. Once you’re satisfied with the app design, embed the app link in your website or send it directly to clients to download on their preferred devices. Make it easier for clients to get the help they need with a professional Counseling App for your services.


Coaching App

A coaching app is used by coaching companies — like fitness centers or coaching agencies — to receive client applications for coaching sessions. Using this free Coaching App, your company can create a free downloadable app for your customers so they can submit their contact details and coaching goals to apply for a session or program from any device! All submissions are easy to view directly from your secure Jotform account.With our drag-and-drop app builder, you can change this app template to include your logo, collect other information, include photos and profiles of your coaches, and personalize other design elements in a few easy clicks — then share your app with a link or invite clients to download it via email onto their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Create a custom Coaching App for your business with Jotform!


Mood Tracker App

Tracking your mood is a great way to learn how to manage your emotions and understand triggers. Start tracking your moods or help patients track theirs with our free Mood Tracker App you can customize in just a few clicks! This ready-to-use app provides a single place for users to add their moods through a form and view all their submissions at once in order to see any recurring patterns. You can use this app yourself, or share it with patients to help them monitor their progress in therapy.Want to customize your Mood Tracker App? With our drag-and-drop interface, you can create and add more forms to your app and even change its icon, name, splash screen, and background. Feel free to upload images, include links, update the text, and more. You’ll be able to access and download your app from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make it easier to keep track of how you’re feeling with a custom Mood Tracker App you can easily use from any device.


Telehealth App

Gather appointment bookings and patient information with ease using this Telehealth App from Jotform. Simple customize the app to match your needs, share it with patients using a link, and have them download it onto their computer, tablet, or smartphone for easy access. The app includes a Zoom Scheduler that lets patients select a time slot that works for them and generates a new Zoom meeting for each new booking.Need to customize this Telehealth App template? Drag and drop to rearrange the design, add your logo and branding, update existing forms, or connect them to 100+ popular app integrations. Jotform protects form data with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR and CCPA friendly features, but you can also optionally upgrade your forms to be HIPAA friendly. Save time with a free Telehealth App that your patients can use on any device.

Appointment & Booking Apps

Symptom Tracker App

Provide your doctors and patients with an easier way to track symptoms and keep medical records updated with this free Symptom Tracker App. Both doctors and patients can download this app on any Android or iOS device to fill out their respective forms. Keep track of medical history, important medical forms, payments, and much more. All your practice’s important data stays together in your Jotform account — making information easily accessible to all.Need to update the look and feel of your custom app? Jotform’s got you covered. Use our simple drag-and-drop app builder to change your Symptom Tracker App’s design without coding. Upload your practice’s logo, update important forms, pick an app icon and background image, and make other changes to your very own app for free. You can instantly share your custom app with your patients via direct link, email, or scannable QR code. Make medical checkups a breeze Jotform’s Symptom Tracker App.


Mental Health Journal App

Need an efficient and less intrusive way to oversee your patients’ mental health? Jotform’s got you covered with our own custom Mental Health Journal App — no coding knowledge required. This app is great for psychologists or psychiatrists alike. Build a thoughtful app that lets your patients express themselves in a variety of ways. Upload daily or weekly check in forms, provide a list of resources and exercises, add appointment scheduling forms, and collect payments from your very own app.Need to make some changes to your app? Simply utilize our easy-to-use online app builder to give your Mental Health Journal App your own signature touch. Pick fonts and colors you like, upload images, integrate with helpful scheduling widgets, and more depending on you and your patients’ needs. Then simply share with your patients via QR code, email, or by linking to it in your patient portal.


Anger Management App

Anger can be one of the more difficult emotions to regulate — but with our free Anger Management App, you or your patients can easily track your feelings from any device and get your anger under control. This ready-to-use app comes with an online anger evaluation form, an Anger Management Sheet, and tips for addressing your anger when it arises. You can use this yourself if you’re struggling with your anger, or you can easily share the app with your patients if you’re a therapist or counselor.Managing emotions looks different for everyone, so be sure to customize your Anger Management App to work best for you. No coding necessary — simply drag and drop to add more forms or text, upload a different background image, and change your app’s name, icon, and splash page. When you’re done, you can open and download it from any device and share it with others via link. Control your anger before it controls you with an Anger Management App that’s easy to use and tailored just for you.


Health Journal App

Does your health services organization need an interactive and thoughtful way to track client data and progress? Give Jotform’s Health Journal App a shot. Have your patients log their moods, exercise goals, nutrition concerns, and health records. You can even receive payments and schedule appointments through your app.Use this Health Journal App ready-made, or use our drag-and-drop app builder to add your own personal flair. Make it your own by uploading images or videos, choosing colors and fonts you like, integrating with payment or scheduling widgets, including branding assets, and more. Get your clients on track to be their healthiest selves with Jotform Apps.


Online Therapy App

An online therapy app makes it easier for clients to request and access therapy services from any device. Make therapy more accessible with our free, customizable Online Therapy App. Once they’ve downloaded the app onto their mobile device or computer, clients can schedule appointments, sign consent forms, and fill out a COVID-19 liability waiver. You’ll receive form responses instantly, stored in your secure Jotform account.Need to make changes to this Online Therapy App Template? No problem — using our drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add elements such as forms, documents, links, images, buttons, videos, and much more. You’ll also be able to change the app icon, name, and design to better match your therapy clinic or private practice. Once your app is ready to be used, share it with clients by sending email invites or the app link. Clients will be able to access your counseling services and provide important information before their sessions from any device. Make it easier for people to get the help they need with an Online Therapy App that works anywhere.

Stress Management Apps

Sleep Meditation App

Need an organized way to send your clients their daily sleep meditations and reflections? Look no further than this handy Sleep Meditation App from Jotform. Improve your sleep meditation practice’s workflows by including daily reflection log forms, uploading guided meditation audio files, integrating with payment and scheduling widgets, and more.Customize your Sleep Meditation App to match your needs with Jotform’s easy-to-use online app builder. Drag and drop to change fonts and colors, upload videos or images, include branding assets, switch up the app’s backsplash, and more depending on your needs! Take your meditation organization to the next level with this free app from Jotform.

Online Service Apps

Life Coach App

A life coach app is a handy mobile application used by life coaches as a way to share their background and lessons with users — all in one centralized application. Build your own with this ready-made Life Coach App template from Jotform Apps. State your certifications and background, share some helpful tips, collect client feedback, share testimonials, and so much more.Want to make changes to this Life Coach App template? Use our drag-and-drop builder to add or remove forms, change fonts and colors, upload a background image, select a unique app icon, and more. You can even integrate your mobile application with 250+ platforms to send data directly to your other accounts. Once you’re done, all you need to do is share your app with clients — it’s that easy!

Mental Health Apps

Gratitude Journal App

Whether you’re a life coach looking for an easy way to track your clients’ progress or an individual on a self-help journey, this Gratitude Journal App from Jotform is a great way to log things you’re grateful for. Create forms for daily or weekly entries, add spaces to upload video journals, or integrate with scheduling or payment widgets.Want to change up the look and feel of your Gratitude Journal App? No problem! Simply use our drag-and-drop app builder to make changes to fonts and colors, pick backsplashes, upload images or videos, and more. Then all you have to do is send your app to your clients or begin using it for personal projects. Show more gratitude in your life with this free app from Jotform.

Log Apps

Suicide Safety Plan App

A suicide safety plan app is a preventative app made for those who have had or might have suicidal ideations in the future. This type of app allows individuals, their care practitioners, or their loved ones to create a cohesive safety plan for situations that require de-escalation or a step-by-step plan of action. Build a Suicide Safety Plan App with Jotform and include crisis hotline information, lists of personal reminders, step-by-step action plans, and more.Want to make changes to how your app looks? No problem. Use our no-code app builder to make any design or content changes. Drag and drop to change fonts and colors, upload images, integrate with trusted platforms, and more. Use Jotform Apps to build your Suicide Safety Plan App with care today.

Log Apps

About Mental Health Apps

A mental health app is a type of mobile application used to track and manage one’s mental health. This type of app can be used for mood tracking, meditation exercises, safety planning, journaling, and more. To create your own app, pick one of our ready-made Mental Health App Templates and customize it to match your needs — no coding knowledge required.

Want to personalize your app to match your needs? Use our drag-and-drop app builder to make any content or design changes you see fit. Change fonts and colors, upload images and videos, select a custom app icon, integrate with useful platforms and widgets, and more. Once you’re satisfied with your app, share it with your clients or download it to your own device for easy access.