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Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App

No matter what kind of business you run, keep offices and shared workspaces clean with our free Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App. This ready-made app comes with a Daily Office Cleaning Checklist form that you and your employees can fill out from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Submissions will be received instantly and stored in your Jotform account.Customize your Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App in just a few clicks. Our drag-and-drop interface is easy enough for anyone to use, so you can add forms, tables, links, images, text, and more. Once it’s ready to use, share your app with others by sending them the app link or adding it to your internal company site. Ensure that your office’s cleaning requirements are met every day with an easily-accessible Daily Office Cleaning Checklist App for your business.

Checklist Apps

Daily Routine Checklist App

A daily routine can help reduce stress by providing structure and helping you organize your time throughout the day. With Jotform’s free Daily Routine Checklist App, you can more easily establish a daily routine and check off each to-do item from any device. This customizable mobile app includes checklists for the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can fill out the attached Daily Routine Checklist Form to automatically sync entries to your table, or input information directly into the checklist itself.Customizing your Daily Routine Checklist App won’t take any time out of your day. Just drag and drop to add forms, tables, links, text, images, and more to your app. You can download your app onto any device and even share it with others to help hold you accountable. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or working professional, our Daily Routine Checklist App will help you keep track of your daily routine — and improve it!

Checklist Apps

Daily Log App

A daily log app is used by business owners and human resource departments for tracking employee leave requests and daily reports. Jotform’s free Daily Log App allows employees to fill out a leave request form with general contact information, position, manager, and start and end dates for the requested time off. A separate End of Day Form is for employees to provide a daily report summary and write down any questions and comments they may have. Submissions are synced instantly and stored securely in your Jotform account.If you’d like to customize this app template to match your company’s branding, simply use our drag-and-drop interface to add or change forms, upload your logo, change fonts and colors, and more — no coding required. You can even use your splash screen to post announcements and upcoming company holidays. Once you’re done, employees can download your app on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with a shareable link. Keep track of employee leave requests and daily reports with this Daily Log App.

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Lesson Planner App

Create and manage your classroom lesson plan with this free Lesson Planner app from Jotform. Download this app onto any device and start adding courses, start and end dates, lesson titles and objectives, tasks, resources, and more. There are also separate forms for entering student information and creating daily assignment checklists. Submissions are aggregated and stored in a color-coded and easy-to-understand spreadsheet using Jotform Tables.Want to make changes to this Lesson Planner App? No problem! With Jotform’s no-code app builder, you can build a custom app that meets your classroom’s needs in seconds. Simply drag and drop to add or change form elements, edit text fields and checklist items, install integrations and widgets, change fonts and colors, and more. When you’re done, you can access and download your app onto any smartphone, tablet, or desktop and start using it right away. Manage all your lesson plans and assignments from a single location with this mobile-friendly Lesson Planner App.


Construction Daily Log App

A construction daily log app is used by construction companies to log their daily progress on construction sites. With Jotform’s free Construction Daily Log App, your company’s employees can complete daily work logs directly from their smartphone or tablet. Just customize the app template, share it with your employees to download onto any device, and view responses in your secure Jotform account.Update the app template to include your branding, add more forms, and make other design changes using our drag-and-drop app builder. No coding knowledge required! Once your app is fully customized to match your needs, share it with a link or invite company members to download it via email so they can readily access it from their mobile device. Save time and paper by completing work logs online with this free Construction Daily Log App.

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Daily Driver Log App

A Daily Driver Log App is used by businesses to record daily driving activities and maintenance requests from their drivers. With this ready-to-use app template, drivers can log their mileage, start and return dates, upload fuel receipts, and fill out a vehicle condition checklist. There is a digital signature form at the bottom where drivers can sign off on their reports. Also included are forms for weekly vehicle inspections, repair service requests, and even an application for new drivers. Submissions will be stored securely in your account, where you can view and access all your driver logs in an easy-to-read spreadsheet in Jotform Tables.Want to customize this Daily Driver Log App to match your company’s branding? Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add or change forms, choose fonts and colors, upload your logo, update the app name or text, and more — no coding required. When you’re done, your app can be shared with your drivers via link, and then accessed and downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer for future use. Keep track of every driven mile with this Daily Driver Log App!

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Caregiver Daily Log App

A caregiver provides specific care to a person who may need additional support due to illness or injury. Whether you’re a private caregiver or manage a home care business, our free Caregiver Daily Log App helps you get organized by making it easy to access all your forms in one place. This ready-made app includes a caregiver application, availability sheet, and daily log — all of which can be filled out from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.Customize your Caregiver Daily Log App in just a few clicks with our drag-and-drop builder. Without any coding, you can create new forms, embed links to other sites, add text and images, and change the app icon, name, and splash screen for a fully-custom design. When your app is ready to use, it can be downloaded onto any device and shared with other caregivers or family members via a link. Stay on top of your duties as caregiving with an easily accessible Caregiver Daily Log App!

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Day Planner App

Want a simple way to track your or your clients’ goals? Well, look no further than this Day Planner App from Jotform — perfect for anyone looking to get their life together. Add daily or weekly check in forms, show open consulting appointments, upload payment forms, and more helpful features to make your app intuitive and easy to use.Making design changes to this Day Planner App is quick and easy. Simply drag and drop to switch up fonts and colors, upload personal or company branding, integrate with helpful payment or scheduling widgets, and much more. To share this handy app with others, all you’ll have to do is send a link, generate a QR code, or embed it straight into your own website or portal.

Tracker Apps

Daily Journal App

A daily journal app lets you keep track of your daily tasks as well as manage important goals and priorities. With the help of this free Daily Journal App from Jotform, you can turn your phone into a quick and convenient journal — easy to fill out and view entries on any device. Simply customize the app if you’d like, then download it onto your iOS or Android device.Feel free to customize this Daily Journal App’s forms, upload images, change fonts and colors, or add a custom background or app icon. If you’d like to send your journal entries to your other accounts — like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Airtable — explore 100+ free integrations to do it automatically. Go from a messy paper to a powerful way to track thoughts and information.

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About Daily Planner Apps

A daily planner app is a type of mobile application used by businesses, organizations, and other individuals to manage and track recurring tasks and plans. Choose one of our ready-made Daily Planner App templates to get started, then make changes with our drag-and-drop, no-code builder. Use this app to log tasks, take note of routines, and so much more.

Personalizing your daily planner app is a breeze with Jotform Apps. Drag and drop to add or remove forms, change color schemes and font types, upload branding assets and documents, and more. You can even choose from 250+ integrations to add to your daily planner app to take it to the next level. Logging your daily routine has never been easier! Build your own Daily Planner App now with Jotform.