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Classroom Management App

A classroom management app is used by schools and educational institutions for recording students’ attendance and progress. This all-in-one Classroom Management App contains four useful forms: teachers can mark attendance with a Student Attendance Tracking Form, record student progress with a Student Progress Report Form, keep track of student evaluations with a Student Performance Evaluation Form, and report incidents with a School Incident Report Form.This app template can be easily customized to suit your school or classroom’s particular needs. Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can add or swap out form elements, change text, choose fonts and colors, upload images, and more — all without any coding. After you’re done, you can share your app with a link or embed it in an internal website for teachers to access and download on any device. Stay on top of your students’ progress and performance with this free Classroom Management App from Jotform.


Class Scheduling App

A class scheduling app makes it easier for students to register for classes from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whether you’re looking to streamline class registrations for your school, gym, or certification program, do it with Jotform’s free Class Scheduling App. This readymade app template includes a class registration form, course evaluation form, discount ad, and links to social networking sites. Students will be able to download the app and fill out your class forms from any device. Submissions will be received instantly and stored in your secure and easily-accessible Jotform account.Make this Class Scheduling App your own with our easy-to-use builder. No coding knowledge required — simply drag and drop to add forms, documents, links, images, videos, discounts, and much more. You can also upload logos, update fonts and colors, and change the app icon and name to match your branding. Share your app with students by sending email invites or posting the app link on your website or social media accounts. Stay organized and simplify online class scheduling for students and teachers alike with a custom Class Scheduling App.

Scheduling Apps

Reading Log App

As a teacher, staying on top of your students’ reading habits can be a headache. So why not create one central place to keep track of it all? With this Reading Log App, teachers can easily track, monitor, and review students’ assigned reading progress. This ready-to-use template also comes with a place for your students to send questions, and a digital signature form for parents to sign off on readings. This app works in tandem with our Reading Log Template, which allows you to easily sort through entries in a searchable spreadsheet.Want to customize this Reading Log App and make it your own? With our simple drag-and-drop interface, you can add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, update the app name or text, and more — all with zero coding. Once you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your app, simply share the link through email and have your students start filling out their assigned readings from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Make your job outside of the classroom easier with this customizable Reading Log App!

Log Apps

Attendance Tracker App

An attendance tracker app is used by teachers or managers to track attendance for their classroom or company. With Jotform’s free Attendance Tracker App, you can download the app onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet to easily track attendance online. Just fill out the forms to log attendance details, and access your records in a spreadsheet or calendar using Jotform Tables.Need to change elements of this app template? Upload your logo, add or remove forms, include helpful links, and change the app background or icon to get the exact design you need — with no coding knowledge required. Once you’ve used our drag-and-drop builder to customize your app, share it with a link to be downloaded onto any device. Track attendance more efficiently with a free Attendance Tracker App!

Tracker Apps

Homework Management App

A homework management app is used by teachers to collect homework assignments from their students. Give your students an easier way to submit homework for your remote or in-person classroom with a free Homework Management App from Jotform. Students can upload documents through the app’s homework or missing assignment forms, which you can view easily on any device from your secure online account.Need to make changes to this app template? Add or remove forms, update the app icon or background, include important information for your classroom, or add helpful links with no coding required. You can then copy and paste the app link to share your custom Homework Management App with your students, who can download it onto their computer, tablet, or smartphone to submit their homework instantly.

Management Apps

Library Management App

A library management app is used by libraries for library management and inventory purposes. Jotform’s Library Management App makes it easy to quickly fill out a form documenting book title, author, and serial number to keep an accurate record of books checked out by library patrons. A separate form allows librarians to enter incoming book orders into an inventory system. This app comes bundled with companion spreadsheets for each form, giving you an easy-to-understand overview to help you manage your library at a glance.Make this app template your own in seconds with Jotform’s no-code app builder. You don’t need to have any coding or design background — just drag and drop to add or change form elements, edit form text and fields, upload images, add documents, and more. Once you’re done customizing, download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop in your library and start checking out books right away. Manage your library from any device using a single app with our readymade Library Management App.

Management Apps

Homework Planner App

A homework planning app is a mobile application created by teachers and educators to help their students keep track of assignments and due dates. Use this ready-made Homework Planner App template from Jotform Apps to create your own in just a few easy clicks. Keep students updated on upcoming assignments, collect homework, list your office hours, and more.Want to make changes to how this Homework Planner App looks? No problem. With Jotform’s drag-and drop builder, you can add or remove forms, pick a background image, change font types, upload images and videos, select a unique app icon, and more. After you’re done customizing your app, simply embed it in your website or online portal for students to download.

Planner Apps

School Supplies Donation App

Empower your educators and their students with this free School Supplies Donation App from Jotform — fully customizable with no coding knowledge needed. Collect donations for much needed school supplies with our handy Donation Box element, gather volunteer signups for your next school wide event, and so much more with this handy app.Feel free to customize your app by uploading your school’s mascot or logo, switching up colors and fonts, editing letter text, and more. You can even include a progress bar to track donations and see how far you are from your goal. After you’ve finalized your School Supplies Donation App, simply share it with your audience via QR code, direct link, or by embedding it into your online school portal or website.

Donation Apps

About Classroom Management Apps

A classroom management app is a type of mobile application used by teachers and educators to organize and manage their classroom activities more effectively. Create your own app with Jotform Apps to track student attendance, collect permission slips, grade homework, and more. Simply choose one of our ready-made Classroom Management App templates to get started.

Customizing your app to match your needs is a breeze with Jotform’s drag-and-drop app builder. Add or remove forms, pick a unique app icon, upload branding assets and images, integrate with other useful platforms, and so much more. Making sure your classroom runs smoothly is easy with Jotform Apps.